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While the Cullens are away on a hunting trip, the Volturi decide to "check in" on Bella. Takes place after Eclipse. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Ok, so this is my first ever! But don't be all nice about what you think. Be brutally honest please! I really just want to know what you think.

7. Chapter 7

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Fire. That’s all I can remember feeling. Fire.

It coursed through my veins, burning everything it touched. I didn’t understand why I didn’t burn up from the degree of heat that was in me. Why no one helped when I cried out for relief from the pain that I was in.

And then, when I finally thought that it would stop, it intensified. My heart burned with every pulsation that it had. My lungs were on fire even when I tried holding my breath. I knew that I would die, I should have been dead already from the previous fire, but now as the temperature flared past a normal, earthly height, I knew that surely I was dead. And my reasoning was backed up as I felt the pain in my chest come less often. My heart beating slower each time, and then, it stopped.

I should have died then, along with my heart, but somehow I was still breathing. But I felt hollow, the air that I took in had no where to go without my heart.

“Is she awake yet? Or is she going to scream some more? I don’t think that I can take much more.” The voice belonged to Jane, and she sounded annoyed.

“She should be awake, her heart just stopped beating. Bella open your eyes. And please don’t pretend you’re asleep, I know that you can hear me.” I recognized the voice as Aro, so I opened my eyes slowly.

I was still lying on the same bed as before, the one where Aro had bit me….. Now I was completely confused. “Didn’t you kill me?” I looked up at Aro perplexed.

“Yes, but we wanted to keep you, so Felix pulled me off before I could completely drain you of your blood.” He looked happy but I could tell that he was upset about having to be pulled away because he wasn't strong enough.

“So I’m a vampire now?”

“Yes you are. Isn’t that wonderful?!?”

“I guess-“ My throat constricted suddenly, making it impossible to speak. My stomach twisted and I felt like I was going to throw up. Then, just as quick as it happened, my throat opened, and my stomach settled. “What just happened?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“You’re thirsty, that’s what happens when you go to long without feeding.” Aro stated, “Speaking of which, luckily for you, Heidi just returned from her little trip. She’s going to kill one for you and bring it up here.”

A knock came at the door then, and in walked Heidi, a body dangling limply from her hand. “I brought you a nice big one.” She said as she tossed the body down in front of me. A strange scent drifted towards me.

“Well, go on, drink it.” Aro looked at the corpse and back to me. “If you don’t follow our diet then we might have to kill you.” I knew then that I would have to drink the blood of this innocent human even if I didn’t want to.

I kneeled down next to the body, with graceful movements that surprised me, and looked down in disgust. I took a deep breath, and then let my teeth puncture the person’s skin.

I felt the liquid flow into my mouth, but it tasted terrible. I felt like I was going to pass out suddenly. I pulled back and began gagging, trying to get it out of my system.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you drinking? A newborn shouldn’t be able to resist blood!” Aro demanded from me.

“It taste terrible, I felt like I was going to die if I drank anymore.” I thought of why that would be. “You know, when I was human I had a huge issue with human blood. Just the smell of it would make me faint. That could have possibly carried over into this life.”

“Hmmm,” Aro thought, “that is a possibility. Well, I guess you’ll have to follow the ‘vegetarian’ diet then. Jane would you and Felix please take Bella out hunting before she has another spasm.”

Jane scowled, but nodded her head, and then she and Felix led me out of the city through back alleys and into the forest. “We’ll wait here, come back when you’re done.” She sounded disgusted with what I was doing.

I ran into the forest, gracefully and without tripping I might add, a while before I found some animals that I quickly drank from, I didn’t want to think about it to much.

I sat down on the ground to rest for a bit, I knew I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t feel like returning to that horrid castle just yet. I looked around me at the forest. It all looked so familiar, like the day when he left me. And that did it, I started to dry sob, and that’s how Jane and Felix found me.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” Felix sounded genuinely concerned, unlike Jane.

“Ugh, I have had it with you! You are such a baby, I can’t believe that Aro decided to keep you, you’re nothing special.” And then she flung herself at me, snarling as she went. I put up my hands to protect myself instinctively and waited for the impact. It never came, and I looked up to see Jane lying several feet away with an angry expression on her face. She leapt at me again, and this time I didn’t close my eyes, but left my hands up. Jane looked like a she had run into a window, and then flew backwards.

