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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

1. Bloodbath

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“Hey,” I sang, as I danced across the room headed for Edward’s sprawled form on my bed. I managed to catch my toe between my night stand and stumbled into his waiting out-stretched arms. He chuckled as he smoothed my hair.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Kiss me,” I challenged. He laughed and pulled me up so he could reach my lips. I barely had a chance to close my eyes before he pulled away. I glared at him my lips puckered indignantly.

He chuckled as he possessively pulled me closer. I laughed and nuzzled his cold neck, tracing my tongue along his earlobe. He stiffened and pulled back, his eyes were smoldering and his lips were set in a hard frustrated line. I looked down shamefaced, as heat flooded my cheeks.

He sighed; I looked up catching the hint of a smirk playing around his lips. I realized I was forgiven and quickly took advantage of the situation by nibbling on his vulnerable ear. I lopped off his lap and ran to retrieve my bag of toiletries from off my desk.

He growled as he playfully snatched my waist and tried to unsuccessfully pull me back to the bed. I laughed but intently pried off his hands that ensnared my waist, “I’ll be back before you have a chance to miss me,” I whispered close to his ear.

He rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to object. I quickly smothered his reply with a short peck and skipped from the room to steal my human minute.

I glanced in the mirror, my eyes were bright and my hair knotted, my cheeks held splotches of red. I groaned as I ran the water. I wanted to be quick, but I realized that I needed the relaxation of a bath. I knew Edward wouldn’t be mad if I took an extra ten minutes.

I leisurely lighted some tea lights and placed them around the room. I turned off the light and was granted with a light gloom that made the small space glow with peacefulness. I carelessly took off my clothes and left them squished and forgotten on the floor.

Slowly I crawled into the steamy water and let out a long sigh as my skin adjusted to the heat and began to relax under the pull of the liquid.

I lightly dragged the tips of my fingers across the glassy surface, creating ripples that disturbed and waved the smooth water. I gradually shampooed and allowed the conditioner I applied to linger in my hair. I bent my head back and slowly shut my eyelids allowing the fragrance of my strawberry scented condition penetrate the air. I vaguely realized that the water had turned slightly cold. I tried to count the minutes in my head but realized I was way longer then ten extra minutes. I smiled; Edward probably thought I was punishing him.

I wrinkled my nose and ran my hands up my legs, horrified I felt the slight prickle of ingrown hair. I quickly fumbled for my shaving cream, I lifted my leg daintily in the air and began the drawn out process of shaving. I felt a little self-conscious at the thought of Edward silently waiting for me, but I pushed him out of my mind not wanting to associate him with the task at hand.

After the first I continued with the second. Slathering my right leg in a foamy blue gel, sending a fruity fragrance in the air. My mind wandered idly to the beautiful vampire awaiting my return. A blush creeped up my cheeks as inappropriate thoughts dosed my head and I sighed in relief, glad that I was the only exception to Edwards’s gift, knowing that he’d even blush at the fantasy tugging at my mind.

I gasped, my head dosed in sick coppery rust as a long stream of blood ran down my leg and filled the tub in a diluted red liquid.

“Bella?” Edward said, his voice was so clear that I knew he was standing just outside the door. He definitely could smell the blood. “Bella?!” Edward repeated panic closing in on his voice when I didn’t answer the first time.

I tried to answer but the room was spinning as my blood flowed relentlessly, dosing the tub in a richer red.

Edward didn’t waste anytime. I was barely able to register the doorknob turning, until Edward spoke again, his voice loud with dread. “Bella, I’m coming in.”

My reflex’s picked up as I scrabbled out of the tub, knocking over shampoo and body-wash that clattered loudly to the ground, and reached for the towel hanging on the wall.

Then simultaneously, I heard my boyfriend gasp as he saw me, wet and buck naked for the first time, in a puddle on the washroom floor. At the same time, before I could register Edward’s reaction. I heard my father (who has no idea that Edward is here) call from down the hallway asking if everything is all right.

Edward quickly turned and thumped his head on the door frame knocking the breath out of him. I heard Charlie’s step beat down the warn path to the bathroom and acting on pure survival instinct, I quickly ran to the door and shut and locked it. Consequently locking a very flustered Edward and a very embarrassed me inside.

My face turned a deep scarlet as I threw the towel around myself. I turned to Edward, he had swiftly gone to the farther side of the washroom, putting as much space between us as the little room allowed. His back faced me, and from the way he was holding his arms I knew he was covering his eyes.

