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While the Cullens are away on a hunting trip, the Volturi decide to "check in" on Bella. Takes place after Eclipse. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Ok, so this is my first ever! But don't be all nice about what you think. Be brutally honest please! I really just want to know what you think.

1. Chapter 1

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I saw the vision through Alice’s head.

Bella walked through the front door and stepped out of her shoes and hung up her jacket as she called, “Charlie! I’m home!” there was no reply. She glanced out the window, his cruiser was in the driveway, and he hadn’t mentioned getting a ride with anyone anywhere. “Dad?” she asked nervously as she made her way towards the kitchen.

She gasped when she saw him. He was tied in a chair, a gag over his mouth. “Oh my goodness!” she rushed over to him, “what happened? Are you okay?” she removed the gag from his mouth. Charlie gasped, “Bella, you need to-”

Suddenly her arms were pinned behind her back, and before she could scream a cold, hard hand was over her mouth. Felix stood behind her, oblivious to her struggles and the muffled words of protest that she was shouting.

Aro walked forward from the shadows with Jane by his side. “Now, now Bella, stop your yelling.” Bella relax as if she realized that fighting back was no use, Aro nodded and Felix removed his hand from over her mouth. “Good, now please stay quiet, we wouldn’t want your father to be hurt.” Jane smiled wickedly beside him as Bella nodded understanding what he meant.

“Why are you here?” She may have been trying to sound strong, but it came out shaky.

“You should know why Bella, you didn’t follow through with your end of the deal.” He said it almost regretfully, but there was still a small sign of pleasure in his voice.

“What deal?” Charlie asked confused. Aro ignored him and continued on.

“Because you broke the deal, you do understand what has to happen now, correct?” Bella simply nodded her head.

“What has to happen now? What is going on? What deal? Bella, please, what is going on?” Charlie was frantic now, he had a feeling something bad was going to happen to his daughter.

“QUIET!” Jane yelled, “Felix will you just get it over with, ignore the human, I want to go home.” Felix placed one of his hands on Bella’s neck.

“WAIT!” Aro called, “not yet, not now.”

“Why NOT?” Jane demanded.

“For starters, her father is here,” he nodded at Charlie, “and has no idea what is going on, and the second thing is, I want to have some fun.” Jane smiled devilishly as she understood what he was saying. Felix simply nodded and removed his grasp on Bella’s neck.

“Let’s go then, Jane, untie her father once we are a good distance away and then catch up with us. Bella, please behave, I can always change my mind about leaving your father unharmed.” Bella nodded weakly again, and turned her head to the side to wipe a stray tear, that had escaped down her cheek, on her shoulder.

“Wait your taking my daughter!” Charlie shouted. Aro acted as if he hadn’t spoken.

“I love you Dad, and please make sure Edward knows that I love him to.”

“YOU CAN’T TAKE HER! Bella, why aren’t you fighting back! Your strong, come on! Fight back, break free of his hold!”

“I can’t dad, trust me. It’s not worth it, I’ll just hurt myself.”

“Well, come along Felix, our plane is waiting to take us home.” Aro said cheerfully. Felix swung Bella up over his shoulders roughly and she lay there crying as they took off into the forest running. Only once did she speak, and all she said was “Edward, I love you.”

“Edward! What’s wrong, please tell us! I’ve never felt this kind of emotion from either of you except when Alice saw Bella jump off the cliff! What is wrong?” Jasper was holding on to the limp Alice. She looked up and our eyes met. I’m sorry Edward. It was a snap decision, they were in the area, and decided just now to check up on her.

“What do you mean you’re sorry? We still have time! We just have to get back there now!”

“No Edward.” Alice said weakly, “we don’t have time.”

“What do you mean?” I repeated again.

“Didn’t you see the time?” she asked gravely. “It said 5:30. It’s 5:10 right now. We’ll never make it.” A small sob escaped from my mouth as I fell to my knees burying my face in my hands. Our family looked on confused as Alice and I cry tearlessly.

Finally Carlisle spoke, “Edward what is going on?”

“Bella…… Volturi…… take her…… now.” That was all I was able to get out. My angel was going to die, unless I saved her. But that wasn’t possible; there was no way I could reach her that quickly.

“WHAT!” Emmett screeched. “We have to get back!’

“No.” Alice said standing up, “We can’t make it; it’s going to happen at 5:30, that’s in less than 20 minutes.” My despair turned to determination. I WOULD save Bella, I had to.

“No, we will make it.” And then I was off, sprinting over the land back towards Forks, my family trailing close behind, as I thought to myself. What were the chances? The day we were farthest north in Canada, the Volturi would decide to make an unexpected visit. “How much longer do we have?”

“We have ten minutes.” Alice informed me. We were still fifteen minutes away, I increased my speed.

We were growing closer and closer to Forks. I’m sorry Edward; I should have seen them coming this close to Forks and warned you so we could get Bella out of there. This is my entire fault.

“No Alice, it’s not. You were distracted getting things ready for the wedding, I don’t blame you. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine. I shouldn’t have agreed to come hunting with you; I should have stayed to make sure that Bella was safe.” Just then we reached Bella’s house. I burst through the door, but I was too late. Charlie had been sitting on the couch worrying over what had happened, waiting for the police to arrive.

“Edward, what are-“

“Where are they!” I demanded. “Where did they take Bella?” I knew that he couldn’t tell me anything, but I was worried, I had to find her before they could kill her.

“What-, how do you know about that?” Charlie asked me bewildered.

“We’ll explain later, right now we have to find Bella.” Alice said cutting in. My entire family and I ran outside at an unnatural pace. I realized that we would have to explain to the now bewildered and scared Charlie later, as we followed the trail of Bella’s captors.