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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

2. Impatience

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“Hey,” Bella giggled as she trounced recklessly across the floor. Just as she was about to reach me, she stumbled into her night stand. I laughed as I ensnared her waist and pulled her into my embrace. I smothered my smile, and gently cupped her cheek placing a finger under her chin to capture her eyes.

“What am I going to do with you?” I asked with fake exasperation.

“Kiss me,” she whispered coyly, a smile in her voice. I rolled my eyes and tried to get my lips to turn down. I leaned closer, gently kissing the pout in her lips before retreating. Her hands lay limp on my shoulders and her mouth turned down in annoyance, a slight pucker flaunted on her lips as she tried to glare at me.

I laughed trying to refrain my urge to kiss her again, instead pulling her closer. She giggled into my chest, causing her warm breath to dance teasingly through my shirt. Her hands playfully slid over my head to catch a handful of my hair in her feeble grasp. She twisted her head and lightly kissed my neck. I sucked in a breath as her hot mouth opened and her tongue began running a course from my jaw to the edge of my ear. I tightened my hold around her hips and pressed her closer; my nerves tingled with the feel of her parted lips on my cold skin. She teasingly played her tongue along my earlobe. My body began to respond, and I could feel myself begin to loose my carefully crafted composure as Bella’s tongue flicked over the opening of my ear. I stiffened and pulled back. My passion transferred through my eyes and I knew I wasn’t able to hold on much longer. I tried to put a good enough distance between us before I completely lost it. She smiled up at me, blood filled her face and her smile was hesitant.

I couldn’t help but smile at her sheepish expression. Her eyes sparkled mischievously as she gently leaned forward. Her hot breath brushed against my skin, she quickly took my ear between her teeth, causing my entire body to stiffen.

Before I could react and retaliate she bounced up, breaking through the circle of my limp arms easily. I blinked in shocked as a sudden wave of cold brushed over my skin where Bella had just vacated. I leapt from the cold bed catching Bella around her waist. She giggled and pulled at my hands to release her, I growled.

I bent my head to her neck brushing my lips over her skin, intending to prove retribution for her forbidden act which still tingled my ear.

I began tugging her back to the bed. She playfully complained, the sound was unsteady and her heart started to skip. I smiled against her neck and relentlessly guided her back. She attentively pried off my hands that still caged her waist. “I’ll be back before you have a chance to miss me,” she said unsteadily against my jaw, she pressed a kiss there before pulling back and stealing my gaze.

I rolled my eyes at her completely false observation and intended to tell her how wrong she was. Before my lips parted a fraction of an inch, she slipped her hands over my neck and smothered my objection with her mouth. She giggled as she fled from the room, pausing at the door to throw me a devious smile, passion burned in the dark depths of her eyes as she broke our gaze and skipped down the hall. My mouth went dry.

Does she know what she does to me? It’s probably the worst form of torture anyone could ever suffer.

The seconds flowed by in an indolent pace. I found myself pacing relentlessly back and forth, waiting for her to return.

I ground my teeth clenching my fists tight, I could hear the soft sounds of running water and rolled my eyes.

Was she trying to kill me?

I can’t believe she’s taking a bath…I’d have to wait twice as long.

I carefully sat on the bed clenching my fists tighter. The room felt much larger without Bella’s presence. I tried to distract myself and started to mindlessly count the particles that swirled in the air. I was nearing fifteen hundred when I found the tedious exercise to excruciating to endure.

I never felt so impatient, the human emotion swelled, causing me to fidget and shuffle. My eyes blurred as I glanced around the room, desperately looking for anything to distract me. I slid over to Bella’s pathetic excuse for a book shelf, running a finger along the spines, and rolling my eyes at the choices. I’ve already read them all more then once.

I glanced around the room, reassuring myself that I was alone. I concentrated as hard as I dared, immense guilt struck me as I heard Bella’s steady heartbeat flowing at a steady rhythm from where she bathed in the other room.

I cringed, cutting off my hearing instead focusing on the buzz of the T.V. emitting from downstairs.

I knew Bella wanted to be alone to relax and I shouldn’t intrude on her privacy.

I guilty walked back to the bed, clutching my head anxiously in my lap.

How long does it take? I thought angrily. She had been gone for one hour and thirteen minutes. I clenched my teeth. Was she trying to punish me? What did I do? I swear I’ll never understand women, and their need to teach us lessons…Or their need to take hour long baths.

My teeth ground together and I started to jiggle my leg in irritation.

One hour and fourteen minutes.

One hour and fifteen minutes.

