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Charlie's Request

This is a fanfiction told from Edward's point of view. What if Charlie found out about the Cullen family secret? What would his actions and reactions be to this shocking realization? The adult rating is just a precaution for future chapters, the chapter notes will tell the separate chapter ratings!!!

I don't own any part of the Twilight series!!! I'm just and extremely addicted fan!!!

10. Charlie's Question

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Edward’s POV

Irena had been gone for two months and her sisters were finally moving on. Things had gone on morbidly and there didn’t seem to be any happiness in sight. That is until Bella and I walked into the computer room and saw Charlie looking for engagement rings on the internet.

“Aww… Dad, this is perfect.”

“Do you think she’ll say yes?”

“Of course she will.”

Maybe, I’ll ask Alice.

“Alice wouldn’t tell you even if you did ask, Dad.”

This was strange. Bella hadn’t pulled Charlie into her block, yet she had heard his thoughts. He hadn’t spoken aloud and I heard it as a thought. Things were getting crazy around here.

“Did I say that out loud?”

“No, you didn’t. How did you know he was thinking of asking Alice?”

Upon hearing her name, Alice walked into the room.

“Why do people keep saying my name? Have you found one yet, Charlie?”

“No I haven’t. I was interrupted.”

Is Bella hearing thoughts again, Edward?

“Why not just ask me, if you’re going to say it, Alice?”

“Bella, I didn’t say it; I thought it.”

“Oh. That’s weird.”

“We’ll have to talk about this later. Charlie needs to find a ring so I can pick it up. I want to get this show on the road. I love seeing my visions come true.”

With that she left the room to go and find Jasper.

“Why is she always so cryptic?”

“Edward is just as bad about that; if not worse. Sorry, but it’s true.”

“That’s okay; I know I am. That particular ability took me many years to perfect, and I am proud of it. Alice, on the other hand, has always been good at it, and just does it to annoy people most of the time.”

“Well, we’d better let you get back to your search. Alice is a little angel for the most part, but if you interfere with her fun and she’ll never let it go.”

Jasper and Alice walked into the room at that time.

“Quit saying mean things about me; it’s not nice. It’s true, but not nice.”

We all laughed and then Jasper, Alice, Bella, and I left the room. Bella and I went to our room and lay on the bed, she and I had voted to keep it. I gathered my sweetheart in my arms and kissed her forehead. She pulled me into her mind.

I love you, Edward.

I love you, too, my glorious angel.

Alice says that the wedding will be next month. They’re going to let her do the planning.

Did Alice actually tell you that?

No, I saw the vision in her mind. I thought I had linked us without meaning to, but now I see that it may have been something else. Whatever it is, I hope that you and I will still be able to talk this way.

I hope so, too, love.

Charlie knocked on the door and we got out of bed. He had found a ring and Alice had gone to pick it up. Bella and Charlie still weren’t strong enough to go into town. They had only been vampires for five months, after all. Alice was back within the hour, and we piled into the cars. I held Bella’s hand during the familiar drive to Tanya’s house. Halfway there, she linked our minds again.

I don’t know how you put up with hearing people’s thoughts.

Who’s annoying you?

Charlie is worrying frantically. It’s not annoying, it’s just exasperating. The weird part is as soon as I got frustrated his thoughts vanished.

I thought that you had him in the block when that happened.

No, I was just at the point of being tired of hearing his futile worry. Maybe it’s because I know everything will turn out fine.

Bring Jasper into the block.


What do you need, guys?

Could you please calm Charlie down; he’s going to worry himself deranged.

No problem.

Thank you, Jasper.

You’re welcome.

Bella dropped the block completely and we were both satisfied that Charlie was contented. I turned to Jasper.

“We owe you.”

“Think nothing of it. Two telepaths means twice the annoyance in the atmosphere when someone’s thoughts get aggravating; not to mention that Charlie was starting to bother me, too. Thank goodness we aren’t in the same car as him; I would have gone mad.”

We pulled into the driveway. Once again, Charlie was out of the car before it had even stopped. As usual, Tanya was on the front steps, waiting for us.

“Would you like to go for a short walk, my beloved Tanya?”

“I’d love to.”

The walked into the woods and I cast out my mind to hear their thoughts. They clearly presented themselves and I listed intently:

I hope this goes well.

I wonder what this is all about.

This is it.

I listened now with my extra sensitive hearing to listen to their words:

“Tanya, I love you with all of my heart. I’d give anything and everything for you. Will you marry me?”

I heard her breath catch.

“Yes, I will. I love you, too, Charlie.”

I could hear the relief in his mind. They stayed in the woods for a while, kissing most likely, before walking back. Charlie and Tanya were practically glowing with happiness. As they walked out of the trees, Emmett sounded off with a loud, “Wahoo!!!” Bella hugged Charlie and Tanya, both.

“I’m so happy for you two.”

“Thanks, Bells”

I can’t believe it. I’m getting married. I am the luckiest man in the world.

He hugged Tanya tightly and kissed her cheek. Alice was bouncing up and down.

“Will you please tell her what she knows you’re going to say? She’s getting annoying.”

“What are we planning on telling her?”

“Can I plan the wedding, please, please, please?”

They looked at each other.

“Of course you can, Alice!”

She resumed bouncing up and down, clapping her hands. Seeing her happiness, Jasper grabbed her out of the air and kissed her. We all looked at them; some of us shaking our heads and laughing, the rest saying, “Aww…” in unison.

“Get a room!”

“Shut up, Emmett!”

The attention turned back to Charlie and Tanya. We congratulated them. Alice ran to the car and she came back carrying two trapper-keepers. She handed one of them to Bella and me.

“That’s for you. I was going to keep it, but I decided that the two of you should have it. It will remind you of all my hard work putting together your wedding!”

I opened it. There, in neatly organized order, were all of the plans for mine and Bella’s wedding. We looked at the details of every little thing all the way down to table settings for the reception. Bella shook her head.

“Alice, you have way too much time on your hands.”

“Well, I had to have something to do while I was sitting in that café, waiting for Jasper. I saw you and Edward’s wedding in a vision as soon as Carlisle decided to change him! All I did was rewrite the old plans when it was actually closer to wedding time.”

Bella stared at her incredulously.

“I started planning Charlie and Tanya’s wedding when we got home from our first visit here.”

Now we were all staring.

“Alice, have you ever been diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive disorder?”

“Not that I remember!”

“You are amazing, my little angel.”

The love was thick in Jasper’s voice. Alice gave him a quick kiss and unzipped the trapper-keeper. We talked about the wedding plans Alice had come up with.

“I can pull all of this together in a month. How does that sound?”

“A month, wow! What do you think, honey?”

“A month sounds great! Thank you, Alice!”

“My pleasure!”

I pulled Bella against my chest and kissed her cheek. She let me into her mind.

Today has been very eventful.

Yes, it has.

The connection dropped. I threw myself back into the conversation. The planning continued until it was dark outside and as we drove home Charlie’s thoughts were tolerable, thanks to Jasper’s emotion control.