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Going Back

Alice is at her house and has a vision, but its of her past. she sees how she was put into the insane asylum and how she became a vampire.


1. Home

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Going Back


I walked through the door of out home. I saw the family in the living room, including our new member, Bella. They were talking about a trip to the Voultori I went in to join the conversation and sat by Rosalie. While I did I looked down at the decorative soybeans on the table and everything went black.

“John! John you’re going to fall and break your neck! Get down here now!” shouted a small petit woman with fiery red hair.

“Mother, he’s climbed tons of cliffs all around her and he’s been fine. He’s the best climber I know,” A short girls told her mom. She had long black hair wearing overalls and a white tee shirt with no shoes. She stood in a field of soybeans, not far from where her mother stood screaming at the boy on the bank of a river.

“Ok, ok mother I’m coming, you don’t need to be worried,” the dark haired boy told his mom calmly.

The dark haired girl was smiling when all of a sudden her face went blank. Ten seconds later she came out of her trance and shouted, “No! John! Stop!”

The boy lost his grip right as she said this and he fell, 30 feet down to the dry earth, then the world faded into darkness.

I knew this; it was…me, the dark haired girl. But this was the past, how could this be happening? Everything rushed in at once: John was my twin brother, we were inseparable and he looked just like me. We were at my family’s small farm in Jackson Landing; we named it after my baby brother who passed away with cholera. I had a younger sister, Cynthia that had red hair like my mom. And my pa, he looked just like John and I, hark hair and green eyes.

I woke up in my room with my mother sitting beside my bed in our three-room house. I shot up once the thought of John entered my mind. My head started spinning, it was dark outside.

“Take it easy,” my mother told me.

“Where’s John?” I asked.

“He’s at the Biloxi Hospital,” she told me, Biloxi was a town ten miles Southeast of Jackson Landing.

“Is he okay?” I asked. She looked down.

“We don’t know. They took him into surgery but he’s in critical condition,” she said.

The room went black, I saw John lying on a hospital bed with pa sitting next to him holding his hand, and it suddenly went limp. I had to save him before anything happened. I saw what I had to do, what tools to use, what medicines to give him.

“Alice! Are you okay?” my mom was yelling to me.

“Yes, yes, sorry. I have to get to John now!” I screamed.

“What are you talking about? Are you well? This isn’t one of your ‘visions’ is it? It’s a work of the devil those ‘visions’!” she asked me uncertain.

“I have to go,” I said as I jumped out of my bed and ran to the car. It was gone; pa must have taken it. I would have to ride out old mare, Betsy, to town.

As I settled her up my mom kept telling me John was going to be ok, that he was fine. But I knew better I was it. I mounted the old horse and galloped away from my mom and the farm. It was a long thirty minutes to town. I reached the hospital and realized that I still had on my nightgown and no shoes. I didn’t care; I had to help John. I tied up Betsy and raced into the Lobby.

“What room is John Brandon in?” I asked breathlessly.

“Um…do you-“ I cut her off.

“What room!” I shouted.

“Uh, 16 down that hall and on your left.” She pointed to her right.

“Thanks,” I said. I ran as fast as I could to his room and flung the door open. Pa jumped up.

“Alice, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Pa go get the doctor, now!” I yelled.

He looked confused but did what I said. John’s legs were wrapped up and one of his arms was too. I carefully rolled John over and undid the laces on his hospital gown and examine his chest. It was black and he was breathing erratically. I grabbed the tools I saw in my vision and punctured his skin. I pushed the tool in and heard a hissing sound and a bunched of yellow liquid came out of the puncture wound. The doctor burst in with two nurses tagging along behind him.

“What are you doing!?” The doctor yelled at me. I just stared at John to make sure he was ok.

“Doctor, his lungs collapsed. She saved him,” a nurse said as she examined John. The doctor looked at me and back at John.

“Very well, nurse prepare the OR,” they wheeled John out of the room. Pa followed the doctor with John and I sat down to take a deep breath. I did what I could do. One of the nurses in the hall walked in.

“I saw that entire ordeal, you weren’t here before any of this. How did you know that he was in danger?” she asked me.

“Uh…we’re twins, so I just knew that he needed me. And my friend told me what to do when someone’s lungs collapse,” I lied, but how could I really tell anyone about this, they would think I’m crazy. Even my family thinks I’m crazy, and I told them. The nurse looked at me uncertain and walked out of the room.