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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

9. Rosalie's Tale

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I knew calling Jane could end badly but I really didn’t care about that at the moment, all I wanted was for Bella to be safe and protected, we had already caused enough damage. I hoped that with Jane and Alec’s help that she would be protected, at least for a while. “Aro will be pissed” I laughed inwardly.

“Gianna Speaking” a feminine voice answered bringing me out of my thoughts.

“I would like to speak to Jane or Alec” I asked politely

“May I ask who is speaking” she replied, sounding bored

I sighed “This is Carlisle Cullen”

“Oh Mr. Cullen” Her voice perked “I am afraid Jane and Alec as well as the rest of the Volturi are currently having dinner”

“Gianna I know there is a bell you can ring asking someone to come up, now I demand that you ring that little bell, feasting time be damned” I could feel the anger rising in my body, the thought of humans being killed and the danger Bella was in made my calm and collected resolve disappear.

“I… I don’t think I should” she stuttered

“Gianna, Do. It. Now” I hissed. I heard the bell in the back ground and let out the breath I didn’t not know I was holding “Thank you”

“Please Hold Mr. Cullen”

I was not on hold for very long as the sound of Jane’s childlike voice came over the phone a few moments later “Mr. Cullen is Rosalie alright” Jane rushed out in a panic.

“Calm down Jane” I said as calmly as I could “Rosalie is not ok at the moment, she is protecting an old friend of the family and is in danger from a few members of my family for it, and she needs you and Alec here ASAP”

“Oh no” she whispered “We will be on the next flight out”

I was shocked that Jane would come with out even asking what the full story was and I instantly felt a rush of pride. Rosalie had found friends who would always come to her side if needed.

“Thank you so much Jane, please call me when you arrive at the Seattle Airport and I will pick you up”

“I will see you in two days Mr. Cullen” Jane replied before the phone disconnected.

I hung up the phone and looked at my vast collection of photos and painting. I knew this was for the best but I also knew that this was also extremely dangerous. Sighing, I stood up and left the room.



It had been two days since I was broken out of hospital and Rosalie was driving me crazy, I am not allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone. Rosalie was currently calling Emmet telling him to come over, I don’t think I have ever seen her so happy.

We had sent Charlie out the night before to go get some movies, giving Rosalie enough time to explain her past too me.


We waited until Charlie walked out the door, before facing each other.

“What do you want to know” Rosalie sighed.

“All of it” I answered.

“Alright Bella, but you have to understand before I tell you this that I did not have the peaceful passing that Edward or Jasper. For you to understand how I became I vampire you have to understand my life as a human.”

I braced myself for the story I was about to hear and I could tell that Rosalie was preparing herself for the tale she was about to tell.

“My parents were not rich people but they were comfortable, I was born in the 1930s in a town called Rochester. My father was a manager in the local bank while my mother stayed home and took care of my two brothers and myself. I now realize that my father was a smug man, I was taught that the people who were suffering from the depression they had brought it all upon themselves. All I ever really wanted was to have a family, I wanted to have a child to call my own – I wanted to be a mother. I was jealous of my best friend Vera who had married the year before and now had the most beautiful baby boy, Vera had married a carpenter and was happy, my parents would have never excepted a marriage to someone beneath our status, but he loved her and I was jealous that I did not have a person who loved me the same way, I was the most beautiful person in town and I knew it so it confused me why I was not married and did not have a family.

Royce King the owner of the local bank and my fathers boss, son had just come home from school and was single, unknown to me my parents had decided that his son Royce King Junior was going to be my husband. One day my mother called me into the kitchen and told me that I was to take my fathers lunch to the bank as he had forgotten it, I was confused as my father had never forgotten before and that my mother had laid out my best dress for me to wear. Royce Junior was at the bank when I visited my father, thinking that my father was just being polite I was introduced to both father and son. Two months later I was engaged to Royce. I was no longer jealous of Vera as I would have my own little family some day soon and I would be living in a magnificent house, everything I had every wanted. I was never alone with Royce and really only saw him when his family or our friends through parties. The wedding was already being planned and was said to be the most extravagant wedding of all time, Royce was my Prince and I was going to be his Queen, my own little fairy tale.” I saw Rosalie close her eyes as if she was trying to hold the tears at bay. I knew that Rosalie’s fairy tale would never have happened, At the moment she was happiest in her life it had all been ripped away “It was a week before the wedding and I had gone to visit Vera, I spent the night holding little Henry, I adored him. When Vera thought I wasn’t looking her and Nathan would steal a kiss, the kisses were so tender and sweet that it confused me, when I kissed Royce they were never like that; they were always quick and cold. I knew I should have contacted my father and asked for him to chaperone me home but it was only four blocks away. Saying my farewells to Vera I left.” Rosalie stood and walked towards the window, her posture stiff “I was almost home when I heard the voices of drunken men, it took me a moment to realize that one of the voices belonged to Royce and continued on walking, I had never seen Royce drunk before, I had only ever seen him drink a couple of glasses of champagne at parties when making toasts.

