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The phycic before twilight

I opened my eyes with one thought on my ming, alice. Ever wonder what alice's first reaction was when she opened her eyes? Cool awesome one shot. REVIEW PLESASE!


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter one, first sight

I opened my eyes with one thought in my head, Alice. I tried to find a meaning for this thought but couldn’t find any, I couldn’t remember anything at all. This might as well have been my first day on earth. I decided Alice must be my name. Just as I realized that a pain started in my throat. It felt like it was burning me. I wanted someway to stop it, I would do anything as long as it would stop. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else.

A picture slowly floated into my head. There was a woman lying dead in an alley. I noticed her neck seemed to be broken. A small, pale, black-haired girl with bright red eyes kneeled next to her with blood on her lips.

Immediately I pulled away from the vision. The girl had killed her! I knew somehow that this hadn’t happened yet, I would try to stop it. I stood up to go to the door and grabbed the handle but when I did it was crushed. Huh? I tried pushing the door slightly and it blasted out of the frame hitting the wall across from it. I stood there for a moment wondering at my strength. Then I decided I would figure it out later after I had saved the woman from her fate. I ran down the hall to where I saw the exit, pushing that out of the way as well. I found myself on a street that was deserted.

I closed my eyes and thought of the woman. The picture slid into my head again but I wasn’t looking at the people, I was looking behind them at the building. 147 Jefferson. Pulling out of the vision I searched for the road and found it. Racing off I noticed the pain again, I ignored it though thinking of the poor woman who was about to die. Then She was there right in front of me and I stopped. She was doubled over grabbing at her neck. For a moment I thought I had made it too late but she looked up at me, her face in agony.

“Please,” she said, “Can you help me find a doctor, I tripped and cut my neck. I think I might need stitches….”

I stopped paying attention as I noticed her neck was bleeding. The pain flared sharply, I didn’t think I just stooped down to her neck and bit her. Her blood filled my mouth and the pain stopped. I drank every drop of blood and leaned away. Then my sanity came back to me, what had I done! I looked up at the window and saw my reflection. Panic trickled through me as I recognized my face as the girl from the vision. By trying to save the woman I had killed her. Was this how I was supposed to live? By killing others? But what else could I do, I couldn’t just take the pain. I cringed at the thought.

For the third time I was pulled into a vision. It was a man’s face. He had blonde hair and pale skin, but what was shocking was that he had red eyes like mine though not so bright. He must be another one of my kind. At the sight of his face I was filled with longing, I wanted to be with him. I knew immeditly I would search anywhere to find him. Then the vision changed as I made the decision. I saw us meeting at a diner in Philadelphia. It changed again to a long journy, Lastly I saw THEM. I liked them immediately. They were five more of my kind. Their names were Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward. I saw them talking to us, explaining their lifestyle. They didn’t kill humans. They fed off animals.

Coming back to the present I had new hope. I set off to find my true love and my family.