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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

3. Deceptive Dream

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The blood and water that drenched the washroom floor was taking longer then I expected to clean. I almost laughed knowing how impatient Edward could get.

Before I left, I faced the mirror, examining my reflection. My cheeks were still blazing, and my lower limbs were restless. My hair was half dry framing my face. I swiftly ran my fingers through it, breaking up the knots and tangles that had accumulated in the brown strands.

Edward was so unfair. He knew exactly what he was doing, bringing me to the peak of passion and then pulling away. I clenched my fists; he had way too much fun with that particular compromising situation. I was the vulnerable one, the naked one. God he had seen me naked, forever blazed in his photographic memory. I didn’t have time to gauge his reaction. Did he even like what he saw…?

A slow smile crept up my face. Well, from the way his cold hands roamed me, I would say he most definitely did. The memory made me blush, his absent hands made my skin burn with want; the anticipation for the wedding night was too much. I could hardly wait. The taste of Edward’s mouth, his cold breath bathing my skin, causing my every nerve to tingle… I swallowed hard, even the memory made my breathing uneven and my desire to amplify.

I gritted my teeth and shook out my hair.

He took advantage of me—so much for being a gentleman. I blew an exasperated breath up my face to push my hair away. I was embarrassed.

Of course I was!

He took control of the circumstances, gaining the upper hand. He kissed me,he touched me,—in fact, I remain innocent of any acts of seduction. It wasn’t my fault that his kisses distracted me so much that I accidentally dropped the towel; in fact that was probably what he intended.

I tried to remain angry but I knew I was just lying to myself, I thoroughly enjoyed every touch he imposed on me, and he knew it!

A dreadfully wicked thought surfaced over me, skittering over my skin. Why should I be reduced to his twisted form of teasing, how dare he fan the fires. I would make him beg, without even the smallest hope that he’d get what he’d beg so desperately for.

I smiled, that’s exactly what I’ll do, this time he won’t get to take advantage of me.



For crying out loud, what the hell is taking her so long! She is trying to torture me, dangerous creature; she will be the death of me.

It has been nearly twenty minutes. What is she doing?

I counted off the possibilities in my head.

She could be taking another bath, just to spite me…

No… I’d hear the water running…

She could just be trying to catch her breath…

A smile twisted my lips at this possibility…


Or maybe I was giving myself too much credit.

The anger and passion in her eyes could probably offer me a clue… Maybe she was sharpening a wooden stake?


The possibilities were endless.

She could be simply reading a magazine, or even have fallen asleep. Or she could be counting off each minute, deciding when I’ve learned my lesson…

I sighed, that was definitely the strongest possibility.

I could feel my impatience spike. I started to ground my teeth, a slow growl building in the base of my chest.

That’s when she came in.

Even though I’ve seen her at her most glorious, she still took my breath away. The beauty sheathed underneath that flimsy nightgown caused my body to tighten and my reflexes to twitch. What I could remember haunted me, taking all rational thoughts away and leaving me in burning want.

She was wearing a small tank-top that hugged her waist definably, leaving no room for the imagination. The hem of her tight tank top didn’t meet the band of her shorts, if you could call them shorts; they barely concealed two inches of her exposed milky thigh. I tore my eyes away as my breathing hitched.

My mouth went dry, this was not happening. Was she suicidal?

She slowly sauntered in, carefully avoiding eye contact with me and crossing the room to place her bag of toiletries down. The light was dim in the room, but I could see every surface of her perfectly, and one thing that was painfully obvious was that she was not wearing a bra.

Hmm. This was obviously my punishment. To tease me with a see through tight top without a bra. I couldn’t help but involuntarily squint at the scene; I could just make out the shape of each nipple. There was absolutely nothing in this circumstance that was less horrifying. Did she really expect to sleep in that and awake to greet a new day?

I quickly dropped my gaze and closed my gapping mouth for good measure.

I didn’t know what to say, suddenly I felt like I was actually seventeen dominated by hormones and clueless in the antics that the hormones demanded. Oh my god, what am I supposed to do with my hands? I must look like an idiot. Just sitting here with my hands all sprawled out on my knees. I fidgeted, quickly shoving my hands in my pockets. That’s good, that way I won’t accidentally touch something involuntarily.

I looked up.

Which was an immediate mistake.

She caught my gaze, her brown orbs darkened ever so slightly, her eyelids were heavy. A small smile skittered over her lips. I felt an answering smile dominate mine. She was so sexy.

Still held by eye contact she slowly strode to where I sat. I awkwardly shifted fumbling with my caged hands.

I was convinced that she’d come straight for me, most likely intending to sit in my lap or to at least subject me to a teasing kiss. But instead she passed me from where I sat stupidly on the bed and crawled up to the center, burying herself under the covers.