I smiled. “I guess we know my power now.”

Jane stood up dusting herself off, “Lucky you.” And she turned on her heel and disappeared into the forest.

“Don’t mind her.” Felix said staring after Jane, then turned to me, “come on, Aro will probably want to know about this.” I nodded and we ran back to the Volturi.

I went to my room while Felix searched for Aro. As I waited I realized that I hadn’t seen myself yet. I went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

I gasped at what I saw. I was beautiful now. My eyes were bright red, with a teensy bit of orange, from my blood. My lips were fuller, and all my features were more straight and angular, but still soft and feminine. My hair waved to around the middle of my back, and the brown chocolate color looked as though there was red mixed in with it. My curves were more prominent, and in the places were they should be.

One of my hands reached up to touch the pale skin and dark purple bruises under my eyes without me telling it to. Then I let it trail down my neck, but I stopped when I felt a small bump. I pulled back my shirt to reveal a bite mark, much like the one I had on my wrist. Why would I have a scar? Everyone else’s had disappeared when they had transformed, but why had mine stayed?

My thought processes was interrupted when Aro and Felix walked into my bedroom. “Bella?”

“Right here.” I replied as I walked in.

“Well,” Aro said looking at me, “Felix told me about your talent, and I must say I am amazed. That is quite a power on your hands.” He smiled.

“I know.” I didn’t return his smile. Why would I? They were keeping me here against my will; I wanted to be back at home with the Cull-. I couldn’t think it.

“Well, I would like a demonstration.” Aro gestured to Felix, who nodded then turned to me. A growl erupted from his throat as he lunged at me. I put up my hands again and Felix was thrown back by the shield. “That is amazing.”

I didn’t respond to Aro’s remark, I just looked at him. He started talking again, “I think that maybe after awhile you’ll be able to make shields without putting your hands up, possibly. Also, I would like to see; maybe you could make one around other people, and possibly people’s minds.” I nodded and Aro turned to face Felix, “Felix why don’t you try and attack me and Bella will try to create a shield.”

Felix lunged and my hands shot up while I thought about Aro being in a little impenetrable bubble. Felix was launched backwards. “Wonderful!” Aro was pleased to find that I had a power. He began walking forward, but couldn’t. “Bella, please remove the shield.” I lowered my arms, and Aro and Felix walked towards me.

“Now, try and create a shield around Felix’s mind, and I will try to read his mind.” I sighed and then thought about Felix’s mind being safe while my hand went up towards his head. “Oh this is amazing, it worked! Now, stop concentrating for a moment please Bella.” I lowered my arms and stopped concentrating on making the shield. “Unfortunately those shields do not stay, except of course on you.”

I nodded and sat back down on my bed, I really didn’t like being experimented with. “Can I go home now?” I missed Forks and the Cullens so much.

“You are home.” Aro sounded confused.

“I mean back to Forks, with the Cullens.” How could he think that I would ever call Volterra home.

“No, of course not, you’re living here now. Do you think we would go through with kidnapping you to bring you here than let you go? If we just wanted you changed then we would have changed you in Forks.”

“You can’t stop me from leaving.” I could easily put a shield around them or myself and leave.

“You’re right there, but I’m sure that you wouldn’t want any harm done to the Cullens.” I stared at him confused. “Demetri is back in Forks with lots of the guard, if you try to leave they’ll attack the Cullens.”

I was horrified. How could I do that to the Cullens? Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice and Edwa-, I couldn’t think his name. “You can’t keep me here! What gave you the idea that I would EVER call this terrible place home?!?”

“Oh, it will grow on you.”

“No it won’t.” I said it as hard as I could manage. “They’ll come here to save me.”

“If they try to leave then Demetri will attack. Now, I had best be on my way, Heidi just returned with more food.” He was delighted at the idea.

After they left I flopped backwards on the bed. I would never see any of the Cullens again. Not spunky happy Alice, or Emmett, who was like a big brother to me. And worst of all, I would never see the Greek god, who somehow loved me, my fiancé, ever again. Edward.