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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

4. Bella's Reaction

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A dreadfully wicked thought surfaced over me, skittering over my skin. Why should I be reduced to his twisted form of teasing, how dare he fan the fires. I would make him beg, without even the smallest hope that he’d get what he’d beg so desperately for.

I smiled, that’s exactly what I’ll do, this time he won’t get to take advantage of me.

Even though I knew I was acting extremely childish, I still took pleasure in the mere expectation of Edward’s facial expression when he would see me.

I snuck downstairs, carefully touching the floor with just my big toe. I dare not breathe louder then a whisper. I tip-toed across the title, quieter then necessary. I thought for sure that Edward would jump out of the shadows and catch me even before I had a chance to begin. My heart was pounding a mile a minute.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I entered my laundry room. I carefully flicked on the light and set forth to fish out the perfect attire designed to bring Edward to his knees.

I changed in the washroom. I examined myself with severe scrutiny. My head still managed to be dosed in unrelenting bloody scarlet.

My skin was glowing in the tiniest tint of pink. I assumed from my natural flush, but with a stroke of comprehension I realized it was blood. I almost gagged, realizing I was smothered in my own gore.

I was just about to strip, to take a quick shower but I decided against it…As deviant as it was, I knew Edward wouldn’t hurt me and this added flavor would just have to be part of his punishment.

I squared my shoulders and faced the mirror. My face pooled in blood as I looked myself up and down. The blue shorts I was wearing, were my old pajamas from back in Phoenix. I would even feel uncomfortable sleeping in them then, even if it was in the dead of summer and blistering hot out.

The tank-top I was wearing was far more embarrassing. The one time Charlie had decided to do laundry, he managed to shrink a prominent amount of my clothes. This tank-top had been a victim of his attack. It hugged my every curve and the hem stopped just above my naval. The straps were a little loose, and slid off my shoulders easily. Also the square neck was lower then anything else in my wardrobe. I had never worn anything so flimsy and revealing in front of Edward.

Embarrassment painted my cheeks as I reached around and unclasped my bra. It was perfectly horrible. The thin fabric of my tank top offered absolutely no support and was also the tiniest bit see-through. I swallowed hard, already second guessing this decision.

Just as I was about to pull out my holey sweats, a very vivid memory played out in my mind. Knocking the breath out of me and causing my already heated skin to burn hotter and to spread with tiny itchy bumps.

His laughing eyes tauntingly glittered in the dim light. His mouth twisted into a half grin and faster then I could catch my breath, his lips suddenly spread on mine. He claimed everything in me with his kisses, binding my soul and body to him and managing to reduce me into pure, unthinking, putty to his will. How, the towel inevitability melted to the floor.

I cringed, burying the memory to the deepest realm of my mind. Trying — but failing — to fight the natural urges that spread throughout my body and lit me in raging smoldering want. I bit my lip, hating how my body responded, wanting nothing but to serve my craving to him and take my need.

He was so unfair. I hated how he could stop. I could never have stopped. He could’ve had me, right here on the filthy, bloody, bathroom floor!

I flinched glancing at the red stained tile. O.K. maybe he would have been chivalrous enough to walk the five steps to my bedroom.

I sighed. Feeling resentment in anger, mixed with yearning passion, did nothing for my complexion.

I quickly spun, studying every line of my form and smiling in spite of myself. I knew that Edward’s jaw would drop. He might even insist that I change, or to at least put on a bra. I laughed at the thought.

Feeling deceitfully light-headed, I prounced to my room, putting far more bounce into the balls of my heels then necessary, causing my entire body to spring at the statacco rhythm.

I was smugly surprised at Edwards’s flustered face. His breath caught, leaving his golden eyes enamored and fixated on my every curve. I grew pleasantly warm under his scrutiny. I liked the glint that grew in his eyes, bordering on appreciative to possessive. I tried to smother my smile, and was glad that he was to preoccupied with the view to notice my sudden lapse in breathing.

His eyes slowly crawled from my waist to my breasts. Embarrassed, he abruptly broke his gaze, dropping his eyes to the floor, until he shut them. Not trusting himself to not peak, he turned away completely guarding his face in the shadows of my bed frame.

