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New Beginnings

Elsie von Mueller is a talanted young at heart witch who moves to Forks. She eventually meets the Cullens and has some fun times with them and some sad. here are some tid bits of the first chapter but you have to read to get the rest. The one thing I really hated being trapped in a 19 year olds body was that I had to constantly be enrolled in high school or college. In my previous lives I was a musicians muse, a lover of a very important man, a scholar, a musician myself and many more.

here is a link to see what type of car she has its an Audi TT roadster http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view?back=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3Daudi%2520tt%26fr2%3Dtab-web%26fr%3Dyfp-t-501&w=420&h=221&imgurl=www.motorpasion.com%2Fimages%2FAudi_TT_Schubert-1.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorpasion.com%2Farchivos%2F2006%2F11%2F29-audi-tt-extranamente-preparad.php&size=25.9kB&name=Audi_TT_Schubert-1.jpg&p=audi%20tt&type=JPG&oid=5eb52825ba41cb0c&no=2&sigr=12g9arbh7&sigi=11hprilth&sigb=12q87h58g&tt=376897

1. Chapter 1

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The one thing I really hated being trapped in a 19 year olds body was that I had to constantly be enrolled in high school or college. I mean don’t get me wrong I could miss the entire academic school year and still pass all my classes which I liked that idea of skipping but it was a free education and I could not pass that up.

I had an abundance of time for me to play and study with so I attended college when not posing as high school student. I have so far 3 majors and was going for my fourth when we had to pack up and leave once again and move to yet another small city.

I liked my old little town, it was peaceful and no one suspected a thing until some of the townsfolk started get ideas and theories about my mother and I. So here we are again moving into yet another house, this one I actually took a liking to, and I was enrolled at Forks High School.

The entire town of Forks looked nothing more than a few family owned shops and maybe a stop light or two. I just hope my wardrobe won’t make me stick out like a sore thumb. I mean after living in the fashion capital of the world and then some you acquire a certain taste for high end clothing and the shoes, aw the shoes.

So here I was heading to my new school for like the hundredth time dressed to the hill, which I didn’t care about. I was more worried about my car sticking out, my car was one thing I would never give up it was my baby and it went with me where ever I went.


When I arrived to the parking lot of the high school I drove around to find the office to get my schedule and new set of classes yet again. After finding a promising building I parked in one of the available spots and went in to the small building. There was a nice looking lady sitting at the front desk.

“May I help you sweetie?” the lady asked getting up from her chair.

“You may actually I registered last week for classes. I’m Elsie von Mueller.” I told the lady taking off my sunglasses.

“Wow” she said softly to herself, “Let me get your papers.”

I felt like I looked like any average person, however everyone else told me I should model or do something because I was striking to them. Again I felt average except for a very special talent or two that I kept to my self. I had long straight black hair and deep blue eyes, covered with eyelashes that fanned out.

In my previous lives I was a musicians muse, a lover of a very important man, a scholar, a musician myself and many more.

“Here you go sweetie,” the lady handed me a stack of paper and I gladly accepted them with a small smile.

“Thank you” I gathered the papers and left the office and headed back to my car.

I was happy that I parked so close it was cold up here, I liked living in the south it was a easier climate to work with, because it always felt like summer even on the coldest days. I drove to where all the other cars were and parked. I gathered my purse, class schedule and one last breath before hitting the tiger pit.


As I entered my first class one of the day I decided to take a seat in the back hoping not to draw too much attention to myself. However just about everyone looked at me when the entered the room. I could not tell if it was because of my clothing or looks. I felt I was dressed okay for a student. I wore nothing revealing just a cream sweater, a pair of ultra skinny dark jeans that were tucked in a pair of camel colored knee high boots.

The teacher walked in and started drawing attention to the class, “Guten Morgen klasse” (good morning class).

She walked over to her desk and played with some papers then looked up and spotted me dead center, “Tun Sie wir haben einen neuen studenten?” (do we have a new student?)

She grabbed a book off her desk and walked right up to me, “Mein Name ist Frau Stoeller” (my name is Mrs. Stoeller)

She handed me the book which I was just going to throw in the trunk of the car, “Tun Sie Sei sprechen Deutsch?” (Do you speak German?)

I accepted the book and placed it on my desk, “Ja, sehr gut.” (Yes, very well)

“Mein Name ist Elsie von Mueller, ich wushs in Deutschland auf” I told her, hoping not to come off like a smart ass but it was true. (My name is Elsie von Mueller, I grew up in Germany)

After we exchanged hellos and a bit more information about me and my family she decided to get back to her lesson. We were learning places in Germany and a bit of its history when the door opened. There was a cold gust of air that flooded in and the girls in the first row cried when the chilly air hit them.

At first I just saw a shadow appear in the door way then there was this scent. It was almost too hard to describe all I could come up with was it was just sickening sweet. Then the boy walked into the room and took off his jacket and put it on the peg.

“Gut hello Edward so nett konnten sie heut kommen,” Frau Stoeller said stopping her lecture. (Well hello Edward, so nice you could come today.)

He walked back to his seat, which was close to mine and sat down, “Warum ich das sehen von Ihnen Frau Stoeller, nicht verspaeeen konnte.” (Why I could not miss seeing you Mrs. Stoeller.

When he sat down he looked back at me like I called his name, then I started hearing his thoughts.

Great a new one again, I wonder how long it is before she gets a theory about my family and leaves.

I was a little mad at his comment and almost stuck out my tongue like a 5 year old but I didn’t want to drop my cover and leave already.

You are not the only one here that can read thoughts; I just thought you might want to know that. I thought as I looked right at him and gave a smirk, and then I went back to listening to Frau Stoeller.

Wait what? How can you read my mind? Edward thought back.

Well I just can and I can tell you after class if you must know right now, I want to pay attention to class or at least look like it. I thought back.

This should be good. I thought to myself. The great thing about being me I can listen to people when ever I wanted to and I could let others read my mind when ever I wanted to.