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Charlie's Request

This is a fanfiction told from Edward's point of view. What if Charlie found out about the Cullen family secret? What would his actions and reactions be to this shocking realization? The adult rating is just a precaution for future chapters, the chapter notes will tell the separate chapter ratings!!!

I don't own any part of the Twilight series!!! I'm just and extremely addicted fan!!!

11. An Unexpected Visit

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Edward’s POV

Alice was driving us all insane with wedding plans and it had only been a week since Charlie’s proposal.

“Bella, I wish we still had your Mercedes Guardian.”


“Because, for the second time in my life, I want to lock Alice in the trunk.”

Bella laughed.

“Let’s go hunting; just the two of us.”

I considered it for a moment before running the idea by Carlisle.

“Stay far away from any towns,” he cautioned.

“We will.”

Running with Bella was wonderful. I loved how the wind blew her hair around. The first time we had run together, she told me that she knew why I enjoyed it so much. She had said, “Does it always give you that feeling of freedom?” I had nodded and pulled her close, kissing her the way I had always wanted to but couldn’t until then. We were far enough away from humans to start hunting when we came across a scent that was familiar to me but mystified Bella. I cast my mind out, searching for its owner, but Bella found him first. Her breath caught and her eyes widened.


I had found him now.

Who could that be? Where am I? Oh, yeah, Alaska. What is that smell? Oh-no. Vampire! Wait a minute I smell a vampire and heard my name? Bella, could it be? It’s nothing but wishful thinking, Jacob, wishful thinking? Well, not the vampire part, anyway! Even worse, I smell two vampires. If one of them is Bella, I’ll be fine, physically. If not, goodbye cruel world.

Bella’s eyes were still wide as she followed the scent. I walked beside her. We were both listening to his thoughts. When we got close enough, she spoke into the trees.

“Please, don’t run away, Jake. I want to talk to you.”

It is Bella. Where ever Bella is he can’t be too far. That’s probably how she knows it’s me. If they’re here that means that Bella is one of them.

We walked into a clearing and there he was, lying on the ground with his head rested on his paws. A low whine escaped him as he saw Bella.

Tell her that I said hi.

“I can hear what you’re thinking, Jake, and is hi really all you have to say to me after disappearing and worrying me sick. What were you thinking?”

I’m sorry, Bells. I just couldn’t take it.

What are you talking about, Jacob?

There was another voice in Jacob’s mind.

Phase back, Leah.

No. I don’t have to listen to you, Jake. You’re being ridiculous and finally I have permission to tell you what I’ve wanted to scream in my mind for months: She is happy as a bloodsucker. Get over her, please. Just come home. People care about you back home.

Back home? Where are you?

I’m about 100 meters behind you. Would you like to explain why I smell vampire?

I was running and I came across the scent. I’m in a clearing with Bella and Edward. What are you doing here?

I care about you. I came to drag you home. So you smell a vampire and it happens to be the only ones that won’t kill you. Where does your luck come from? I suppose that our entire conversation has been overheard. Telepathy is very inconvenient.

A grey wolf entered the clearing.

“Hello, Leah. Telepathy is inconvenient, sometimes. I can hear your thoughts, too. Thankfully, I don’t need a translator anymore.”

Hello, Bella. I hope nobody holds Irena against us. She asked to die.

“No one holds that against anyone. It was her choice. I don’t condone the decision, but I understand. How is everyone?”

They’re fine. Everyone has been worried about Jake, though. I’m glad to see him alive and well. Sorry about the things I said earlier. We all want what’s best for him and it hurts to see him like this. Wait, did I just say that?

She shook her head.

I wish people would just mind their own business.

Jacob looked at Leah and she looked back at him. All of the sudden their thoughts changed tone.

I’m just happy to finally have found you. I’ve been searching for almost two months.


Sam’s told me to. Seth wanted to come, but Sam wouldn’t let him.

“Am I imagining things or did something just happen?”

“Bella, could I speak to you privately, please?”

I tapped my forehead to show what I meant and she linked us.

What is it?

I could be wrong, but I think they just imprinted on each other.

At that moment, Alice and Jasper ran into the clearing. Bella pulled them into her mind as well. I shared my idea with them.

You’re right, Edward. I can sense it.

What is he doing here?

We don’t know.

We turned back to the wolves to find them nuzzling each other.

How did this happen? I’ve seen you a million times, Leah, but I never imprinted on you before.

I’ve seen you a million times, too, and neither did I.

Yet another mind joined the conversation.

Any luck yet, sis?

I found him, Seth.

Are you going to drag him home by his tail?

Nobody is going to drag me anywhere; especially not by my tail. If Leah asks me to come home, then I will gladly return with her.

You two imprinted on each other, didn’t you?


Hey! Why can I see Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jasper through your eyes?

“Hey Seth, what’s up?”

Bella was smiling at the thoughts in their minds.

“You were right again, Edward; just like a soap opera!”

I laughed.

Nothing much, I’m glad that Leah hasn’t tried ripping you limb from limb. I would hate to lose a sister and I guess now a future brother-in-law. I can’t wait to see Sam’s reaction to this, by the way.

Don’t tell him, if you can help it. I want him to be shocked by my return, and the fact that I came quietly! We’d better head home, Leah.


Goodbye everyone. Please, keep in touch, if you can. Bella, you know the number to my house and Billy’s, or you did last I knew.

“I remember, Leah. Congratulations, for two reasons: one, I’m sure you two will be very happy together, and two, you don’t have a perfectionist, control freak, that never sleeps planning the wedding! Alice was relentless and now she’s doing the same thing to Charlie. Could you please tell Billy not to hold the change against Charlie, please?”

“Hey! That wasn’t nice!”

We heard about Tanya from Irena. It’s great that they are getting married. Billy isn’t mad at Charlie, but he did say that he didn’t condone the decision! I say, whatever makes him happy. Everyone deserves to be happy, Bella. Even though vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, I’m glad that you have found happiness in your decision. Farewell.

Bye, Bella. I hope you stay in contact.

Bye, Bells.

Seth phased back. Jacob and Leah turned and walked into the forest. Bella looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Well, that’s one less person to worry about; which brings my worry total down to zero.”

“Let’s get back to what we came here to do.”

“That sounds good to me.”

“We came to join you. Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

We walked back into the woods and began the hunt.