“Bella,” Charlie said as he knocked on the door. “Is everything all right?”

“Yeah dad,” I squeaked as the mortification of the situation settled over me. “I just knocked over the shampoo,” I could barely get that out and I knew I sounded less then reassuring, but Charlie seemed to have gotten the message as he marched back to the safety of his room.

I quickly turned to the mirror my face was an entirely unnatural shade of red, and my heart was thumping erratically.

I quickly tightened the towel around me, testing the security. I heard Edward curse, low and velvet on the tips of his perfect lips. I watched as he quickly strode over to the tub and dove his long pale arm inside to release the drain. Once his arms resurfaced he tried his best to shake off the remaining water. I knew his control must be breaking and a naked bleeding girl that happened to have the most appealing blood to him was not good for his will-power. On top of that I left a pool of diluted blood sitting like pouperrie to dose the air in my enticing aroma. It was like I was serving myself to him on a silver platter. Was I suicidal?

He slowly turned to me, his brow knitted into concerned lines that caused his whole face to soften. He quickly treaded the two steps that separated us and engulfed me in a tight embrace.

Too soon he released me and gently picked me up, setting me on top of the washroom counter. I tightened my hold on the towel and squeezed my legs closed.

Edward gently lifted my right leg; it still streamed in a waterfall of running blood. I gasped, “Edward—”

“Shh,” he whispered cutting me off. He lifted his head locking my eyes with his. I realized he wanted to show me that he was fine and still in control. He smiled as my heart rate decreased, and turned back to my leg. My leg was smothered in gore and dripping all over the counter. Wordlessly he cleaned up the blood.

When my head started spinning from the putrid smell, he caught my chin with his hand his face inches from mine as he said, “Breathe in through your mouth and try not to concentrate on it, okay.” I nodded weakly.

Edward carefully applied a bandage over the cut, and lovingly bent to kiss it. My leg was now dry but tinted a slight pink, which meant that the smell lingered. I smiled as he turned his head up to mine and held my eyes with his. He gently laid his hands over mine. I realized that while my left hand was securing the towel to me, the other was still clutching my pink razor. Edward smoothly plucked the razor from my hand and examined it, running the tips of his long fingers over the sharp blades.

“Is this the culprit?” he asked.

I nodded, as another blush crawled up my neck. “It’s so sharp…” he mused barely coherently as he shook his head and glared at the tiny pink thing, seemingly innocent in his grasp. “What were you doing?” he asked, confusion underlining his tone.

“Shaving,” I squeaked, as fresh blood filled my cheeks.

Edward raised his eyebrows and the tiniest hint of a smile played around his lips. “Why?” he asked. Why isn’t he articulate tonight?

I rolled my eyes, “Because Edward in case you’ve forgotten…I am still a human, who have human traits…” my face flooded as another rush filled my cheeks.

Edward smiled and dropped his gaze. He quickly picked up a Kleenex and tried to wipe the red dye that stained his white fingertips.

“I’m so sorry Edward,” I whispered hanging my head. He cradled my cheek lifting my face to his eyes. His eyes smoldered in the dim candle light.

“For what Bella? Cutting your leg shaving?” I nodded shamefaced. He laughed as he gently pushed my wet hair back over my shoulder. “Bella, I’m the one that overreacted. I thought that maybe you slipped and fell. And when I smelt the blood I was convinced you cracked your head opened.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek, lingering near my mouth as he dared me to object.

I sighed and greeted his mouth, twisting my free hand up to secure him to my lips and pushing out my body to feel his form against me.

He laughed as he detangled himself from me. He did a 360 examining the room with his perfect sight before he turned back to me. The golden depths boiled with refrained passion. “Hmm,” he barely whispered as he caught my hand and placed a devious kiss in my palm. The room was so cramped and the small glow of the candles created a romantic ambience. My head filled with the scent of him.

I caught my breath as he trailed up my arm, peppering my skin in light gentle kisses, until he reached my neck and opened his lips to taste me. I clenched my hands around the towel to hold it closed, and tried to get my blurry eyes to clear and my beating heart to slow.

He chuckled as my heart skipped and pulled back; he swiftly scooped me up and placed me back on the security of the ground. As soon as he released me I slipped. The floor was pooled in a layer of water, what was he expecting?