I smiled triumphantly watching how he squirmed. How he quickly fumbled with his hands, and how his spine straightened. His expression pained as he tried not to watch me.

I innocently walked into the room, not heeding his uncomfortableness or acknowledging my unusual garb. Finally he looked up, catching my eyes and causing my body to swoon at the sight. I could feel anger skitter and twist at my insides, but it was barely a flutter, instead a more powerful feeling coursed over me. All pretenses were lost, all resentment draining, I could feel my desire ignite and burn my every craving in teasing yearning. A smile spread over his lips, a sincere smile, no malice or smugness existed deep in the ocher of his eyes. Instead of my plan to make him beg, I felt my hardness fall and only my desire to taste, to smell, to kiss him, existed. The distance between us, suddenly became unbearable.

Trying not to hyperventilate I crawled into bed. Hopelessly, trying to avoid him so I wouldn’t do something I would most definitely regret later, —like kissing him, or ripping off his pants and straddling him. I blushed, liking that thought a little too much.

The blush deepened as a low husky growl rumbled from deep in the base of his chest, managing to shake the bed in the slightest tingling vibration.

My lower limbs squirmed. I pressed my knees securely together and deliberately closed my eyes, willing my own determination to prevail in this hopeless situation.

“Could you get the lights?” I squeaked my eyes still safely closed from the inducing power of his tawny eyes.

I couldn’t feel any shift of weight in the mattress but suddenly the reddish glow that settled under my eyelids switched to black. And faster then humanly acceptable, Edwards cold arms crawled from the exposed skin of my stomach and ensnared my torso in his icy embrace.

My body immediately tightened at his touch, my desire squirming in anticipation. I could feel the point of his nose tracing along my jaw and causing goose bumps to break across my back.

I relaxed at his securing touch, my body unwinding to his will. Suddenly a wave of stupor hit me, causing my eyes to descend farther down and my body to sink in the covers.

“Night, Edward.” I silently begged, hoping above hope that he might actually let me sleep and not subject me to anymore of his breath-stealing, toe-curling kisses.

But of course he wouldn’t give-up.

His smooth lips captured my ear, twisted farther down until he started peppering my neck in deceitful pecks.

When he reached my pulse, he opened his mouth, bathing my neck in his icy sweet breath and touched the throb in my neck with the tip of his tongue.

My heart jumped up my throat, choking off my breath. My skin lit in fire, contrasting with the freezing temperature of his tongue. Urges skittered over my every cell from up my spine, to the deepest pit in my stomach.

I clenched my teeth and flinched in his arms, turning to greet his eyes.

His eyes held the same lust mirrored in mine. Passion mixed with struggle, his eyes were blazing and I could feel my raging want amplify.

“Edwarrrddd.” I moaned burying my head in his chest. Breaking off his enamored gaze and hiding from the treachery of saying no to his plea, buried deep in the depths of his golden orbs. “I’m tired and I really don’t think I could take anymore tonight.” I sighed, realizing how pleased I was. I was glad he was suffering just as bad as I am. I could feel his torture, pressed hard against my inner thigh.

I blushed, as I quickly caught my natural instincts that screamed in desire, wanting nothing more then to answer his need.

Before I could react Edward pulled back, wrapping the blanket securely around me and allowing me the room to escape. I smiled apologetically at him before turning over, already anticipating my dreams.

I felt slightly guilty as Edwards velvety voice started reverberating through his chest, causing my skin to cool and my body to relax. My lullaby. Faster then possible under the certain exciting circumstances, I felt myself drifting, and just before I fell over the sweet chasm of sleep, I smiled. His hardness still swirling in my thoughts, my passion barely refrained, and sweet dreams barely a touch away.


Flustered and restlessly hot, I woke.

It was written all over Edwards face, painfully evident from the wetness sliding in between my thighs. And then faster then a split second, disorientation struck as long as horrified realization.

Did I just have a sex dream?


It came back to me, faster then a jolt of lightning. The dream was so vivid and unbelievable real. There was no way that my body wouldn’t have responded, that I wouldn’t have spoken…or screamed…oh god, this was not good.