One hour and sixteen minutes.

I clutched the bridge of my nose with the tips of my fingers urging myself not to crack and allow my impatience to prevail.

I needed a distraction.

A tiny sound erupted from across the hall.

The gentle slosh of water as Bella moved in the water. I tightened my lips together, and breathed in as deeply as I dared. The warm scent of her tainted the air, teasingly dancing across my nose. She smelt so much stronger when she was wet.

Don’t think about that! I revoked myself distractedly.

… Not only was she wet… but she was naked too. I swallowed hard.

My mind couldn’t help but wander and I involuntarily got up from my stiff position on the bed and dreamily crossed the room until I was hovering by the door.

Hmmm, I wonder what it is that’s taking her so long. I could picture her now. Strewn across the tub, her legs peaking out from the waters surface granting the smallest exposure of the underside of thigh. Her smooth skin slippery from the warm water.

I closed my eyes tight. Don’t think about it! I reminded myself as my imagination spun out of control.

Something changed. Emitting from the bathroom in a twist of cruel fate. Bella’s delicious smell heightened intolerably. I knew without a doubt that she was bleeding. The smell alone intoxicated all my senses, causing all my cells to tense up in agitated anticipation. The monster in me coming to life and urging my animal instincts to dominate my senses and take over.

But I barely thought about the monster that was now burning in my throat, causing venom to flow in my mouth.

Why in the hell is Bella bleeding? Did she slip? She probably cracked her skull open! My god I never realized how dangerous showers were! All that water and the clean slick surface of the tub, paired with Bella’s incredibly strong clumsiness, not to mention her extremely bad luck! How could I have ever allowed her to shower? It’s practically a death trap!

I flashed to the bathroom door my hand on the doorknob. I was just about to turn it when my thwarting fantasy flushed in my head, reminding me that Bella was in fact naked, just behind the flimsy barring of this thin door.

Just as a precaution I asked in a still clear voice. “Bella?” I was probably overreacting. She probably just cut her finger. She was so fragile; I wouldn’t be surprised if she just accidentally caught her pinkie on the closing of a lid. I waited for precisely ten seconds.


“Bella?!” The panic caught in my throat. The smell intensified and my head started to spin. There was far too much blood.

I tried to fight my instincts to burst through the flimsy wood of the door, reminding myself that there was a doorknob. I tightened my grip around the knob and promptly turned it. “Bella, I’m coming in.” I added as a precaution hoping that she was at least still conscious.

I rounded the corner that the door barred from me. The room was dim, tiny candles lighted the small space. The air hit me like a wrecking ball. Bella’s scent wafted at me, concentrated and flaunting in the swirling perfumed air.

I locked eyes on Bella. She was just scrambling out of the tub. Water clung to her, tainting her skin in a tint of pink as the water she just stepped out of was a dark red. Blood.

My breath whooshed out of me. She was staggeringly breathtaking. The burning in my throat ceased and a new more powerful feeling swelled within me. Starting in the pit of my stomach and clawing its way to every cell of my body. I felt my jaw drop as I took my fill of her. She was magnificent; her skin glistened, slippery from the water and dripping over her skin. Sliding and drenching down her curves. My fantasy didn’t do her justice and I was glad that I had a photographic memory and that I’d be able to revisit this scene when ever my heart desired.

My mouth went dry and I couldn’t control the gasp that escaped from my lungs. I never had seen anything so overwhelmingly beautiful.

Bella quickly fumbled for a towel and dutifully wrapped herself in its encaging confining, hiding her beauty and leaving me sullenly disappointed. I barely had a chance to take my fill of her. And I realized I needed a much longer time to drink the sight up, I needed time to discover and decipher her body. The memory of her was blurred and flawed, like a Monet. You could picture the painting but you had to see the original and experience the beauty in the moment. The real art could never be copied and perfected, even if you had prints and copies made, nothing compared to the original. But Bella was no Monet she was so indescribably beautiful, nothing compared to her. She was other-worldly, a goddess. I scowled, I felt like I was just denied a very sought after treat. (I just wanna remind you that I’m not a lesbian!-lol seriously!)

Bella’s bright chocolate eyes locked with mine. Her face was a very appetizing shade of red. Her usual dark perceptive eyes were different. Her eyes looked brighter and an undertone of green flashed in their depths. Her eyelashes clung to each other and the pink water still dripped down her face. My knees felt weak.

