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While the Cullens are away on a hunting trip, the Volturi decide to "check in" on Bella. Takes place after Eclipse. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Ok, so this is my first ever! But don't be all nice about what you think. Be brutally honest please! I really just want to know what you think.

8. Chapter 8

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I had gone back to lying on my bed, wallowing in my sadness at the loss of my love, my angel, my Bella. While I had returned to that, Alice had returned to sitting outside the room and trying to get me to come out.

“Edward, please!”

“Go away Alice. I want to be alone.”

“No not until you-“She broke off as another vision over took her. Knowing that the vision couldn’t be worse than watching my poor sweet Bella die I decided to see what it was.

It came in flashes.

Bella lying on a bed, paler than usual.

“Is she awake yet? Or is she going to scream some more? I don’t think that I can take much more.” Jane was there also along with Aro.

“She should be awake, her heart just stopped beating. Bella open your eyes. And please don’t pretend you’re asleep, I know that you can hear me.” Bella opened her eyes and they were bright red.

Then Bella was standing in front of a mirror. Her hand trailed down her neck and she pulled back her shirt collar to reveal a bit mark from where Aro had bitten her.

Then suddenly she was talking with Aro again.

“Can I go home now?” She was upset.

“You are home.” Aro stated confused.

“I mean back to Forks, with the Cullens.”

“No, of course not, you’re living here now. Do you think we would go through with kidnapping you to bring you here than let you go? If we just wanted you changed then we would have changed you in Forks.”

That angered her. “You can’t stop me from leaving.”

“You’re right there, but I’m sure that you wouldn’t want any harm done to the Cullens.” That confused me, they could easily restrain her. “Demetri is back in Forks with lots of the guard, if you try to leave they’ll attack the Cullens.”

She was horrified at that idea, it was clear on her face, “You can’t keep me here! What gave you the idea that I would EVER call this terrible place home?!?”

“Oh, it will grow on you.”

“No, it won’t. They’ll come here to save me.”

“If they try to leave Demetri will attack. Now, I had best be on my way, Heidi just returned with more food.” And with that he left the room. Bella flopped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling, pain obvious in her eyes. I wanted to go a comfort her by wrapping my arms around her and tell her it would be alright. I flung the door open to stare at Alice. She was on her toes a huge grin on her face, so it was no surprise when Jasper was standing next to her.

“What’s going on? Why are you both so, not sad?” His eyes flickered back in forth between our faces warily.

“Bella…” Was all I could manage to say.

“What about her?” He looked to Alice now, seeing that I wouldn’t respond anymore.

“She’s alive!” Alice was bouncing on her toes.

“What?” Jasper asked confused.

“She’s alive!” She was yelling now.

“What?!?!” Jasper couldn’t contain himself; the entire house felt his emotions.

“Jasper, stop trying to make us feel happy!” Emmett was suddenly towering over him.

“Emmett!” Esme was there, pulling on his arm.

“Yes,” Carlisle said appearing with Rosalie following close behind him, “he was just trying to help.”

“Sorry,” Jasper said with a grin on his face, “I couldn’t rein them in.”

“Bella’s ALIVE!” Alice couldn’t hold any secrets but her own.

“What?!” Everyone stared at us.

“The Volturi decided to keep her! And they changed her instead!” Something hit me then, as Alice explained to my family celebrated Bella being alive.

“Edward, what is it?” Jasper turned too looked at me confused by my sudden mood change, “aren’t you happy?”

“I am, but it, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I was supposed to be the one.” I looked down at the floor. Bella was going to be changed by me, after the wedding, after I gave her what she wanted. We were going to be in Alaska, away from people, in the middle of nowhere. Someplace that it could just be us, no one else, not even Alice was going to be there. But now, all those plans were ruined; the wedding date had passed us by. “She’ll hate me now; I broke my promise to her.”

“She won’t hate you Edward.” Alice put a reassuring hand on my shoulder, “All she wanted was to become a vampire to be with you forever. I don’t think she really cared who did it; she just wanted you to do it, because she knew that you loved her. She won’t hate you.”

“Why don’t we go find out for ourselves if she hates you?” Emmett started heading towards his room to pack.

“We can’t.” I said sadly.

“Why not?” Emmett demanded as he came back into the hall.

“Because,” Alice could see that I didn’t want to talk about it, “Demetri and some of the guard are here. If we try to leave or if Bella tries to escape then they’ll attack.”

“Oh, well then,” Carlisle turned to me with a thoughtful expression on his face. “Edward can you hear their thoughts?”

“Just barely. Why do you ask?” I hadn’t been paying attention to people’s thoughts up until now, I was in to much pain.

“Because, I have a plan.”