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Afternoon Star

"I hope you and Edward have a happy life together. Although, I will always be here, ready and fighting. No matter what life path you choose. You will always be my afternoon star. The one that shines the brightest while the rest fades into the light..." Jacob's amazing speech sent shivers down my spine. I had a flashback of my life, if I chose him. The same flashback that stained tears onto his shirt when I kissed him that time before the big battle. I had another flashback of all the good times we spent together. How he patched up my heart, when Edward tore it apart. He was the one that repaired the damage. Now, I was tearing his heart apart. Could I ever fix it?...

This is my version of Breaking Dawn. I hope you enjoy it!!! It skips to Chapter 2 - Happy Place. Chapter one was the official chapter that came out with the Eclipse Special Edition.

3. Wedding Rehearsal

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“Ugh. If only everyone had vampire speed. Then we would be out of this torture chamber in no time.” I complained to Edward as we glided past the mahogany seats, like in my “alternate” happy place. The church was deserted, so we decided to take a tour while we waited for everyone.

“Patience, love. Besides, you’re the only one that thinks of a beautiful wedding chapel as a ‘torture chamber’.” He smiled my favorite crooked smile.

“Your right,” I surrendered as I walked over to the podium. I felt the smooth wood of the podium. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist as he kissed my neck. I sighed as I pulled his face into my hands. His eyes smoldered mines. I smiled, but it didn’t reach my eyes. I let go of his face and took a seat in the front row, to the right. Edward sped next to me.

I stared at the wall, the texture looked so complicated. I started to think about the dream I had last night, as I snuck into Edward’s arms. It was the forest that was so famous for a scenery of my worst nightmares. But this time, it was more like joy that was threatening to kill me. I caught a glimpse of a wolf. My wolf. Jacob. Then Edward came out from behind a tree. He said something that I couldn’t quite hear. I sounded like ‘you have a choice. Life or death.’ I pondered on that question for a while… This dream seemed identical to all of my past dreams that came to me right before something big happened. And I had a feeling that Jacob was a link to this.

“What’s on your mind, love?” He shook me out of my wandering thoughts.

“I’m just worried. I have a strong feeling that something, good or bad, is going to happen today. And I also have a feeling that the waterworks are going to be a threat. And we all know what the main source of the waterworks is.” I blurted out the truth.

“If the waterworks gush through, I’ll happily shut down the source of the trouble,” he offered. I stared at him with a worried look on my face. “I’m kidding,” Edward said, concerned. He tried to catch my attention; I avoided eye contact by looking at random features of the church. When he realized that I wasn’t going to give; he got up and walked, slowly, down the aisle.

“I’m sorry,” I shouted.

“Sorry for what?” He started to walk back up the aisle.

“I’m sorry for letting you suffer from my mistakes. I want to just forget Jacob and focus on us. But-” “You still have time to take the other life. The life with Jacob. A normal life. I can’t expect you to forgive me and forget him after everything I’ve done. I left you and he revived you. Of course he left a mark in your heart.” He was so understanding.

“I promised to marry you. I always keep my promises. And you know that.”

“That may be. You stand by your promises, without a doubt… Whether you like it or not.” I can’t believe how much Edward knew me. He understands me. I don’t even understand myself. He’s more than I’ve ever dreamed of; and I’m not letting this dream slip away.

“But my side of the deal is what I’m looking forward to.” I tried to smile Edward’s famous crooked smile. He just smiled the same smile and brushed my cheek. I could feel my cheeks turning red. He paused under my chin.

“Angela and Ben are here,”-he laughed-”and they’re thinking about having their own wedding soon.” I laughed with him.

Angela and Ben were still talking about their own wedding plans as they walked up the aisle.

“Oh, please Ben?”

“Why don’t we finish up college first?”

“Okay… But can’t we at least plan it out while time slows by?”

“Hi Angela, Hi Ben.” Edward and I spoke at the same time. We couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you guys trying out the whole ‘speak-at-the-same-time-while-irritating-everyone-around-you’ thing?” Now, they were talking at the same time.

“It’s kind of fun.” We were still talking at the same time.

“That is the exact reason to why we like to do this.” They emphasized each word perfectly together.

“Now that was impressive.”

“Why, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Whoa. It’s like a twin convention!” Mike burst through the door.

“Hey there, Mike,” all four of us said, at the same time.

Mike just raised one of his eyebrows.

“I’m so glad you came!” I tried to sound as happy as possible.

We had a long conversation about random things as time flew by. College, the wedding, “love”, etc.

