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Your Guardian Angel

AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.


7. Chapter 7

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I stared at her in complete awe. This earth angel loved Dante’s demon. At that moment, I knew I never had a choice. I would be her servant, her slave, until she ordered me away.

If God ever listened to me I prayed and begged to him that she would never want to leave me.

I felt immensely guilty after that prayer but I didn’t care. I already thought of her as my mate. I wanted her to be mine. I could only hope that her love ran as deep as mine.

“You love me?” I asked.

Her beautiful brown eyes grew wide and she opened her mouth and then closed it. I could feel that foolish grin threatening to come alive as I stared at her.

“Yes Edward.” She whispered.

I looked in her eyes and for the first time I saw fear. I couldn’t understand it. Why would she feel fear? She had nothing to fear from me.

“Isabella, why are you frightened?”

She took a deep breath and looked at me with that same fear in her eyes

“Edward, look at you. You’re perfect.”

Perfect? Perfect at what? Being a predator. That’s something I would like to be perfect at. I thought facetiously.

“Isabella. I am far from perfect. The only reason I came to be this way was because I was bitten. You were born perfect.” She looked at me in disbelief.

“You never see yourself clearly.” I said.

“Well neither do you.” She stated.

“Isabella how can you love me? I don’t understand this.”

And I didn’t she had her choice of many suitors, none were worthy, but of all the people waiting for affection and attention and she bestows it upon me. It made no sense.

“Edward, you always say I don’t see myself clearly. Well neither do you. You see me for who I am. You accept me for who I am. And I hope that you love me for me.”

So that was the fear in her eyes. Rejection. I was incredulous at that thought. I could never reject her.

“I love you Isabella. You’re the only one I want to be with. You’re my soulmate. The only one who could ever make me feel complete.”

I had to tell her the truth. I had to tell her what she meant to me. She was my everything. The only one who made this existence bearable. She was my light in the eternal darkness.

I took a step toward her. I knew I would never hurt her . . . intentionally. I had to try.

She walked toward me and I took her hands in mine. She was so delicate and wonderful. And she was mine. Perhaps God didn’t forsake me completely. He sent me my perfect, beautiful, charming Isabella.

She looked at me through her long dark lashes and her eyes looked straight through my imaginary soul. I didn’t need a soul. She was my soul. I pulled her closer and gently took her porcelain face in her hands.

“Please stay very still.” I whispered.

I pulled her face closer to mine and I could smell her blood and it called to me but I pushed the blood-crazed demon away.

I gently pressed my arctic lips to her wonderfully warm lips. It was the most unbelievable moment of my life. I couldn’t believe that this archangel, this goddess was kissing me. I was so completely lost in her presence. I gently pulled away.

And she traced my face with her wonderfully warm fingers and she ran her fingers through me hair. She was so beautiful.

“I should get back.” She said quietly.

“I know.” I said but neither one of us made any notion to move.

She sighed and took my hand. “Edward.”

I smiled and said “I’ll take you back.” I was irrevocably in love with her.