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Your Guardian Angel

AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.


3. Chapter 3

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That night I sat in the tree outside Bella’s room watching her sleep. She looked so beautiful. She truly was Sleeping Beauty.

I thought about going into her bedroom till I heard Renee’s thoughts “Bella looks so peaceful and pretty.” Her mother spent

most nights checking on Bella to make sure she was okay. “If only Charlie could see her now.” Thoughts of Charlie drifted into Renee’s mind as well as some other man. Did she meet somebody?

I waited for Renee to drift asleep before I climbed into Bella’s room. When I was sure Renee was asleep I lithely climbed in through the window.

The demon in me immediately demanded I end my torture and steal her life. I swallowed the venom in my mouth and thought of Bella kissing me on the cheek and holding my hand and whispering “I love you.”

The demon backed away, always lurking in the shadows of my mind. “Edward.” She sighed my name. I thought she had woken up and I started think of excuses I could tell her for being in her room but she just sighed again and rolled over.

If my heart could be beat, it would be beating like I was on heroine. “Edward, I love you.” I turned away from her sleeping form and ran to the comfort and solitude of the forest.

She said she loved me. How could she love me? She was an archangel trapped on earth and I was a demon sent straight from Dante’s Inferno. How could she possible love me?

My heart wondered why I questioned her love. My mind wondered if she even knew what love was. She’s just a seventeen year old girl. No, my heart argued that I knew better than that. And I did.

My Bella had always accepted me for what I was. She always encouraged me when I felt godforsaken. I should’ve seen the signs instead of torturing myself with the possibilities of unrequited love.

The next morning I waited in Bella’s truck. I was waiting for her to finish her morning routine. Renee had to leave early every morning she had a head start school in Port Angeles. It suited her.

I saw Bella walk out and she looked absurdly stunning in a simple navy blue sweater and a simple pair of faded jeans. “Good morning, Edward.” She said smiling her goddess smile. Aphrodite would be jealous of my Bella.

“Good morning Bella. How are you?” I asked.

“I’m fine. Uh Edward why are you in my truck, you usually just run beside me.”

I was a little stung by her question. “Do you not want me to ride with you?”

“No Edward! I was just pleasantly surprised. You’re such a pessimist.” I smiled that ridiculous grin and it made her laugh her musical laughter.

When we arrived I saw two very expensive looking cars. A canary yellow Porsche and a candy apple red BMW. “Yeah those are the Cullen’s cars.”

“A tad ostentatious if I do say so myself.” Vampires were supposed to blend in not try to shout at the world “Look at me! I’m abnormal!”

“Bella would it be okay if I walked you in.” I knew I was effectively ruining my secret but I didn’t know these vampires and I wanted to know what they were like.

Bella smiled and her lovely chocolate brown eyes shone brightly. “I would love that Edward.” I got out and opened her door for her and grabbed her hand. She looked at me and squeezed my hand. The warmth of her hand warmed my whole being from the inside out.

I walked her through the cafeteria doors and that’s when I saw them. Bella was right, naturally, they were all animal drinkers. They all had the same topaz eyes. There was a rather large male, it looked as though he had an unnatural amount of strength even for a vampire. A blonde female, she was quite attractive but she was nothing compared to my Bella. A blonde male and a small pixie-like female.

“Bella do you have classes with any of them?” The blonde male couldn’t be trusted. His self control was lacking. A girl walked past him and he imagined drinking her blood, figuring out ways to lure her from the cafeteria. I wondered why he was even here if he had so little self control.

“Yeah, I have AP American History with Jasper and Emmett.” The two males, of course. Only Bella would attract the vampire with the least self control. She was a danger magnet to a fault.

“Bella the blonde male-”


“Yes him, he has very little control. To be honest I have no idea why they even let him in here with all these children.” Did these vampires have no concept of secrecy. This Jasper was a human heartbeat away from killing that girl. At my last comment their heads all whipped around in my direction.

I knew they could smell me from where I was standing but they made no move to approach me. However the pixie vampire got up and started walking towards Bella and I.

The blonde male tried to stop her but she whispered “It’s okay Jazz.” She had a very small voice. They all watched her protectively.

I pulled Bella slightly behind me. “Hello Edward.” How the hell did she know who I was.

“I assume you are our visitor. Hello Bella.”

“Don’t speak to her.” I snarled. She was blocking her thoughts and it made me all the more suspicious of her. How did she know about my power?

At my snarl Jasper made his way over and he glowered at me, a low growl growing in his chest, I glared right back baring my teeth like a rabid dog.

“Edward stop it. Alice isn’t going to hurt me.” Bella touched my arm and pulled me closer to her.

“She’s right Edward. I mean her no harm.” Alice spoke to me as if we were brother and sister. The tense atmosphere subsided into a casual conversation. I eyed Jasper he was doing this I just didn’t know how.

“He can control emotions.” Alice said.

“I see.” How interesting. If he wasn’t a danger to Bella I would ask him about his gift.

“Are you part of Carlisle Cullen’s coven?” I asked. “Yes and you are our visitor.” Alice stated.

"Yes, how did you know?” What the hell was going on? It was almost as if she was some sort of psychic.

“All will be explained when you come to our home this afternoon. Carlisle is looking forward to meeting you. Bye Edward, Bella.” With their parting they went back to their table.

I’d never been more worried for my Bella’s safety. “Bella, please be safe.” She squeezed my hand and smiled and I pulled her closer.

“Please Bella promise me you’ll be safe.” I pleaded.

“Edward don’t worry I’ll be safe. You worry too much.” She chided.

“With you Bella there is no such thing as too much worry.” I'd never been more frightened to let my love out of my sight. This was indeed going to be a long day.