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Emmett and the Bears

Emmett has some fun with bears! My first story!!!! -Star P.S. The fantabulous Alice mad the banner your eyes are now looking upon!

I Do Not own twilight. Obviousally(Spell Check!), I don't because if I did, I wouldn't be writing FANfiction now, would I? Lol! Ya know, just to put that out there. It really is FANfiction. If I owned Twilight then I would be writing Midnight Sun right now, not a FANfiction story.....duh. About that banner, I did not make the banner. Alice did. She told me it had gummi bears on it. I can't see the picture, because my mom put a block on my compuer, Brad, that lets me see less than .00003% of the pictures. I saw it when I was over at Alice's house, and yeah, I don't see the gummi bears either. I still love the banner and wouldn't take it down unless I was being offered large sums of money, Edward Cullen, the rights to Twilight(I would Kill Jacob), or the world. Or maybe a 20 pound bag of gummi bears......

1. Fun with gummi bears

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I pounced on the mountain lion. I breathed in its scent. I sunk my teeth into it and felt the warm blood flow into mouth, down my throat. The monster in calmed down. It cried in a half-triumph. It knew there were better things to satisfy the thirst. It knew there was blood out there….No! I could not even think about hunting humans. Not again. I went home after burying the mountain lion. I had to hurry. Emmett was supposed to return soon. We weren’t supposed to let very far on his own, with him being only two years old, his resistance wasn’t very strong. I was sitting on the couch when he came inside, arms filled with paper bags.

“What’s in the bags?” I asked him curiously.

“Nothin’ importin’.” He said. “Hey, where is Rose?” he suddenly asked.

“She went hunting for part of the weekend. Then she’s going shopping.” I said, confused. Shouldn’t he know where his wife was? They just got married last year. Rosalie made sure it was a huge event. I think she liked the attention a little too much. She made sure the entire town had been invited and poor Emmett had hardly breathed during the whole ceremony. That wouldn’t have given away our secret at all. No, an entire town dying from a monster that drained them of their blood? That didn’t seem suspicious. Not at all. But he only did it because he loved her more than anything on this planet. I could read it in his mind how much he loved her.

“Oh. Okay, thanks!” He sounded a little…relieved. He ran upstairs into the room he shared with Rosalie. I heard him start to rummage through the bags he had brought home. I picked up my book, Wuthering Heights, and continued to read. I was required to read it for school, and because I’ve never read it before, I had to read it now. I was reading the book slowly; it was a pretty annoying book. I just could not comprehend how Cathy and Heathcliff were ranked with couples like Romeo and Juliet, or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Those were love stories. WutheringHeights was most definitely a hate story. Cathy and Heathcliff were horrible people and had no redeeming qualities. When I pointed this out to Esme, she told me that their love was their redeeming quality.

I started to let my mind wander off to things that entertained me much more than this boring book that now rested on the side table. All of a sudden, Emmett’s thoughts, which he had been blocking, flooded into my mind.

Die, die, die! Die, die, die! Die, die, die!” Thinking the worst, I scrambled up the stairs and burst into Emmett’s room. When I entered, I saw at least ten teddy bears with needles in their sides and eyes. They had their necks half way torn off. They were missing limbs. Emmett was in the center if the room, surrounded by white stuffing, needles, and gummi bears. All of the gummi bears, which was at least 8,000, had their heads bitten off. Some of them looked like Emmett had chewed them up and spit them on the floor. Emmett currently had a pile of gummi bears and a pile of needles and was sticking the needle into the gummi bear, right where the heart would be, and throwing the gummi bear on the floor.

“Emmett, what’s with the…morbidity?”

“I have a score to settle with bears.”