I growled and turned, watching as she deliberately closed her eyes.

“Could you get the lights?” she asked dreamily, her eyelids didn’t flinge.

Was she actually planning on sleeping?

I cant believe it, my body was practically vibrating at the sight of her, my thoughts twisting and pulling me in tempting forbidden directions…and she is planning on sleeping?!

I could feel my disappointment rise, penetrating everything in my body. I thought for sure she had changed her mind. The longing at the pit of my stomach jolted and my head swam in pent-up frustration.

I did as she asked, quickly flicking off the light and swiftly returning to her side. Her back faced me. I gently encaged her in the circle of my arms. Burying my head in her neck and breathing in her heady scent.

The blood from the bath still lingered in her skin and her hair was died in a slight burgundy undertone.

My mouth watered.

“Mmm” she yawned. “Night, Edward.”

I ground my teeth. I knew I should let her sleep, but how could she sleep? I mean I thought for sure she’d at least be mad at my very blatant seduction. But she seamed perfectly at ease, to comfortable… suspiciously relaxed.

Maybe she really was tired? Almost every night we would debate on just how exhausted she was. She would usually try and convince me that she wasn’t tired and would prefer to stay up late and test our boundaries…I have no idea what its like to even feel tired, maybe I was underestimating how worn-out she can actually get.


Then why do I remain unconvinced?

Maybe I was being paranoid but something wasn’t right. Why was she not mad? She was definitely mad when I cut off our kiss and asked her for permission to continue, even though I knew she’d stop. Could she forgive me so easily?

I started to kiss her neck, running my mouth along her jaw.

Her heart accelerated, and her breath caught as my tongue came in contact with her burning skin.

She turned in the cage of my arms.

The stream of moonlight breaking through the clouds offered the slightest sparkle that lighted her eyes, clearly showing the want she restrained. She bit her lip, taking her full bottom lip in her mouth and sucking on it. I could see the white of her teeth clenching hard on the supple skin, —does she know what that simple action does to me? She released her lip; it glittered in the light showing the wetness she just subjected it too. I stifled a groan, noticing the blood that filled her lips staining them in a swell of crimson. I tightened my fingers possessively on her waist, bringing her closer.

“Edwarrrddd.” She moaned burying her head in my chest. “I’m tired and I really don’t think I could take anymore tonight.” Her words were fractured and muffled from my chest, but there was a slight edge to her voice. I couldn’t identify the tone, it almost sounded smug… maybe even excited.

I furrowed my brow, my confusion melting my momentary distraction of the feel of her body. I sighed, tasting defeat. I gently released her hips and brought the blankets around her. She smiled sleepily, her eyes closed as she rolled over.

I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose and started to hum her lullaby.

After the slight reverberating of her breathing steadied, her heart slowed, hitching to a regular rhythm. “Bella,” I barely whispered.


I scrutinized her eyelids deciphering the integrity in her sleeping.

I noiselessly groaned, already dreading the eight hours of silence that would stretch between us.

I waited, gently tucking her head under my chin and allowing my hands to skim over her. Not quite touching her, but barely a breath away, close enough that I could feel her radiating heat.

Nearly two hours later, she shifted. Her mouth opening to release a puff of steamy air that bathed my face as she hummed a slight whisper at the back of her throat.

“Edward,” the word was barely audible and I had to strain to catch the fractured whisper. I grinned unable to conceal my revelation at her sleep talking. I always felt like I was intruding on the inner workings of her concealed mind, barely catching a taste of her forbidden secrets only opened a crack as she lay unconscious in my arms.

She had been quiet theses past few days, barely moving, completely peaceful in her slumber.

It drove me crazy, I felt as though the only touch I’d get of her secrets was stolen from me. But the doubt disappeared as she made a restless jerk of her fingers that were strewn in a fist in the fabric of my shirt. “Oh… mmmh.” She hummed. This was louder, the tiniest of moans escaping her. I froze as I let her voice wash over me, allowing the notes of each sound to take over my body and send my nerves in a frenzy of devastating want.

Was that a hint of desire I detected in her innocent groan?

Before I could react, she creeped her fingers down under the hem of my shirt. Her fingers felt like singing fire, licking and taunting my skin with burning sensations.

She began tracing my abs; I shuddered as she made a low hum at the back of her throat. It was the tiniest purr of desire with the underlying note of approval.

As ridiculous as it was, I smiled at her silent sleeping praise, pressing our bodies’ closer together, finding my desire to touch her overwhelming. Her fingers fondled up my torso and then back down. Her touch was teasing and lingering, smooth and unbearably fragile. Her shin was so soft and tauntingly warm; I closed my eyes, loosing myself in the sensation of her touch and scent. Unthinkingly, I involuntarily placed my free hand on the exposed skin of her hip. The warmth of her radiated through my hand and set my whole body on fire.