His friends were leering at me and it made me uncomfortable, each man made comments that should never be said in the presence of a lady. Royce was taunting his friends, telling them that I was his and I was beautiful, I was flattered at what he was saying, that was until his next comment, he laughed and told me to show his friends what he was getting, my jacket was ripped from my body causing me to gasp, I had never been treated this way before, even when play fighting with my brothers, my blouse was next and hands were all over me…” she paused looking at me “I’m sorry I should have not taken that so far, I presume that you understand what happened” I nodded mutely “From what I understand Carlisle found me lying in the snow broken, bleeding and naked, he took to his home and changed me, after I had awoke and Carlisle explained everything to me I was angry, I would never be able to have a family, I wanted revenge”

I had been stalking the streets one night and I heard a lot of roaring and hissing, I knew it was vampires fighting. As I was about to turn into the street the roaring and hissing stopped and two young looking children came running past knocking me over, a closely looking at them I realized that these two young people were actually vampires.

I don’t know why and still to this day, I do not know why they just didn’t kill me. I don’t know what my brother told you about our world but in most cities around the world there are vampire clubs that are run by the Volturi, clubs were vampires can safely meet up with old buddies and meet new people. Jane and Alec said they were going to the local one called ‘Raging Veins’, I do not know why I agreed to go but I did. We spent hours talking, they explain The Volturi to me and how it works and I explained to them what had happened to me. Their mother had been raped by some men in the mod who had come after them before Aro changed them and were horrified at my story, promising to help me in anyway possible.

Alec and Jane helped me track down each one of Royce’s friends that were there that night. I have never drank human blood Bella but I have killed, I killed each one of them but left the corpse for either the twins to feast on or the rats to feed on. Royce was the hardest to track down but in the end not even his money could protect him, I guess he had realized what was going on and that he was next as he had hidden himself in one his families bank vaults. Alec and Jane killed the guards he had hired to protect him while I went for him. I wore a wedding dress to the bank that night, I guess you could call it irony but I wanted to make my point. I relished in his screams and still to this day I can remember the sound of his neck cracking.” Rosalie turned back towards me from the window and sat down next to me “Alec and Jane were there for me afterwards, The Cullen’s never understood what it meant for me to get revenge, but Jane and Alec they did not fight with me on it, they understood that I needed to get revenge to help myself heal and because of it they became my best friends, still to this day we chat over the phone and email each other. But I haven’t seen them for over 30 years”

“So why would it be dangerous for me if they came here” I questioned Rosalie.

“The Volturi are the most powerful group of vampires, they are really the vampire royal family and one of their rules is not for humans to ever know about our world. The person must be transformed or killed, if any member of the Volturi was to find out, you would be hunted.”

“But would Alec or Jane tell Aro”

“They wouldn't have a choice, Aro’s power is much like Edwards except that the only way Aro can hear your thoughts is by touching you, but unlike Edward Aro will be able to know everything you have ever thought of or have done.” she explained.

I was unsure how to answer, if Rosalie called Jane and Alec they would eventually have to tell Aro but if she didn’t call them then I was at risk, Edward and Alice could come over when ever they wanted and no one could stop them. Never again did I think I would have to make this decision, the decision that would hurt the people I love. “Rosalie” I paused, trying to figure out a way to ask, bluntly seemed the best way. “If Alice or Ed-your brother try and see me, I want you to call the twins. No matter what”

The shock on her face was plausible “You do realize that The Volturi drink Human blood, you would be at risk”

“I would rather be at risk than to have to see your brother and sister” I snapped.

“Please Rosalie” I said sadly “I don’t think I would be able to survive with Edward around”

“I promise”


Rosalie’s POV

I knew Bella was thinking about what I had told her the day before, I knew she needed to know but I knew that everything would know change if I called on Jane and Alec but I could not deny that we did need help. Vampire help.

Watching Bella face twist with emotions as I stood at the alcove made me worry, I could tell she was planning something and I had a bad feeling that it would involve Jane and Alec if they came. Bella would use anything to get away from my brother and I know that Jane and Alec would most likely agree to help.

“I promise” I whispered walking out the room to meet Emmet. I knew I was going to regret that promise.