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Charlie's Request

This is a fanfiction told from Edward's point of view. What if Charlie found out about the Cullen family secret? What would his actions and reactions be to this shocking realization? The adult rating is just a precaution for future chapters, the chapter notes will tell the separate chapter ratings!!!

I don't own any part of the Twilight series!!! I'm just and extremely addicted fan!!!

5. Alice's Stressful Morning

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Edward’s POV

I could see it in her mind. We were going to have visitors; visitors that we had planned to go to so that they wouldn’t come here; the Volturi.

“The Volturi will be here tomorrow at sunset,” Alice said flatly. She wasn’t happy about this and when I asked her what was going to happen she said, “Aro and Caius are coming along with the regular number of the guard that they usually send. Caius doesn’t believe that we actually changed Bella, and Aro wants to see Carlisle.”

“The Volturi coming won’t be a problem. We have changed Bella and Charlie being changed too means nothing. It will be nice to see Aro, again. He was always an interesting person,” Carlisle said. An air of calm and happiness swept over the room, and Jasper smiled unrepentantly.

“Thank you, Jasper. I needed that,” Alice said.

“Anytime, my angel, anytime,” Jasper said passionately, and kissed her forehead. A wave of affection was added to the calm and happiness, and, this time, his smile was apologetic.

“Sorry, guys. She hasn’t been this stressed in a long time. I had to do something.”

I knew exactly when the last time that Alice had been this stressed out was. I flinched at the memory; last September was still a sore subject.

Technically, the Volturi would be here today; it was three in the morning. I heard Alice’s exasperated and aggravated sigh before she said, “They’re ahead of schedule and will be here in a few hours! I hate this. My visions are messing up and I can’t even see what will happen tomorrow. This is not my day. Jasper, I need a high dose of calm at the moment.”

Jasper sat down next to her, pulled her onto his lap, and put his arms around her.

This is getting out of hand. I hate seeing her like this. My dear, sweet Alice, everything will be fine. No matter what happens I will always be here for you. I love you, my precious Alice.

His thoughts had a sad edge to them and I knew that this was killing him.

Seeing Alice so stressed out and frustrated is torturing him, isn’t it?

Bella had linked our minds.

Yes, it bothers him a lot.

I remembered what he was thinking and Bella looked sympathetic.

I’m willing to bet a lot that if he could cry he would be crying right now.

He’s trying to hold in his sadness so that he can make her feel better. He’s focusing every bit of calm, happiness, and love that he can create on her specifically. Her body is trying to reject the flood of calm and happy feelings but the love is something that she can’t do anything with. Her mind wants to accept the help but for some reason it isn’t working. She won’t let me see the vision, either; she’s blocking me out.

I’ll try to see if she will let me know what will happen. I love you.

I love you, too.

She let the link drop and accessed Alice’s mind. I saw the expressions on Bella’s face and instantly knew that Alice had shown her the vision. She must have talked her into letting me see the vision too because a few seconds later I could hear them both. I watched what Alice had seen and I understood why she had been stressed out. The vision cut off with the Volturi showing up; after that there is nothing.

I think that you should tell Jasper about this vision. Seeing you in such agony is hurting him. - I thought of what he was thinking earlier to show Alice what he was going through. - He needs toknow.

Let him in Bella.

Alice, my angel, what’s wrong. Please tell me. I want to help. I love you. Your pain is killing me.

Alice showed us all the vision again.

I know that my frustration is irrational, but I can’t help it. It’s like the wolves all over again. I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen and they’ve found a way to hide it from me. I’m worried.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Maybe you’re right. Either way, we’re going to find out in five minutes.