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Your Guardian Angel

AU: I vowed from that day forward that I would be Isabella’s shelter from the storm and that I would protect her." Edward becomes Bella's guardian angel.


8. Chapter 8

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As I ran toward Port Angeles I began to let my inner demon take control of my senses. The demon began to take control chastising me for not taking Bella’s blood when I had the chance. I ended that commentary as quickly as it began.

However I felt something take some control, something I thought I had lost with my humanity. My conscience.

Judge not lest ye also be judged.

I shoved all these swirling thoughts in my head aside and concentrated on the task at hand. I listened for these “humans” thoughts.

I had been stalking these men for quite some time and though it had been awhile since they had raped and murdered a poor innocent girl, I still couldn’t just let them walk away.

I knew they were planning to murder again it was only a matter of time. And as it so happened now, this night, was that time.

I was standing by the dock when I heard the first disgusting thought. “She looks fine tonight. I can’t to have a little fun with her.” I listened for the other thoughts.

“ All I have to wait for is for that guy beside her to walk away and the party begins.” I wanted to see who their intended victim was. I got my wish.

It was Renee. This was Bella's only family left.

God help me. I prayed for Phil to stay beside her as long as possible while I raced to her. My prayer fell on deaf ears. Phil had left her and went back to his vehicle. Damn it! I had to get to her before it was too late.

As I rounded the corner I smelt their scent. I stopped mid run in some back alley and there stood none other than Alice Cullen.

“Edward, don’t worry. I knew what was going to happen and Carlisle and I came here to stop you. Emmett is making sure Renee gets safely to her car.” Alice thought to me.

Why must they interfere on everything? I didn’t need them to stop me. I was a big boy who had been making decisions for myself long before they had decided to enter mine and Bella’s life.

“Why are you here?” I snarled.

This Alice was starting to infuriate me. Who was she to stop me from hunting these humans?

“Edward, I must ask that you keep a civil tone when speaking to my children.”

Carlisle. He walked up behind Alice and stepped protectively in front of her. Of course he would be involved in this scheme. I was past furious, I was at murderously angry.

“We came here Edward to stop you from killing these humans, as evil as they may be. You are not to decide who lives and who dies.” Carlisle said sternly.

I didn’t care, if God wasn’t going to serve justice then I surely would.

“Why are you interfering in my life. I don’t need you.” I snarled again.

They could take their civil tones and go straight to hell.

“Edward, there is a better way to live. You deserve to have a free conscience.” Carlisle thought to me. I was getting more and more angry by the second.

First they interfere on my hunt and now they are telling me how I should live.

“Edward, we will make sure those humans get what they deserve, this I promise you. But you don’t need to kill them. You don’t need to have a guilty conscience just for them. You deserve to be able to hold Bella in your arms without wanting to take her life." Alice thought to me.

I decided to end our little chat right then and there.

“Do what you must to get them off the streets, but let me give you a warning and pass it along to the rest of your coven." I had to pause to reign in my anger. I was very close to killing them right here.

"Interfere in my life or Bella’s life again and rest assured I will kill you without a second thought. I don’t need you playing the angel on my right shoulder.” I said in a flat, icy tone that I barely recognized as my own voice.

I didn’t want them in my life.

If I was being honest with myself I didn’t want them to judge for what I have done.

Alice looked shocked and angered by my statement and just as she was walking away she threw me a look of pity and caring.

I was starting to get infuriated again. I didn’t need their pity. Carlisle gave me a small sad smile and thought to me

“Edward, I cannot promise you we won’t interfere. I think of you already as my prodigal son. So let me give you my warning. I will be there to stop you every time.”

I began to run after he thought that to me. Who were they to stop me? Why? Why couldn’t they just let me live in peace? I didn't get far before I saw a memory Carlisle had thrown at me.

"Please, find my Edward." The woman pleaded. She had these big green eyes, that had long ago lost their sparkle. . .their life. She looked pale and wispy.

She had once been beautiful but that beauty had been savagely taken by the influenza.

"I'll do what I can." I idly promised.

"No, you have to find him. Before it's too late." She grabbed my arm with her last reserve of strength. Her eyes pierced right through my heart. She knew, she knew that I wasn't human.

"I'll do what I can, I promise." I said with earnest.

"Thank you, Carlisle." And with that she closed her eyes and slept.

My mother. She looked so fragile in her last hours. I sank to my knees and held my head in my hands. I had never felt more weak. She would never want me to kill, no matter how deserving.

I pulled myself together before I went to Bella's house. I needed to hunt.

As I arrived at Bella's my heart began to feel lighter and more at peace. Only Bella could do that for me.