“Bella, is everything all right?” Charlie called concernedly from the other room. He had heard the clanging of the soap bottles fall and bang on the floor. His thoughts were in tandem with mine, immediately jumping to the conclusion that Bella probably slipped and cracked her head opened. I would’ve laughed if every bone in my body wasn’t completely dominated by the tingling sight of Bella and all her devastating perfection. I couldn’t seem to move.

Charlie became concerned when an immediate answer wasn’t thrown back at him. And he tactfully began to stroll towards the washroom.

My mind caught up with my body and I quickly turned, trying to escape the prison of the washroom before being encaged with the gorgeous creature across from me. I didn’t know if I’d be able to control myself if her towel were to slip. Like a Monet there was a strict “No touching” sign. I backed up and managed to bang my head on the protruding door frame. Charlie neared the bathroom and Bella quickly ran up to the door and slammed it close. Her towel slipped revealing a very exposing shot from where I looked down at her. I swallowed as she locked the door. The click felt very final and my head started to spin.

Bella adjusted the towel locking a knot in the front. I quickly crossed the room averting my eyes, hoping she hadn’t noticed my very ostentatious glance.

I fidgeted not knowing what to do. I faced the wall, but I still felt very intrusive. I quickly threw my hands over my eyes, trying to rein in my instincts that all screamed at me demanding that I take advantage of this very compromising situation. I felt like a naughty teenage boy allowing his persistent hormones to rule his life.

“Bella, is everything all right?” Charlie asked, knocking on the door.

“Yeah dad,” Bella barely whispered, her voice a high pitch squeak. “I just knocked over the shampoo,” I smothered my smile as I listened to Bella’s quickened heartbeat. Charlie reluctantly left and I felt my smile easily falter as the room began to spin from the intense fragrance that still thickened the air.

I turned; Bella was readjusting her less then secure towel. I allowed my eyes to roam over her and identified the source of the blood. Her leg was bleeding from a mildly clean cut just bellow the right of her knee.

“Fuck,” I whispered, too loudly. I hoped Bella hadn’t noticed my inappropriate break in temper.

The scent of her blood disturbed the back of my tongue, my vision blurred momentarily. I quickly crossed to the tub and retched my sleeve back to release the drain. I quickly tugged my arm back out of the tempting pool, and shook off the excess water that now clung to my skin. The red tinted my skin; my mouth swam with excess venom. I felt my control waver but I cut off my breathing feeling my control strengthen.

I faced Bella holding eye contact with her. I slowly took a breath making sure I was in complete control.

Bella’s eyes swam with concern, and her face held shame. I didn’t deserve her.

I quickly closed the space between us, tucking her head under my chin and kissing her hair.

I glanced down; the floor began to pool with a mixture of the bath water still running down Bella’s body and blood, from the slash in her leg.

I gently extracted myself from her and smoothly lifted her up to seat her on the counter. She gasped, “Edward—”

“Shh,” I whispered cutting off her objection. I didn’t want her to be scared, I was in complete control. I locked our eyes and smiled trying to convey that I was fine, her heart noticeably decelerated. I smiled reassuringly at her.

I turned to her leg examining the damage. My head was completely clear; the only thing disturbing my thoughts was how low the towel that Bella clutched to herself was.

I gently dabbed at the blood, cleaning the stain that now tinted her skin. The smell of her blood lingered in the stain on her skin, stronger and more concentrated.

Bella’s breathing picked up, her heart started to skip. I looked up concernedly identifying the problem within a fraction of a second. Her face had lost its vividly red colour, and a pallid paleness crossed her expression. I quickly cupped her cheek using my thumb to wipe a stray tear of water that clung to her chin. “Breathe in through your mouth and try not to concentrate on it, okay.” I told her. Her eyes focused on mine and she weakly nodded.

I finished cleaning the wound and dutifully applied a bandage sealing it. I bent down and brushed my mouth to kiss the top of it, hoping that she wasn’t in any pain.

I caught her eyes with mine and she smiled. I found her hands and intently pried a tiny pink razor that she was clutching involuntarily in her right fist.

I gently stole the razor from her grasp and examined it. I ran the tips of my fingers over the blades. It was so sharp. Why would she inflict this on herself? Was she trying to give me a heart attack? What was she doing?

“Is this the culprit?” I asked her with raised eyebrows.

Her face filled in a fresh dose of blood as she answered with a swift nod. “It’s so sharp…” I said, trying to figure out why she would subject herself to this. “What were you doing?” I asked, completely curious as to why Bella’s face burned darker.

“Shaving,” she mouthed.

