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Charlie's Request

This is a fanfiction told from Edward's point of view. What if Charlie found out about the Cullen family secret? What would his actions and reactions be to this shocking realization? The adult rating is just a precaution for future chapters, the chapter notes will tell the separate chapter ratings!!!

I don't own any part of the Twilight series!!! I'm just and extremely addicted fan!!!

4. Bella's Talent

Rating 5/5   Word Count 714   Review this Chapter

Edward’s POV

When we got to Alice and Jasper, I asked her if she had seen any thing that might help explain how we had heard each others thoughts earlier.

“No, but I have an idea. Bella, focus on trying to hear what I’m thinking.”

I think that the transformation enhanced the block on Bella’s mind making it to where…, Alice thought and then her explanation cut off. All I could hear, thoughts-wise was Jasper. He was thinking of Alice, a subject that never leaves his mind; just as the subject of Bella never leaves my mind.

“Of course, the block on Bella’s mind was enhanced by the transformation. She can extend the block to include others. It will be very helpful when we visit the Volturi. Jane won’t be happy when she finds out that she won‘t be able to torture anyone!”

Alice was excited. We went back to Tanya’s house to find that everyone was back. When we told them all about Bella’s talent, I heard a wide range of opinions.

Great, another telepath, Rosalie thought. The sarcasm registered heavily in her thoughts. Carlisle and Esme were both thinking, it makes sense. Emmett thought it was cool, but had some major drawbacks. Charlie and Tanya were still outside talking. I was glad that my Bella had this gift; we could talk all the time and no one would overhear us. After all, Charlie did have a room across the hall diagonally from ours. That would only last for a few months though, according to Alice. Charlie was already in the early stages of love. Jasper could sense the feelings that were starting to lurk beneath the surface just beyond the reach of the possessor‘s knowledge.

It reminded of the day that I showed Bella what vampires look like in the direct sunlight. I could see the meadow in my minds eye as I relived one of the best days of my life; the lion had fallen deeply in love with the lamb, and a little over a year later the lion turned the lamb into a lion so that he would never have to lose her.

I was still thinking about it when Bella pulled me into her mind.

So I’m not only one remembering that day. I recognized the look in Charlie’s eyes, too. Alice shared her recent vision with me, and I liked it. I like how she can see that he will be happy. I know it will be a while before they realize that they’ve fallen in love with each other but it’s still a wonderful thought. I like this, too. Now you can hear my thoughts, sometimes. It will probably only frustrate you even more when you can’t, though.

Maybe, but I know that you wouldn’t frustrate me too much so I’d survive. I’d beg if I had to! You wouldn’t make me beg, would you?

Hmm… I might. It would be an interesting occurrence, but I love you. I wouldn’t make you beg unless you wanted to or you made me mad, which is something you could only do on purpose!

I don’t deserve you; you’re much too good for me! I love you, too. More than anything in the world; more than anything in the entire universe. How was I ever lucky enough to end up with a wonderful, brilliant , sweet, loving, angel like you? There has never been, in all the history of the world, anyone with better fortune than that which gave me you.

I thought I was the lucky one!

Nope, that one is definitely me!

I have an idea; we’re both immensely lucky to have each other. Does that work?

All right, but I’m luckier!!!

We’re equally fortunate, and don’t argue, please. I love you and you love me; that is all that will ever matter!!!

I was just playing around! I love you too much to truly argue with you

I knew that I was the lucky one, but, playing around or not, I didn’t like to argue with the best thing that ever had and ever will happen to me. What was the point? She would win! I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her softly.

That's cheating!

I'm not cheating; I forfeit. You win!

Thank you. Now kiss me again, please!

Gladly, my angel. I love you my sweet Bella.

Then I kissed her, again!