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While the Cullens are away on a hunting trip, the Volturi decide to "check in" on Bella. Takes place after Eclipse. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Ok, so this is my first ever! But don't be all nice about what you think. Be brutally honest please! I really just want to know what you think.

2. Chapter 2

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Forks used to be a miserable place for me everyday. Now it was only miserable when Edward was gone. And this weekend, he and his entire family would be gone. Northern Canada had some kind of moose population issue, and Alice loved moose, and not because she thought they were cute. So the entire family had gone, not one of them was here to keep me company. I was so lonely that I really wouldn’t have cared if it was Rosalie, although we had been on better terms after our talk awhile ago.

I pulled up to my house. Charlie’s cruiser was in the drive way. How odd, I glanced at the clock; it was close to 5:30. He was never home this early, maybe he was going out tonight. I trudged up to the door. But when I went to unlock it, the handle twisted easily. Charlie never left the door unlocked. Maybe he forgot, I told myself.

I stepped inside, taking off my shoes and hanging up my jacket. “Charlie, I’m home!” No reply came. Usually he would be watching TV, but the TV wasn’t even on. Maybe I had imagined the cruiser in the driveway, I looked back out the window, no, it was definitely there. “Dad?” I made my way towards the kitchen. What I saw made me gasp.

Charlie was tied to a chair, a gag in place over his mouth. I ran over to him and removed the gag as I spoke. “Oh my goodness, what happened? Are you okay?”

“Bella,” he said to me in a hoarse voice, “You need to-“ but he was cut off as suddenly my hands were pinned behind my back, and a icy, cold, stone hand was over my mouth.

“Hey, let me go! Let go of me! Edward will come and save me! Let GO!” but my cries were muffled by the hand. Aro and Jane suddenly stepped out from the shadows.

“Now, now Bella, stop your yelling.” Aro said calmly. I understood that he meant that fighting back would do me no good, it would probably just make my situation worse and I would get myself hurt, so I relaxed. Aro nodded and whoever had their hand over my mouth removed it. “Good, now please stay quiet, we wouldn’t want your father to be hurt.” Jane smiled and I understood immediately what he meant, so I nodded my head to show them that I would comply.

“Why are you here?” I asked, although I knew. I just wanted to prolong my time left. Maybe there was a tiny shred of hope that Edward would swoop in and save me like he had so many other times.

“You should know why Bella, you didn’t follow through with your end of the deal.” I could tell that although he regretted having to do this, he was also very happy.

“What deal?” Charlie asked confused, but Aro ignored him, and continued to speak to me. “Because you broke the deal, you do understand what has to happen now, correct?” I knew very well what would happen. They would kill me, right there in front of my own father.

“What has to happen now? What is going on? What deal? Bella, please, what is going on?” Charlie was clueless as to what was going to happen to me now, and I felt terrible. The last few days we had been fighting about Edward’s and mine engagement. Charlie said he was fine with it, but wanted us to wait. We had fought constantly about the upcoming event.

“QUIET!” Jane yelled, “Felix will you just get it over with, ignore the human, I want to go home.” I felt Felix’s cool fingers grab the back of my neck. At least it was going to be short; unfortunately, it was nothing that vampire venom could heal. The second it snapped I would be dead, and Edward wouldn’t be able to save me.

Aro’s voice rang out, “WAIT! Not here, not now.”

“Why NOT?” Jane argued, she obviously wanted to see me dead.

“For starters, her father is here,” he nodded at Charlie, “and has no idea what is going on, and the second thing is, I want to have some fun.” A smile crept across Jane’s face. She apparently understood what he meant, although I had no idea. Felix seemed to understand to, because his fingers released my neck.

“Let’s go then. Jane, untie her father once we are a good distance away and then catch up with us. Bella, please behave, I can always change my mind about leaving your father unharmed.” I nodded, if they left Charlie and Ed- tears started to swell up in my eyes, I couldn’t say his name, and I realized that I would never be able to see him again, and a single tear trailed down my cheek. I turned my head to the side to wipe it away.

“Wait you’re taking my daughter!” Charlie seemed to only realize that now, even though the entire conversation had been about me now following through with a deal. I almost smiled thinking of how naïve my father could be, he probably thought they were going to let me off with a warning, and that this entire thing was for show. Almost was the key word. The knowledge of my impending doom stopped me from smiling. I had to make sure he knew how much I loved him.

“I love you Dad, and please make sure Edward knows that I love him to.” I hoped that Charlie cared enough to actually make sure that Edward knew what I had said.

“YOU CAN’T TAKE HER! Bella, why aren’t you fighting back! Your strong, come on! Fight back, break free of his hold!” once again, my father was being so naïve. He didn’t notice that my captor was extremely strong.

“I can’t dad, trust me. It’s not worth it, I’ll just hurt myself.” I could see in his eyes that he understood when he took a good look at Felix.

“Well, come along Felix, our plane is waiting to take us home.” Aro said that as if it was a good thing. I never wanted to see that terrible city or those underground tunnels again. Felix threw me roughly over his shoulder; if I lived until tomorrow I would have bruises where I had hit his rock hard shoulder.

We took off into the forest, I looked up to take on last glance at the house, but my eyes were blurry with tears. I knew that soon we would be out of Forks, but I wanted my last words spoken in these familiar forests to have meaning.

Even though I knew he wouldn’t hear me I still whispered, “Edward, I love you.”