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While the Cullens are away on a hunting trip, the Volturi decide to "check in" on Bella. Takes place after Eclipse. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Ok, so this is my first ever! But don't be all nice about what you think. Be brutally honest please! I really just want to know what you think.

6. Chapter 6

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A shiver ran down my spine as I looked around at the room the Volturi had given me. The floor and walls were made of stone, there was a queen sized bed that didn’t look like it fit, a small table next to it, and a larger table and chair pushed against a different wall. Attached to the room were a bathroom and closet - not that I needed one, I was going to die anyway.

I flopped down on top of the bed and stared up at the ceiling. It was a bright white color, and it reminded me to much of the big white house in the forest. I sat up; I couldn’t think about them, it would bring back memories that would make me cry, and Jane was sure to hear me crying and come and slap me again. I glanced down at the clock on the bedside table; a fine layer of dust covered it making it hard to read, like no one had been here in awhile. I didn’t bother brushing it away to read the time; I would fall asleep when I got tired, not when the clock told me to.

A quick knock on the door made me jump. “Wh-who is it?” I stammered.

“It’s Heidi. Can I come in? I have some food for you.”

“Sure.” Heidi’s head peeked in the door first, and then the rest of her body followed. In her hand was a small silver tray piled with fruit. She set it down on the table and then walked over to me.

“Honey, don’t worry about anything.” She hesitantly put her hand on my shoulder. “This will all be over soon, trust me, I would know.”

I looked at her, confused by her last statement. “Why would you know? It’s not like you were in this situation.”

“Y-yes, um, Aro told me. He said he didn’t want to drag this out much longer.” I could tell she was hiding something from me. “Well I had best be going. I have some fishing to do. I’ll be back in three to four days, see you then.”

“Why does it matter when you’ll be back? I’ll be dead by then anyway.”

“Um, never mind. See you later. Goodbye.” And before I could respond she had slipped out the door.

I sighed. Well at least this would all be ended soon. I hated this windowless stone room. I felt small and insignificant here. Maybe I was becoming claustrophobic, I thought, maybe I would pass out, and then they would kill me while I was unconscious. That would be the best way for me to die now, the least painful.

My stomach growled rather loudly, and I remembered the food Heidi had brought in. The fruit did look fresh. It wouldn’t do any harm to eat something. It would give me something to do to, so I grabbed a bright read apple from the top of the pile, and started nibbling on it. I realized then how hungry I really was, and ate rather greedily.

I wandered into the bathroom when I was done. The fixtures were all modern, while the entire room looked ancient. I turned on the water and washed my face and teeth, there had been a new toothbrush and tooth paste sitting on the counter. Then I walked back into the larger room.

Aro sat on the chair next to the table, while Jane, with a scowl on her face, and Felix stood, arms crossed, beside him.

“Hello Bella.” Aro said it like we had been friends for our entire life.

“Hello.” I could almost taste the acid in my voice.

“No need to be mean.” He regarded me, “and here I thought you would be happy to see me.” He smiled.

“Why would I be happy to see you?” I shot back.

“Because this obviously means that I am finally going to end this whole mess.” My back stiffened, and my instinct to run started to creep up on me, but I knew that it would do me no good. “Now Bella if you would sit down, we want you to be comfortable.”

I couldn’t move, so Felix came over and lifted me up, and tossed me down on the bed.

Aro moved to stand next to the bed, while Jane moved closer to the door, a frown on her face.

“Anything you would like to say?”

“Why would I have something to say?” I whispered it, I couldn’t find my voice.

“No begging?” Aro questioned. I shook my head.

“Alright then, let’s begin.” He leaned over and brushed the hair away from my neck. “I must warn you, it will hurt for… a bit.”

“Why don’t you just break my neck?” Why couldn’t he just end my life quickly? Put me out of my pain?

“Because, that would be no fun for me.” He smiled at me.

“You’re disgusting.”

“I know.” And with that, he bit down on my neck. I screamed out in pain as I felt the fire start to creep through my veins while the blood was sucked out. I heard a growl coming from someone as blackness over took me.