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Your Guardian Angel

AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.


6. Chapter 6

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“Edward please talk to me. I can’t stand seeing you like this. Please tell what’s wrong.”

I looked at Bella and she had tears in her eyes. I turned down a dirt road and I stopped the truck on the side of the road and cut the engine. How dare that he make me question who I am. I looked out the window and I didn’t think I could look my Bella in the eyes.

“Edward.” I ignored her. I couldn’t look her in the eyes, I was a monster. I didn’t want to see myself for what I truly am when I looked into her eyes.

“Edward! Dammit look at me!” Bella yelled.

I looked at her shocked. She had never spoken to me like that, ever.

“Edward please tell what the hell is going on? You may be able to read minds but I can’t!” Bella said. She looked angry but as I looked deeper in her eyes I could see pain, but more importantly I could see love. At least I hoped it was love.

“Bella would you come with me?” I asked.

“I’ll go wherever you want me to Edward.” She sighed.

I got and walked at inhuman pace to the passenger side. I opened the door for and asked her

“Do you trust me Isabella?”

She turned to the side so that she facing me and stared deep into my soulless eyes and I’d never felt more vulnerable than in that moment. Her eyes seemed to stir so many feelings in me that I long thought had disappeared.

“Edward I trust you.” Bella said simply.

I took her hand and said “You’re not opposed to a piggy back ride are you?” I asked shyly.

She looked at me and smiled gently.

“No Edward.”

She climbed on my back and I took off into the forest. It was still early. I knew there was no reason to rush but I just wanted to talk to Bella.

Just Bella and I, to have a conversation that doesn’t involve me protecting her or a coven of vampires. As I reached the woods where we first met I slowed down. I helped Bella down and she looked me in the eye, her eyes shining with pain.

“Edward please tell me what is bothering you.”

I looked at her and moved towards her and sat down she followed suit.

“Bella.” I started. I didn’t know how to ask her this.

“Edward just tell me already. You can tell me anything.”

I looked at her and found the courage to say what was bothering me. She never judged me, she just accepted me for what I was. She never questioned my motives she trusted me completely. I would never understand how or why she could.

Humans are supposed to instinctively shy away from us but Bella just seemed to be more drawn to me with each passing moment.

After this she would still want me? Would she still. . .love me?

“How can you stand to be around me? I am a monster. I have no soul, I kill people! I can barely be around you without having the urge to take your life! How? Why?”

I asked, towards the end of my question I began to sound hysterical but I didn’t care. I had to know.

I looked at Bella and I had never seen her more furious and hurt.

“Edward Anthony Masen, how dare you question my feelings for you!” She half yelled.

“I don’t stand being around you! I love being around you. I don’t think you’re a monster I know you are a wonderful person who has a wonderful soul. And I know you would never hurt me! Edward, I love you, but sometimes you can be so, so , so...stupid!” She practically screamed.

I’d heard what she had said but the only thing that registered was “I love you.”