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Sure, Emmet wasn't there when Bella first visited the Cullen house. But he still expirienced it. [My entry for the Cullen's perspective of when Edward brought Bella home]


1. Chapter 1

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Ever since Edward had come home and said those words, I was excited beyond belief. I mean, this was the human girl who had somehow captured a vampire’s heart!

“Emmet, chill out!” Jasper yelled at me.

“Oh, sorry, bro,” I laughed. I forgot – Jasper had to deal with my insane emotions. Oh well. I skipped – no, I’m a guy. We don’t skip. Hmm, I guess I just walked in a cheerful way up the stairs.

“Rose, can you believe it? We’re going to meet Bella!” I flopped down on the bed where my beloved wife was flipping through some magazine. I knew immediately that I had said something wrong.

“Emmet, I am not meeting her.” She said stiffly, glaring at me with venomous eyes.

“Aw, come on babe! She’s a real laugh, have you ever noticed how clumsy she is?” I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of the girl I saw at school.

“No.” Rosalie sat up suddenly. “I need to do some shopping.”

“Why, Rose?” I whined. “I want to meet Bella! Please?”

“Emmet…she’s a human! I just can’t do it. I…hate her! She has everything. But she’s willing to be with a vampire? She’s stupid!” I flinched at the venom in Rosalie’s voice. I knew she didn’t like being a vampire, but still…I had never expected her to envy Bella.

“I never expected you to envy Bella, Rose,” I said. I heard the distant purr of Edward’s Volvo. “They’re coming!” I jumped up, smiling.

“Bye then,” Rosalie walked slowly over to the door. “Or are you staying with me?”

I sighed. “I’m with you.” I got up and followed her as she ran out into the forest.

As we stepped in the dense covering of trees, a beautiful scent filled my nose. I looked back, and though the branches I could see Bella getting out of the car with Edward. She really did smell nice. “Hey Rose, she really does smell nice,” I said.

I could barley make out Edward’s face, though I could tell it was glaring at me. I laughed, and then ran deeper into the trees.

“Emmet, I desperately need to go to Port Angeles!” Rosalie’s angelic face lit up.

“Sure thing, babe. Don’t you need some bikinis or something?” I waggled my eyebrows. I may have seemed like I was teasing, but everyone should know I wasn’t. Not when it came to Rosalie.

She shrugged, grinning. “I suppose,” And with that, we headed off to spend some of our abundant money.

By the time we got home, Edward had taken Bella home.

“We’re playing baseball tonight,” Jasper informed me.

“SWEET!” I shouted, jumping up and down. “And don’t tell me to calm down; this is something that can’t be repressed!”

“Hmm, you used a big word. I guess going through high school repeatedly can make you smart!” Jasper ducked as I swung my fist around, missing his face by mere inches.

“Boys!” called Esme from upstairs. “No fighting inside! I just bought that new lamp.”

“Sorry, mommy,” I mumbled like a five-year old.

“Which you are,” called Edward from his room.

“Hey! Take that back,” I charged up the stairs, barreling into his room.

“Emmet, no fighting,” called Carlisle calmly from his study.

I sighed. “Fine, Father. Daddy. Pop. Old Man,” I laughed again. I heard Carlisle sigh and could picture him shaking his head in shame.

“Well, I have to go get Bella. I’ll meet you guys there,” Edward said, coming out of his room.

That brought my attention back to Bella. I couldn’t wait to meet her! And now, Rosalie had no reason to skip out. It was baseball, every vampire’s favorite sport.

“EMMET!” Jasper yelled. “Quit it! I do NOT want to be excited right now! I’m dealing with some extreme blood lust, so leave me alone!”

Aw, poor emo Jasper. “You poor thing! Everybody should try and make poor emo Jasper feel better,” I joked, giving him a 'sympathetic', bone-crushing hug.

Jasper grinned. “If Esme asks, it was your fault.” He stated.

“Agreed,” I replied solemnly, before trying to beat Jasper in the seventh wrestling match of the day.