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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

8. Boy is he Stupid

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Edwards POV:

I had never seen Carlisle face so sad; I had been in the study with him when he was called over to the Swans residence by Rosalie. He had arrived back at the house moments before and was currently blocking me out of his mind.

“Carlisle” I spoke his name, unsure if he even wanted to talk to me.

He raised his hand, motioning for me not to say another word, I stood in silence watching him fall to the couch. If he wasn’t a vampire I would have guessed he was in pain.

“You and Alice are not to go over to that house” Carlisle spoke softly, his voice strained.

“Excuse me” I asked shocked.

“If you go to that house, I would not expect you to come back alive, If Rosalie doesn't kill you first, Charlie will.”

“I doubt Rosalie has changed her opinion of Bella in just 24 hours.” I was shocked, not see Bella, he must be crazy. Alice and I had spent the whole night discussing how we would make everything better, how we would apologize and how Bella and I would get back together while Alice and Bella once again became best friends.

“Rosalie has said that if you do not stay away, she will call the twins” Carlisle said, I could not comprehend why he sounded like he was in pain. Everything was going to be fine.

“The Twins” I asked confused “You mean Jane and Alec”

“The ones and only”

“They would rather kill Bella than protect her, surely Rosalie is bluffing”

“She kicked me out of the house from trying to convince her that you and Alice should be able to see her, trust me Edward she is not joking, she will call Jane and ask her to come to Forks”

I was shocked; Rosalie was never the protecting type of person. I was sure that Rosalie would go get Bella from Greylands and bring her here from me to look after her and care for her for the rest of her life.

“I do not believe it; I am going to go see Bella later tonight. Like I used to do when we used to live here”

I watched as Carlisle posture became stiff and his face became angry “I am warning you Edward, if you go near that house you will regret it”

“Everything is going to be fine, As soon as Bella realizes that I am sorry and that I did not mean any of it, she will forgive me and we will live happily together”

“So let’s just say she does forgive you” Carlisle said sarcastically “you would change her into a vampire.”

I laughed “God no, Bella does not deserve to live her life as a vampire, I would never cause her that pain”

“I can not believe you Edward, your current actions have almost killed her and yet you do not want to put her through pain” Carlisle voice was furious “You are seriously senile if you believe everything is going to go back to the way it was, Bella is dead, there is no life left inside that body.”

“She still has a pulse, she will come back” I stated firmly


Carlisle POV:

I was shocked at Edwards’s ideas of the future, yet furious that he does not realize what he has done. I could not longer be in the same room as him, so I left.

I knew that Edward was in shock and that none of this was really him talking but enough was enough. I will always love Edward, he was my first transformation and to me he was my son.

Images of Bella flashed through my mind, never before could I comprehend why anyone would hurt themselves but I understood now. Bella was in so much pain that she needed an outlet and cutting herself was that outlet. Sure I had helped self harmers and attempted suicides during my long years as a doctor but never had i seen such damage. If I had been given of photos of a person I did not know I would have guessed this person was a survivor of torture.

I knew that Bella was no way near being healed and I wouldn't be shocked if she relapses again. Knowing that if she saw Edward or Alice again she would make a run for the kitchen and dive head first into the knife draw.

Since the day I met Bella I always considered her my daughter, it hurt more then I imagined when Edward told us we had to leave. I should have fought harder, I should had stood up with Emmet and spoke my mind even if Edward knew I was thinking it.

Rosalie had to be warned about Edwards’s imminent arrival. Bella had to be protected from Edward and Alice, I understood that now. Damning my son to the hell he was currently in, I picked up the phone and rung Jane.