Edward let out a low growl, which only meant one thing… Jacob. I shivered Edward rubbed my arm; which only made me shiver more.

“Hey, hey, hey! Nice place you got here!” Jacob burst through the wide doors. He reached the other side of the long aisle in 5 long strides.

“Who’s that?” Angela asked, seemingly, really interested.

“Hi Jacob!” I answered Angela’s question.

“Hiya Bells. Mm… look at you. You’re getting married now. Mm… They just grow up so fast, don’t they?” The last question was for Angela. She looked star-struck and dazzled.

“Y-yea… T-they do… ick.” Angela was stuttering. Hard.

“Are you okay?” Jacob replied to the last word ‘ick’.

“Yea, of course. Just swallowed my gum.” I giggled. She’s not good at flirting, is she?

“But you weren’t eating gum, honey.” Ben was disturbed.

“Well, looks like we got a problem.” Angela coughed.

“Before you swallow your tongue. Angela, this is Jacob. Jacob, this is Angela.

“Hi Angela.” “Hi Jacob.” They said at the same time. Angela started blushing. And I’m pretty sure that Jake was blushing, but I couldn’t see it against his dark skin.

“Whoops. I totally forgot. Come here, Bells!” Jake’s arms were wide open. The waterworks were threatening to gush through, but I couldn’t resist. I was squished in his burning arms before I could respond.

“Air,” my usual breakaway word.

He laughed and set me down, I gasped for air.

Seconds passed by and Jake turned all of his focus on the Red Angela.

“Ahem,” Ben coughed behind Angela. Angela and Jacob were staring at each other, not in a ‘threatening’ way, but in a… actually, I didn’t understand it myself. It looked like they were in a trance. I waved my hand in front of Angela’s face, but she wouldn’t snap out of it.

“Okay… Um. Ben and Mike, this is Jacob.” When I said Jacob’s name, he snapped his head and focused on me Angela was still zoned-out.

“Yea. I’m Jacob, Bella’s old friend.” He finally said, reaching over to shake their hands. Ben then Mike. Edward was still watching carefully, seated on the mahogany seats. Angela, still in her ‘trance’. Ben started turning red with his fists clenched.

“Hey, Ben and Angela. Want to take a look around,” Mike offered, trying to calm Ben down.

“Yea, let’s go Ang.” Ben grabbed Angela’s left hand which snapped her out of her mesmerizing moment. She cooperated reluctantly.

“What was that all about?” Ben said, a bit furious.

“I-I don’t know.” Angela sounded completely confused. Ben’s face softened at Angela’s unsure tone.

That was all that was audible while they walked out the door, Angela and Ben kissed before exiting.

When I turned to look at Jacob, he was biting his lip in a flirtatious way, still looking at the big door.

“What was that about?” I repeated Ben’s question.

“Well, let me just say that that was how Sam introduced himself to Emily.” He bit his lip again.

“Let me get this straight… You just imprinted on Angela?” I thought about what he told me about ‘imprints’. Stronger than ‘love at first sight‘, which explained the little trance they were in.

He just jerked his chin up. I’ll take that as a yes.

“Congratulations!” I cheered as I regained my seat next to Edward. It looked like he was trying to comprehend what just happened. His eyebrows were tightly together and his expression was hilariously confused.

“I’ll explain it to you later,” I guessed that he didn’t, yet, grasp the concept of Jacob and Angela’s ‘scene’. Because he was still in deep concentration before I helped him out of his soon-to-be monomania.

“Thank you,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled.

“So… Bella. Tell me a bit about Angela.” He was still biting his lip. I rolled my eyes. Oh boy.

“Well. She’s going out with Ben. They were inseparable. Until you came along.” Edward and I laughed.

“You mean the shorty?”

I tightened my eyes.

“I mean. The short guy?” That didn’t make the insult nicer.

“Yea. The shorty,” I said, sarcastically.

“Sorry. I just had a ‘teen’ moment.” He responded to my sarcasm.

“Hey there kids! Well, well, well. Look whose back!” Charlie jogged up to Jacob and gave him a huge hug.

“Hi Charlie. You know that I couldn’t miss Bella’s big day. Well, in this case, Bella’s rehearsal for the big day!” Jake said, reminding me of the younger, more polite version of him.

“So. Where did you go?” What was Jacob going to say? Where did he go?

“That’s confidential,” Jacob said in an uneasy tone.

“Oh. Okay. I just hope that you didn’t turn yourself into a wolf and ran out of the country. Trying to leave the human Jacob in the dust. Completely living on the wolf instincts and trying not to think about the human life.” Charlie joked. Jacob had a worried, shocked, and dumbfounded look on his face.

