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Your Guardian Angel

AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.


5. Chapter 5

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“Please come in! I can’t wait for you to meet Carlisle and Esme!”Alice gushed. Alice is probably one of the most eccentric vampires I had ever met.

As Alice was leading us through the house I couldn’t help but admire the simple of beauty of the mansion. It was grand and elegant to be sure, but it was also warm and inviting. I was admiring the sheer beauty of the house when I felt Bella tug on my hand. I looked at her and gave her a questioning look and I followed her eyes to their grand piano.

A fragmented memory came into my mind.

“Hello Mother how are you?” I walked into the foyer to listen to my mother play.

“Oh Edward! You frightened me! You should never sneak up on a person like that.” She chided teasingly.

“I’ll remember that. Have you figured out the elusive note that has been evading you?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not.” My mother sighed. Then she looked at me with that twinkle in her eyes.

“Edward. Would you play for me?”

I looked at my mother and gave a dramatic sigh. She had always been gifted at playing the piano but she seemed to get the absurd idea that I was more gifted.

“If you insist Mother. What would you like to hear?” She had that twinkle in her eye still and said

“Oh, surprise me my dear.”

I smiled that idiotic grin and then tried to make it go away. My mother laughed. "You have the most beautiful smile Edward."

I began to play for her and the notes just seemed to flow together.

Playing the piano had always brought me that sense of perfect serenity and peace. I played for a good ten minutes before Mother stopped me.

“Oh Edward. That was so beautiful, like a lullaby. When you meet someone and you marry her you must play for her.” Mother said. I laughed.

“Mother what makes you think I will meet someone?” I asked teasingly.

“Edward you are a wonderful young man who has a wonderful soul and I know that the girl who completes you is out there somewhere. You must play her lullaby for her too.” Mother said.

“Her lullaby?” I questioned. When had I written a lullaby?

“Yes Edward. The song you played for me will be her lullaby.” She said in matter-of-fact tone.

Then she smiled and said “Keep playing my dear. I always love to hear you play.”

“Well I did have a wonderful teacher.” I stated. It was true. My mother taught me everything I knew.

Mother laughed and said “I must agree with you there.”

The memory ended and I looked at Bella.

“Is everything okay? Edward you kind of spaced out.” She looked concerned and I smiled to ease her worry.

“I’m fine Bella. I just had a memory come back to me that’s all.”

She smiled and said “You’ll have to tell me as soon as we leave.”

I smiled and we hadn’t notice that our tour guide had run off without us till she came back in the room.

“Are you two coming? Carlisle and Esme are back.”

She grinned at us and led us into the living room. As we walked in I began to tune into their thoughts. Alice was singing a Duran Duran song and I quickly tuned her out. Why does she keep blocking her thoughts?

None of the thoughts seemed to be threatening but I still kept Bella as far away from Jasper as possible. They might be willing to risk lives but I most certainly was not.

The blonde male whom I assumed the be Carlisle stepped forward.

“Hello Edward, Bella. I’m Carlisle. And this is my family.” My assumption was right.

“This is my wife, Esme.” He gestured to the petite brunette. She reminded me of my own mother. And she had that motherly aura about her.

“Hello. It’s so nice to have you in our home.” As she said this Esme came forward and shook our hands. “Edward is such a handsome young man and Bella is such a pretty young woman. I wonder if she is his mate?”

If I was human my face would’ve been red. I couldn’t claim Bella as my own. I couldn’t steal her away from the human world. But I wanted to, how I desperately wanted to.

“Please Bella, Edward have a seat. We must talk.” Carlisle said. Bella and I sat down on the love seat across from Esme and Carlisle.

“You’ve already met my children Alice and Jasper. My other children are Rosalie and Emmett.” Children? I just assumed they were apart of his coven, followers. But children? I just nodded my head.

“Edward.” I looked at Carlisle shock written on my face.

“Yes Alice has already informed of your gift which I must say is quite astounding. But that’s not the point. You’re eyes are a golden burgundy color. Do you hunt animals and humans?”

I ever so slightly nodded my head so Bella wouldn’t notice. I doubt she would’ve anyways. Alice was playing a round of one sided twenty questions with her.

“I assume it’s because it makes it slightly easier to be around Bella? Once again I nodded my head.

“I must ask that you refrain from hunting in this immediate area.” I nodded my head.

I didn’t hunt in this area, but I felt no need to tell him this. The good people in Forks were just that, good people. Albeit gossip hounds, but good people nonetheless.

“Have you ever thought of abstaining from human blood altogether?” I nodded my head. I had and I had tried but the burn was too unbearable...

“I know that in the beginning the burn is almost unbearable but I believe Edward that you could do it. I can see it in your eyes. The torture and pain. You don’t want to take human lives no matter how evil they really are.”

I couldn't stop. These 'people' must be brought to justice, right? I couldn't stop. . .could I? My mind began running around in answerless circles. Is there a way out?

"Edward, think of Bella."

I don't know. . .do I? Murderer. That's what I was. I was no better than the 'humans' I fed from.

The man was driving me mad. I didn’t want to look at this part of myself. I wanted to forget that I was a monster. I wanted to forget it all but I couldn’t.

Every time I looked in Bella’s eyes the demon would remind just how soulless and damned I really was.

“We’re leaving Bella.” I said abruptly. I couldn’t take this anymore.

“Edward what’s wrong?” I just grabbed her hand and practically dragged her back to the truck.

I helped her in the passenger side and I got in on the drivers side. I started the truck and just drove. But I knew no matter how far a I drove I could never escape the monster.

I could never escape myself.