I couldn’t muster the strength to pull away from her small slender fingers that now began to crawl and creep there way down the front of my pants.

Her hands slithered down, lower and lower until…


The reaction was purely survival. I could not allow this to happen. And as much as I wanted what she so obviously desired I pulled back. The growing urge in my body growled in disapproval of my actions. It was like torture to release myself from her touch, but I grabbed her roaming hands from their enamored investigation, securing the culprits in an inescapable manacle with my fists.

She brought my every desire to life, throwing all reasonable thought process out the window. My want sprung to life under her conduct, even if it was subconscious for her eyes didn’t open a peak.

I released her hands, where they curled down resting once again safely at the top of my shirt.

I was just about to disengage myself from her, to take care of my, umm…situation. But before I could blink, she spoke.

“Mmm Edward…Oh… god EDWARD!” she moaned, screaming out in shuddering gasps. My body immediately responded to the desperate plead of her yearning, everything in me begged for me to take her. I swallowed pushing back the sudden flood of venom and trying to reign in my raging desire. I couldn’t help the spike of resentment that fired through my body.

It’s pretty pathetic when you start to develop passive aggressive thoughts to a completely fictional manifestation fixated in your fiancés mind. But as much as I reminded myself of this fact my jealousy and resentment continued to grow. Bella was clearly having a less then PG dream, and yet she denied me what she so obviously craved in our reality. It irked me that she could dream; I was jealous that she could live in them and fulfill her desires. The most I could do was take a cold shower. I grimaced at the cliché.

Even as my body responded to the call of her need, I locked my hand over her mouth, smothering her moans of pleasure. I gritted my teeth as her lips parted and her tongue began to lathe my palm. She bucked and clutched at me, she began to grind her hips into my lower body.

I jerked under her, clicking back to reality, trying to get in control of my raging animal instincts that Bella sprung to life as she attacked the lower half of my body.

Her legs captured my waist; she wrapped herself over my hips, securing her hips and ground deeper. I gasped at the welcome pressure, quickly pulling her legs off of mine and bringing her securely down.

I panted as she quieted and tossed restlessly, kicking off the covers in the process and allowing me to view her fully. The moonlight shown brightly through the window.

I reveled in her fervor and glared at the tiny beads of perspiration that formed on her. She was flushed and was breathing deeply, her heart pumping hard and fast, filling my ears in the eager rhythm. Her chest rose high and fell dramatically as she tried to catch her breath. And yet she still slept.

I knew she was disquieted about the unfair advantage I took of her earlier. Albeit she was trying to punish me with her skimpy outfit, but the tables had turned. In her dramatic restless dream, she managed to have twisted her shirt farther up her midriff. The straps hung pathetically off her shoulders. Her shorts had slid down in her struggle, exposing a tiny pair of cotton panties, it was unbearably tantalizingly, the most desirable sight I could have ever dreamed off, and I could no longer contain it. The pain of my craving throbbed through me, taking every single cell and invoking physical pain at the absence of her touch.

My passion spiked, taking me to its fullest height. As if I was at the edge of a deep chasm, slowly testing the sides of the teetering blackness and finally giving in, diving into oblivion, giving myself over to everything I reigned in.

And then something licked at the air, the tiniest scent slowly dosing the room until it started to build, layering and penetrating until the air spun in its rich thickness. The fragrance rose capturing everything in me, bringing me to the knees of oblivion and suffering want. The most amazing smell to ever exist. It called my name, wanting me as much as I wanted her. I never thought any smell in the world could compete with Bella’s blood, but I was wrong.

When I smelt Bella’s blood it awoke the monster in me and all thoughts went to the desire of taking her and tasting the sweet nectar running though out her body. But this was different, this smell awoke the dead human in me, pulling and ripping out desires that I hadn’t even known existed. Something stronger, richer in flavor and building every pull of desire in me, clawing and tearing at me in frustrated ecstasy. The new instincts killing and smothering the monster that craved her blood. Screaming new thoughts taking over me in delectable directions. The scent of Bella’s blood paled in comparison of the smell of her luscious arousal.

I detachedly debated over the abyss of good and right. Not to take Bella for her blood but to fulfill my own human need.

Fire didn’t burn in my throat, begging me to fulfill my thirst. In fact my thirst didn’t exist; nothing existed except for Bella and my want. The raging hormones in me prevailed, screaming at me in throbbing desire. I could barely contain it.

That’s when she woke up.

Her glistening skin sparkled in the blue light and her dark orbs opened the tinniest crack, immediately capturing my gaze.