I fell in his arms; the towel slipped the barest fraction of an inch exposing the pale skin of my chest. I quickly hiked it up and tried to will my blush to go away.

Edward’s eyes were bright as he gently planted my feet on the ground and lightly swooped to steal a kiss. “You are so beautiful,” he breathed, his lips moving across mine. My legs wobbled and he quickly ensnared my waist, causing my pathetically small towel to hike up, exposing the sensitive skin of my upper thigh. I blushed, again.

Edward’s eyes blazed as he bluntly looked me up and down. And a deviant smile passed his lips as he realized he had me in a very compromising situation.

His eyes trailed from my wet shoulders down to my calves then up again as if he’s never seen anything so fascinating. “Edward,” I whined self-consciously. “You’re making me blush.”

He laughed and kissed my neck, sending his hands on their own investigation. He trailed down my legs and caressed my curves through the towel; bringing them up to hug my hips as he secured his body against mine.

I swallowed hard, trying to control my ragged breathing. I still clutched helplessly at the towel around me. But my instinct to pull him closer and run my hands across his back and tangle in his hair, was practically overwhelming.

Then his smoldering eyes stole my gaze and he gently opened his mouth on mine, moving his lips with mine and molding them to each other. My entire form melted into him, my skin tingled as he deepened the kiss, my blood raced to my lips causing our clashed temperature to heighten. I thought he was going to pull away; instead he weaved his hands through my wet hair and secured me to him. His cold tongue ran over my lips, causing me to gasp and clutch at him, running my hands over his body to bring him closer. Inevitability the towel melted to the floor.

His cold hands ensnared my waist and ran up my bare back. I moaned into his mouth as his cold hands lingered over my waist. His fingers moved hesitantly climbing up my side. I willed him to keep going as I pressed myself closer to him, feeling every line of his perfection against me. Then his fingertips barely grazed my breast, my heart beat enthusiastically cheering him on, as my entire body responded to his touch.

His hands gently cupped me and I arched my back, my nipple tightened and ached with want. He slowly bent his head to my collarbone and began moving his lips to the edge of my breast; I grabbed his hair and pulled him down. His breath caught, as he tasted me. Opened his cold mouth and licked and sucked, savoring the flavor of me, causing my senses to shut down, as I melted into him.

He raised his head and caught my lips again. I pulled him closer, running my hands down to the top of his jeans and fumbling to pull his shirt up and over his head.

Before I realized what he was doing I felt the towel close and encage me as he gently wrapped me back up. The towel was drenched with excess water it soaked up from the wet ground. I pouted as I timidly tugged at his shirt.

He rested his forehead against mine and caught my hands which hung defeated still clenching his shirt. “Bella,” he pleaded his voice ragged with an undertone of desperation. “Please,” he silently begged.

His eyes were a deep onyx suppressed with passion. I gently released his shirt. And groaned my frustration. I slowly sauntered over to the door and unlocked it, holding it opened so he could escape.

He gently crossed the floor and stole another kiss, a chaste kissed, very controlled. I groaned again. He chucked against my parted lips, and lightly pushed my hair back over my ear. “Not until the wedding night, right?” he whispered as he absently tugged at the knot of the towel.

I tightened my hold securing the towel against me. I glared at him as he threw my own rules back in my face. I was the one who had to set the boundaries as Edward has shown his willingness ever since the day in the meadow. It was horrible! He practically threw himself at me, seducing me with his eyes, making me melt into him, losing all thought, and control as I allowed my instincts to take over. And then just before I fell over the edge of reason, he’d ask me if this was what I really wanted to do. He knew that if he gave me the choice that I would pull back and reset the boundaries. He always had a huge smug smile as he’d pull away and reigned in his passion. I realized it was pay-back for all those times I threw myself at him.

That same familiar smug smile pulled at his lips now as I silently nodded. I glared at him and pushed him from the washroom. I indignantly and childishly slammed the door in his face. And tried to remind myself, I want to wait, I want to wait. “I want to wait,” I whispered, trying to force the words in my head, thinking that if I kept on repeating them that my sub-conscious would actually heed them.

“No you don’t,” Edward whispered from the hall his voice enticing and full of humor.

“Oh, shut-up.” I said, causing his musical laughter to fill my ears.

I angrily blew my breath up my face blowing the hair that hung there. I want to wait, I repeated again. I acknowledge my diluted denial, but kept on repeating it, determined to wait for the wedding night.