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When Bella ran off, she didn't tell anyone except KJ, Jasmine and her coven. The Cullens were taken totally by surprise, and that was increased by the vision that showed her death... This is Edward's POV of chapter 3 of Deceiver.

All charecters except Aaron, Alex and Becka belong to the wonderful Mrs. Meyers!

1. Messenger

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I was driving in my Volvo with Alice beside me and Emmet, Jasper and Rosalie in the back when Alice suddenly tensed, becoming as still as stone. At first, I thought nothing of it, knowing that she often had visions. We were just going out to hunt, so I guessed that she just saw something trivial happening while we did. But I couldn’t ignore the small anxiety in the back of my mind.

Edward, pull over now. Whatever Alice is seeing is making her very scared. I haven’t felt this much fear coming from her since the day she saw Bella jump off the cliff,” Jasper silently spoke to me in his mind, ignoring the small wince from me as the memory of that day came back.

I followed Jasper’s command, and pulled over. Then I turned to Alice, who was whimpering now, and entered her vision.

Lights were flashing on and off, and the plane jerked with the force of the fall. It was almost like a knife about the plunge into the earth; it was that straight. The smell of burning metal drifted through the air.

Four teenagers lay on the ground, frightened and scared. It is obvious that they all know each other, from the way they all try to get near each other. Two pilots look like they are passed out in their seats. It seems like the four children went up front to see what was wrong, and found something much worse than they could have imagined.

One of the girls looked up, despair on her face. With a jolt, I recognized her as Bella, and the others as her friends.

I also realized they were about to die.

They all seemed to be yelling things at each other, trying to figure out a way to save themselves. But then both Bella and Becka screamed, pointing to the looming land they were about to hit.

Right before they hit the ground, Bella seemed to look up apologetically, as if she knew we were watching her. The look showed sorrow and love, though it lasted for a brief moment only. Then she dove down on the floor, placing her hands over her head.

Then they crashed.

When they hit the ground, they all moved up slightly, obviously shocked they weren’t dead. But moving was the wrong thing to do. A large piece of burnt metal flew forward, and hit Bella hard in the head. It went flying at an odd angel, but I didn’t have time to contemplate that. Bella fell forward, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Then the vision faded to black.

I looked at Alice, who had horror written on her face. She put her hands to her head, and started to dry sob, shaking forward and back like a small child.

I was in shock. Even though I could tell from the vision that it was passing as she saw it, I couldn’t believe what we saw was true. Bella wasn’t dead, and neither were her friends. This was just an overreaction to her absence.

What did she see?” Emmett demanded in his mind. He was obviously discomforted by the way Alice was behaving. She never lost her cool like this before.

“She saw…Bella…in a plane crash,” I said through frozen lips. To say that she was…gone...out loud would make it final. I had to keep it in doubt, and it wouldn’t be true.

Rosalie and Jasper’s thought bombarded me now with questions. Is she alright...Is she hurt...What happened?

Is she dead?

Once that question was asked, I shut down. I was suddenly locked into my mind, locked into a vault of pain. I heard a cry come from my lips, and Emmett moving me from the driver’s seat, having me switch places with Alice. I could dimly hear Jasper’s frustration at not being able to affect my emotions.

Suddenly, Alice was pulling me out of the car. I blinked, looking around. We were home. It had felt like almost no time had past, yet it had taken eternity. It reminded me of the plane trip to Italy. I shoved that thought aside quickly.

As I walking slowly up the porch into our house, Alice suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled me into my room. Esme and Carlisle weren’t home, and Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie had gone to the garage.

“I was sure I heard them…” Alice said in frustration, standing in the doorway of my room. I read her thoughts, and saw that she had believed she heard Becka and Bella talking in my room.

Before I dismissed that idea, I smelled two foreign scents other than anyone in my family. Both were familiar, though different than what they had been. It was Becka and Bella’s, but they smelled like vampires.

I slowly walked into the room, and noticed an unfamiliar CD sitting on top of a piece of paper right next to my stereo. I walked over, and saw that it was the CD I had given Bella for her 18th birthday. I had put all of the songs she loved to listen to me play on it. I wasn’t aware that she had found it.

I set it down and picked up the letter. It was in Bella’s handwriting and very recently written. Maybe less than an hour ago. I quickly read through it, a phantom heart racing in my chest.


No words can express how sorry I am. Nothing I can say will make you understand how much I wish I didn’t have to do this. But I have to, to keep you safe.

I’m not going to tell you who made me leave, or else you’d come after me, and they would kill you. I can’t let that happen. I don’t even think you know them, and if you do, not well.

They made a deal with me. Your family’s safety for me. I had to accept. I promise, though, that I will get away, and come back to you. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it takes me a hundred years.

I love you so, so much


As I read it, I was dimly aware of how close this was to the letter she had written me when she went to save her mother from James. Except this time, it was my family she was saving.

Relief surged through me, at the same time as rage. I was relieved that she was alright and alive, but furious with whoever did this to her. It was obvious that she was going to be changed, or else they would have just killed her. A plan to find her formulated in my mind, but then one sentence drifted into my mind.

I’m not going to tell you who made me leave, or else you’d come after me, and they would kill you.’

She didn’t want me to come after her. She wanted me to stay safe, and that was why she left. She was going to find her way back to me, and soon.

I looked out at the setting sun, vowing to wait for her for as long as it took.