Oh…why would she need to shave…? I will never understand the torturing exercises that girls put themselves through. You’d think it’d get exhausting. My thoughts pulled me to Alice, now she was bad. If anything, I should be glad that Bella just insists on a half an hour to primp. I remember waiting for immeasurable amount of times while Esme, Rosalie and Alice all got ready to go out. And when they finally were ready to leave, they all looked exactly the same! Did they just sit in front of the mirror staring at themselves for two hours before deciding to grace us with their royal presence?

I couldn’t help but ask even though I knew I was never going to get a straight answer. I raised my eyebrows cautiously. “Why?” I asked.

She surprised me, her eyes rolled to the ceiling. “Because Edward in case you’ve forgotten…I am still a human, who have human traits…” I smiled, I definitely haven’t forgotten that she was a human, but I think the question was rhetorical.

I watched Bella’s eyes catch the dim light of a fading candle. The darkness looked richer and the green undertone vanished. I wondered about that, how could her eyes change. They obviously weren’t the same as mine, so what caused the alteration? My eyebrows pulled together and I dropped my eyes searching for an excuse to look away.

I started to wipe at the blood that now stained the tips of my fingers and had to resist a strong urge not to stick one in my mouth.

“I’m so sorry Edward,” Bella whispered her eyes filling with guilt and her expression distorting with sadness. I caught her face between my hands, and lifted her head to catch her eyes.

“For what Bella? Cutting your leg shaving?” I asked with a smile in my voice. Her eyes filled with tears as she nodded.

I laughed sadly and gently parted her long wet hair and placed it behind her ear.

“Bella, I’m the one that overreacted. I thought that maybe you slipped and fell. And when I smelt the blood I was convinced you cracked your head opened.” I lightly kissed her cheek sliding down to the edge of her lips and allowing her breath to play on the tip of my tongue. I waited.

A smile lifted my lips as Bella gave in and closed the inch between our mouths. Her wet hand roamed up the back of my neck then caught in my hair, twining around a handful as she clutched to me. I lost my control for the smallest second as I pulled her closer and allowed my mouth to open on her lips, to taste her.

It was indescribable, so much more desirable then her blood. I knew I had to pull away before Bella had a chance to retaliate.

I chuckled as I reached back to de-claw Bella’s tight grip in my hair. I gently disbanded our two intertwined bodies as carefully as possible before I released her lips.

I swallowed as I greeted her eyes. Hey eyelids were drooping, her eyelashes sweeping past her pupil. Her lips were still puckered, and a tempting shine glossed them from our kissed. Her mouth was a slight red, swollen from our kiss. I bit my bottom lip trying to find anything to distract me.

I turned sweeping the room, trying to find anything to divert me from the appalling need that now clawed and screamed in my stomach. The room was still hanging with Bella’s intoxicating scent. The small glimmer of candles flickered and played on the walls barely offering any light. “Hmm,” I mused. The passion in the pit of my stomach grew, gnawing and tearing at my insides. I gently captured Bella’s hand that lightly rested in her lap. I brought it to my face and kissed each fingertip before I placed a final one in her palm. Her eyes burned and our gaze never wavered.

I continued from her palm to her wrist working my way up to the crease in her elbow. My lips tingled from the feel of her skin and I had to press my lips tight together to resist the raging urge to open my mouth and taste her slippery skin. When I finally reached her neck I allowed my lips to part. I gently slid my tongue over her fragile skin feeling her pulse. I edged near the end of her jaw and then tasted her from the end of her ear to her collar bone. My breath caught and Bella’s heart began to thump unsteadily.

I shakily chuckled and placed one last kiss over her collar bone before pulling back. I gently picked her up, careful that she still held the towel securely in her grasp. Her face was a dark red. I allowed her feet to be solidly on the floor before I released her waist. She slipped; I quickly caught her before she came in contact with the hard floor. I almost laughed, of course she was going to fall, what was I expecting?

My eyes roamed over her, she was still clutched in my arms, her face teasingly close. She quivered in my arms, untangling her hands to pull at the towel that was slowly sliding down her chest.

Her face turned darker. Was she embarrassed? How could anything so beautiful be embarrassed? I couldn’t help myself as I spoke. I knew she needed no reassuring and no words could form to describe her, but I needed to tell her just the same. “You are so beautiful,” It was the worst understatement I have ever uttered. I was just about to lean forward and steal a kiss, but she trembled. I quickly snatched her waist, smiling possessively as another surge of blood dosed her cheeks. I could feel the heat of her face radiating off of her. She looked down self consciously.