My eyes widened, blood dosed my cheeks, and my heart thudded uneasily.

I looked up and met Edward’s dark gaze. His body rigid and his jaw tight. His face was strange, his expression strained. It was a face I’ve never seen on Edward before, he almost looked mad, or even dangerous… It was extremely sexy and did nothing for the flushed and reckless state I was already in. His onyx eyes barely containing his need, his passion, his real self. I had never been so scared…or turned on. Sweat rolled down my back, I quickly pressed my knees tight together and dropped his fixated gaze.

I didn’t have a chance to respond…

He was on top of me. His weight arousingly dominate, his dark eyes excitingly dangerous. His mouth was on me, even before I could react to the stimulating new position.

He recklessly opened my lips without permission. He was in control. His tongue pushed through my teeth easily and filled me in his flavor. I tried to fight against him, to experience his mouth and dominate his senses. But he was relentless and stronger, not noticing my hands gripped in his hair, my fists hard and tight in handfuls of his bronzy strands.

He didn’t ask for permission this time as his hands slipped up the flimsy lining of my shirt and explored my flesh.

My instincts took over. Stealing my self restrained, my self control, my rationality, only leaving my dire inducing desire.

I hadn’t even noticed how my legs expertly hitched over his hips and planted our two wants together. His hardness pressed against my pubic bone, inflaming my every nerve, causing my hands to tear at his clothes and my legs to tighten around his need.

He groaned breaking from our raging kiss, moving his mouth to my neck and lathing my skin with the slickness of his tongue. I used this sparing break in our lips to catch my breath. My breathing was unbearably loud, my pants echoing around the quiet room, my heartbeat filling my ears.

His lips closed around the delicate skin of my pulse. Edward was always careful with me and even though he kissed my neck on a daily occasion, he has never imposed a ‘love bite’ (hicky) on me. But from the way his mouth closed on my pulse and sucked the fine skin into his cold mouth, I knew without a doubt that there would be a very sizable mark left as evidence to prove for such a loss in our self-control.

He broke from my neck and captured my mouth again. I couldn’t concentrate on how his tongue expertly danced and filled me. Running along the bottom of my teeth, discovering the nerves on the underside of my tongue, opening my lips wider to his command.

I couldn’t concentrate because I could barely allow myself to tear my focus from the investigation of his cold fingertips. How they ripped off my shirt, and fondled my skin, sending sensations to every point in my body, to the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. How he teased each nipple and played across each goose bump.

My body flailed at his touch, thrashing to grind our needs harder together. He growled into my open mouth, sending a shock of icy flavor to settle on the back of my tongue. I used his momentary lapse of control to answer my own desire and enter his mouth.

It was risky; I reined in my raging desire and entered cautiously. Slowly playing on the flat of his teeth, silently begging him to open. His body was hard and tense; his wandering hands stopped abruptly, as he slowly parted his clenched teeth and gave me access to his mouth. I was hesitant, our bodies clenched and hard, only our mouths moving, as I slowly explored the inside of Edwards icy mouth.

It was impossible to stop; the taste was overwhelming the freeze of his tongue numbing. He gently met me in the middle of my investigation and guided me away from his razor sharp teeth. Slowly his hands continued to move, at first I thought he meant to pull away but he just continued his own assault on my chest.

I regretfully pulled away, my lungs screaming in detest. I gasped at the air, throwing my head back on the pillow.

Edward didn’t flinch but gently slid his mouth down my jaw. He tasted my skin, leaving a trail of venom down my throat. He continued moving, lower and lower until he found my breast. My heart was pounding hard in my chest. I groped aimlessly to seize a handful of his hair. I involuntarily arched my back, and groaned at the welcome pressure of his lips.

The air in front of me started spinning, and my head was light in the intoxicating flavor of his breath. And I knew this had to be a dream, because in no reality would I be doing what I was so eagerly doing now. Which was pulling Edward down by the handful of hair clutched in my grasp, lower and lower until he’d greet the throb of my desire in between my legs.