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Basement Ghost Singing

After an increasingly intense night together, Edward concludes that it would be safer if his and Bella's relationship wasn't a physical one. But instead of the intensity dimming with the lack of contact, it becomes even more unbearable to withstand. I'm keeping this in Teen right now, I don't really know the restrictions between Teen and Adult, though.


2. The need to talk in the rain

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1101   Review this Chapter

Bella POV

I really hated this town sometimes. I drummed my fingers along the side of the steering wheel as I waited for the red light to turn green. Edward, sitting in the passenger seat -for once- stared out, watching the light from the cars around us being caught in the rain drops collecting on his window. “The street light is broken.” He said in a low voice. I shouldn’t even have bothered asking how he knew, but I did. “The police man a couple cars behind us is thinking about pretending there is an emergency somewhere so he can speed through it.” He answered.

Oh, your boyfriend is the quarterback of the football team? My boyfriend can read minds.

“Bella, just pass the light,” he said as another minute lolled by.

“Edward, it’s red.”

“It’s also broken.” He said. “Think of all the gas you are wasting just idling here.”

“It’s a red light.” I insisted.

“We are the first car in front. If the light is broken, we don’t have to stay here.”

I looked at him. “It’s red.”

“Oh, Bella please-”

“You’re just an impatient vampire; you have forever to wait in front of a red light.” He growled in annoyance. My car; my rules, I told him before he agreed to let me take my own truck to go pick up groceries.

“It is not like someone is going to arrest us for passing a broken red light.” He persisted.

“It’s not official that the light is even broken. And secondly, just because you never have to worry about human rules doesn’t mean I get the same privilege.” I stopped drumming on the steering wheel and glared at the light, my eyes narrowed. I heard Edward take a loud inhale of unneeded breath. The car was silent for a moment. “Just pass the light.”



“I’m not passing the light.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“If I have to-” Miraculously, and five minutes behind, the light beamed green and I hit the gas pedal, hard. We made it into the parking lot and ran to get out of the August rain that was slowly gaining intensity. Once under the cover outside the store, I pulled my dark hair into a low pony tail as I watched Edward shake the rain off his head. “That’s really not fair; you look like you’re about to do a photo shoot and I look like a wet rat.” My mouth contorted into a grimace as I try to rearrange a lock of hair that seemed to have plastered itself to my cheek. Edward’s eyes softened; he gently pulled my hands away from my face and hooked the lock behind my ear. He kept his hand on my cheek. “But a very beautiful wet rat.” I rolled my eyes but I could feel my heart echoing.

I lifted myself onto my tip-toes and kissed Edward softly. “We should get inside, I have to be home to make Charlie’s dinner.” Somehow, the words came out softly, as if I was telling him I loved him. Maybe I really was. Edward nodded, but just as I was lowering back to normal stance I felt him tense, retreating into himself. As I got a cart and we pushed down the aisles, he remained quiet. Had my nonverbal ‘I love you’ bothered him? Just as I was opening my mouth to voice the question, Edward seemed to do the same. Before either of us spoke, he seemed to take back the action and went back to his thoughts. I waited for him to speak.


Oh, God.

“We have to talk.”

I stopped mid-aisle; frozen in the peanut butter section. Luckily he spoke before I had to respond in any way. “I think we have to… re-evaluate our relationship.” My mind grappled for anything, anything at all that would have caused this. What had I done? What hadn’t I done?

“If this is about the red light, I’ll just speed through it next time, I promise-” I felt frantic, as if I might be having an outer-body experience. “No, it’s not about that at all.” Edward seemed to be trying to think about how to word it. He let out a heavy sigh, causing the air to shift around us. “Out of all the dangerous things we’ve faced: Victoria, James, you’re constant magnetism for anything troublesome, I still think… I think the most dangerous thing is my lack of control around you.” I stared on as Edward’s calculating expression melted into one of near heart brokenness at saying what he was saying. I shook my head, “you’re never out of control with me,” I reasoned, trying to keep up. His gaze shifted down, blinking. He looked back up, his eyes ocher under the harsh lights. “I am,” he breathed, “I am on the brink of it all every time I touch you. That last kiss alone… I know you hate it when I remind you how fragile you are to me, how easily I could hurt you, even if I look like I’m stable, I’m constantly finding myself on the edge. Last night made me realize the issue in its completeness. If we are somehow going to prove the natural order of things wrong and be together, we walk on thin ice.” I wanted so badly to reach out to him but I knew if ever there was not the time for contact, that was it. I mused what this new restriction entailed and what it excluded. Would I not be able to kiss him anymore? That was like someone telling my heart not to beat. But I knew it wasn't a choice he wanted to make; he was giving up just as much as I was. I could tell he probably thought I thought him weak for this, but in actuality it was anything but. Instead I held his gaze and gave him a small but ready smile. “So what does this mean?”

Edward caught onto my compliance and seemed to exhale the breath he had been holding. “I suppose it means we have a physical relationship that rivals that of 5th graders.”

“Do 5th graders hold hands?” I asked in a small voice; I knew that his control level was a hard thing to admit, I was in no way going to make this more of a difficult issue for him. If all we get to do is hold hands, I planned to hold his hand for forever. Edward looked at me the same way he had when we kissed outside the grocery store. “Yes, they hold hands.”

I interlaced my fingers through his.