I couldn’t help but follow her gaze lingering on her bare feet and climbing up her shapely legs. My fingers tightened on her waist feeling the soft curve of her hips. My eyes roamed from the base of her shoulder down her side to her calves. My hands began to tingle in pent up frustration. My breathing was becoming less steady.

“Edward!” Bella complained as she noticed my very blunt stare. “You’re making me blush.”

I laughed unsteadily and leaned forward to brush my lips against her neck. My fingers began to move, lingering up her spine and clutching her neck. Trailing down her side then further downwards feeling the slickness of her legs from the water that still clung to her. I cupped her calves then played along her skin until I found her hips. I clutched her to me deepening the kiss I stole.

Bella’s breathing became ragged and I pulled back. Her lips puckered and she gasped at the air. I couldn’t help myself and before I could stop my own deeming instincts, I closed the gap between our mouths barely giving Bella enough time to catch a breath.

As gently as possible I urged Bella’s mouth open, playing just on the opening she allowed, tasting her intoxicating breath. Her lips burned under mine and her tongue began to trace the breach of my mouth. I moaned into her parted lips weaving my hands along her back and securing them in her hair. She gasped, exhaling into my mouth and causing my skipping emotions to inflame. Her arms wrapped around my neck greedily, she slid her hands over my arms and clutched at my back with as much force as she had. Inevitability the towel melted to the floor.

I didn’t think, I just followed my own human instincts to take over, allowing my hands to find her bare waist and slide up her lower back. Her skin was still wet and extremely hot with her added passion, my hands trailed over her skin like silk.

I was caught off as Bella pressed herself closer to me and moaned into my mouth. I smiled still under her lips as I moved my hands farther up her ribcage. I brushed her breast with the back of my fingertips. Her skin was on fire, my senses begged for more. She arched her back and broke our kiss to moan my name and then her lips were on me again, simultaneously as I cupped her fully in my palm.

I broke our kiss and Bella gasped at the air just as I did. I slowly bent my head brushing my lips along her jaw then sliding to her collarbone. I teasingly blew my cold breath along her wet skin. Her fingertips played in my hair and guided my head farther down. I followed, allowing my senses to dominate my will power as I opened my lips to taste her. I explored with my tongue, Bella moaned and clutched at me causing my own need to heighten, my lips burned.

Just as my instincts were moving to dominate my self-control my conscious pulled. Always the voice of reason. I slowly raised my head regretfully; I still haven’t had my fill of her. Bella’s mouth was open and she greeted my lips with hers. Her hands roamed along my arms and down my back until she reached the hem of my shirt. She fumbled to catch the shirt in a handful to rip it off. My body tightened.

I deftly caught the towel from where it was soaked and dripping from the ground. I quickly wrapped up her perfection, smothering her beauty; I cursed myself and my raging hormones.

Her lips turned down, a pout catching in her mouth. I bit my lip. Was she trying to kill me?

I resisted my urge to kiss her, knowing that that ending would have no prevail. I gently rested my forehead against her. Her hand clenched at the hem of my shirt. “Bella,” I silently begged. My need pounded through my dead veins and my skin burned with my refrained passion. All I needed was for her to give in. But I knew she wouldn’t. I gently caught her hand detangling the fabric from her sullen grasp. “Please,” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Her face distorted and a deep scowl took over the pout in her lips. She groaned and released my shirt. She crossed the small space in one small step and unlocked the door releasing me from this heavenly prison.

Just as I was about to leave I caught Bella’s chin and bent to snatch a kiss. I kept my lips determinedly closed and I could feel the frustration rolling off her as she uselessly tried to part my daunting mouth. I chuckled against her lips, and gently pushed her hair around her shoulders. “Not until the wedding night, right?” I teased as I began to tug at her hands that secured the towel closed.

I smiled as a glare took over Bella’s eyes, the deep brown swimming with frustration.

She nodded and my smile grew, not because I was particularly happy about her choice to wait, but because she was just so cute when she was mad. She shoved me from the room and slammed the door. I almost laughed at my abrupt dismissal.

Just as I was about to turn and wait in the torture of her bedroom. Her small voice broke through my coherency. “I want to wait,” she whispered.

I knew that this particular comment wasn’t meant for me, but I couldn’t resist. “No you don’t,” I whispered, dragging the words, loud enough so she could hear.

“Oh, shut-up.” She snapped.

I chuckled and leaned my head against the door. Her heart beat started slowing down and her breathing caught on to a regular rhythm.

I sighed and trudged back to her room. It was nearing twenty minutes before she finally came back. I don’t think my patience could stand it. I had to wait for everything.