“Wow,” Edward gasped.

Is that what he did? Jake was like a statue with his worried look frozen on his face. Charlie’s expression went from joking to dead serious.

“Good one Charlie. Really good one! A wolf. Sure,” Edward laughed, breaking the tension and easing everyone.

“Hmph. I guess I’ll take a look around.” Charlie trotted down the isle.

“Thanks,… bloodsucker.” Jacob thanked Edward when Charlie was out of the room.

“No problem,… dog.” Edward said in a sincere voice.

“Is that really what you did, Jake?” I was worried, and surprised.

“Did you really expect me to move on that easily? After you told me the biggest news ever?!” His words pierced me. He stalked down the walkway.

“Where are you going?” I shouted.

“I’m going to find Angela.” He shouted back. He didn’t turn around, or slowed down his angry pace.

“Really?” I perked up.

“No.” He said, bitterly.

Once he walked out the door, his clothes flew to the ground. And a wolf howled.

Tears started to fill my eyes. Edward pulled me into a cold, secure hug.

“Give him some time… He’ll come back.” Edward promised.

“Are you sure?” I looked up from his chest, his t-shirt soaked with my tears.

“If he doesn’t… I’ll make him,” he smile. I took in a deep breathe and wiped my eyes free from tears. But one teardrop escaped. Edward caught it, and brushed away the trail it left.

I sat on the mahogany seats, in Edward’s arms. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past hour and a half. Watching most of my friends, family, family-to-be get a feel of the church.

Renee and Phil couldn’t come because Phil had baseball practice. It didn’t bother me; I was going to see them in a couple of weeks anyways. Mike, Ben, and Angela came back from their stroll. Emmett and Jasper came wrestling in after Jake left. Rosalie and Alice supervised Jasper and Emmett’s ‘game’. Carlisle and Esme took a tour before entering. Billy came with Same, Emily, Seth, Quil and Embry. It was a little uneasy in the room when they arrived. But the tension softened. Although, the werewolves and the vampires still had to stay on the opposite sides of the room. No one else came. Not even Jacob.

“How much longer?” I yawned to Edward.

“They just need to practice a little longer. Ten minutes at the most. You would know that if you kept your eyes open.” He laughed as I tried to sit up straight. He grabbed my right elbow with his hand and wrapped his left arm around my waist, hoisting me up.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect,” congratulated the priest. He was a young-looking, medium built, brown-haired man. It’s hard to believe that he was almost forty.

“You see, Jasper! I told you I did good!” Emmett screamed at Jasper.

“No you didn’t!” Jasper pounced on Emmett.

“Must you guys always do this?” The priest questioned while he scurried to stop the fight. No one else even bothered to stop the boys.

“I guess we should go now, Angela.” Ben gestured.

“Yea. Of course.” She agreed.

“Do you guys mind if I ride home with you guys? My mom is at a spa, and she was the one who dropped me off.” Mike asked Angela and Ben.

“No problem,” Ben agreed as they walked towards the door.

“Catch you guys later!” Ben and Angela said at the same time.

“Yea, what they said.” Mike shrugged.

“You weren’t kidding. They really do that!” Seth whispered. I giggled and nodded.

“We should get going too,” Billy directed to the pack. The party stormed to the door.

“Hey Edward,” Carlisle called. “We’ll meet you at the house.” Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett gracefully moved towards the exit.

“I’ll order pizza, Bells.” Charlie offered as he followed the Cullens outside.

“Man, those boys sure know how to wrestle like a pro.” The priest complained.

“You have no idea,” Edward joked.

“How old are you guys?” The priest asked.

“18.” I said, unashamed.

All the priest did was raise his eyebrow and mouth the word ‘wow’. Here we go with the ‘too young to marry’ thing.

“Why so early?” He asked, surprised.

“I love her way too much to not marry her,” Edward admitted.

“And I was forced against my will. Have you seen how many other girls are on his fan list? No way am I letting another girl have him!” I tried to sound anything but a star-struck teenage girl. I was sure that it didn’t work.

“Mm… I’ll leave you two alone.” The priest walked outside.

“So what is with that whole Angela and Jacob thing?” Edward remembered the incident.

“Wolf legends say that once a wolf spots a ‘soul mate’ he imprints forever. And that is what happened with Jacob.” I tried to make sense.

“Ah… I see now.” Edward sighed. “Does that mean that Jacob will stop chasing after you?”

“Probably,” I giggled. I cuddled up into Edward’s arms.