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When Edward decides to bring Bella to meet the family, two people fail to show up. What exactly was going on with Rosalie? And what was Emmett doing up there with her? A Oneshot Cullen Challenge submission


1. Upstairs

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"Edward’s bringing his friend around."

I shrug and turn from Alice. She stares at me through the mirror.

"Aren’t you excited?"

"Why should I be? I’ve seen the girl before."

Alice says nothing.

But what should I care about? Bella’s not my problem. I don’t even like her.

"Well, seeing as how you’re not coming down, is there any reason why not?"

"I don’t feel like it. I’ll see her in school anyway."

"This is important to Edward."

"Yes. Edward, not me."

I continue to brush my hair. I do look like an angel, don’t I?

"Rosalie. Please! Come down!"

"Why don’t you go bother Jasper? I’m sure he can tolerate you more than I can."

Alice glares at me.

Oh, I’m so scared! What will she do? Throw out my brushes? Oh please don’t do that Alice! I don’t know where I’d ever be able to buy more hair products.

"Fine Rosalie."

Alice leaves my room and closes the door. I walk to the window. I see Edward coming up to the front door, Bella by his side.

What makes her so special? I don’t understand. What is the big deal? She’s a human. She’s not even all that pretty. Is she even smart?

She smells delicious. I love her Rosalie. It’s deeper than just her physical appearance. And she is very interesting. This is something that you might understand. Or perhaps not.

Yeah, it’s deeper than her skin. Her blood.

What do you know Rosalie? Come down here. Maybe you’ll like her.

Edward, you can’t go seeping into people’s thoughts. And I do know love. I love Emmett.

Well then, I don’t understand the hostility. Rosalie, would you like to join us?

"No," I reply with a childish whine.

I haven’t thrown a tantrum for long time. But while I’m at it, why not go all the way?

I move from the window and head to my closet.

"I’m sure I have . . . There it is!"

I grab a long brown wig from a box. I had no idea I hadn’t gotten rid of those costumes.

I fix my wig in front of the mirror.

"I’m Bella. My daddy is the chief of police. I hate Forks. I have no friends. I’m so ugly! But everyone thinks I’m pretty!"

I look nothing like Bella, but I’m quite sure the whiny voce cuts close enough.

She does not sound like that!

Edward’s irritated voice resounds in my head.

Oh don’t worry Edward. I’ve got one for you too.

"But Edward loves me! He thinks I smell great! He wants to spend forever with me!"

I laugh at the comment, its irony.

Bella, little do you know if he has his way with you, forever with him is what will happen.

My way with her? What is wrong with you Rosalie?! You just wait—

"What are you doing?"

A voice from the door breaks my conversation with Edward, who should be paying more attention to those who are downstairs, rather than us up here.

Emmett stands at my door, with a look of confusion overwhelming his face.

"Wait one second."

I rush to the closet and pull the short brown haired wig and a sweater vest. I take a sweatshirt, which most likely belongs to Emmett. I would never wear a sweatshirt. Except that one time in the eighties, but that time is gone.

"Here, put this on."

Emmett takes the costume unsurely.

"Put it on Emmett!"

He glares at me and puts on the vest.

"I’ll fix it."

"I can do it myself Rosalie."

Emmett snatches the wig back out of my hands. He walks to the mirror.

"Am . . . Am I supposed to be . . . "

"Edward! He is the only who loves me!"

Emmett turns around and frowns. He takes the wig off.

"I’m not doing this Rosalie. I look like an idiot."

"No, you don’t. You look like . . . Well, you’re supposed to look like Edward. And I’m Bella Swan."

"So you didn’t go downstairs so you could mock her?"

"I am showing self restraint by staying up here," I say sharply. I stare intensely at my reflection.

"Maybe I should go."

Emmett has an uneasy look as he backs away from me.

"Put the wig on Emmett. Please? It will be fun. I mean it. Emmett, please."

My eyes are watery with tears; I should go to Broadway.

Emmett looks at me and sighs. Reluctantly, he takes the wig and joins me. I smile.

Rosalie Hale always has her way. Especially with Emmett.


"Let us go, my love, Bella! I will take you to forever!"

"Really Edward? Really? Are you sure? I’m not worthy!"

"No, I’m not worthy!"

"No, I’m not worthy!"

"No, I’m not worthy!"

"But you promised! Wah!!! Just take me back to Phoenix where I can forget about you!"

"But I’d never forget you Bella! Never ever ever in the eternity of my life!"

"Oh Edward! I didn’t mean it! I love you! I want to spend forever with you!"

"I love you too, Bella!"

"Kiss me!"


"No Emmett! Edward can’t kiss Bella. She’s human. Then he’ll go crazy. I mean he brags about the smell of her blood every five minutes."

"Oh. Okay. I mean, no Bella, I can’t!"

"But why not?"

"I don’t want you to be a vampire!"

"But then we can be together forever Edward! Forever! Make me a vampire! I don’t want to be a human!"

Stupid girl. She should enjoy being human. Emmett clears his throat, mulling something over in his mind.

"What is it Emmett?"

"Rosalie . . . are you jealous of Bella?"

My eyes snap to Emmett’s.

"No. Why would I be? Who told you that?"

Edward. It must have been him.

"No one. Just asking. I mean you can’t just dislike her. You need a reason."

"I just don’t. And if that doesn’t count, then I suppose it’s that she’s disrupted our life."

"But Edward is happy."

"That’s nice. But maybe he should have picked another time to be happy. Or at least not while we’re all around. I don’t exactly enjoy the sight of his constant fawning over Bella. And her drooling look isn’t exactly captivating either."

"They aren’t like that. Not exactly anyway. You know what I think Rose?"

A smile crawls on Emmet’s lovely face.


"You’re jealous."

"No, I am not!"

"Okay. Whatever you say."

"You don’t believe me Edward? But I thought!"

"Of course I believe Bella, my sweet love!"

"Then make me a vampire! Make me one right now!"

"What about everyone else?"

"I don’t care about them! I only care about us. Don’t you?"

A knock on the door disrupts us. Jasper opens the door. His face twists in slight disgust and awe.

"Well, we’re heading out now . . . If I’m not disrupting anything."

Emmett quickly takes off the wig and pushes me off him. I give him dirty looks from the floor.

"You’re not. And Jasper, if you mention this to anyone, I’ll break your face in. Got it?"

Jasper grins.

"Of course Emmett. Edward. Whichever you like better."

Emmett frowns and throws the wig at Jasper, who closes the door right on time.

Emmett glares at me.

"You owe me Rosalie."

"You didn’t have to say yes Edward. I mean Emmett."

Emmett shakes his head and gets up.

"Not a word to anyone."

"Not a word."

I grin as Emmett steps out my room.

I stare at my reflection. Perfection incarnate.

Maybe I am just a little bit jealous. If Bella wanted to switch with me, I would take her mortality, even if just for one day.

To feel my heart beating once more; its sounds lull me to sleep. To sleep, to taste, to feel. To enjoy the sun on my skin as it once held me.

Bella Swan, you are a lucky ingrate. And I can’t stand you for it.