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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

5. Forbidden Fruit

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Fire didn’t burn in my throat, begging me to fulfill my thirst. In fact my thirst didn’t exist; nothing existed except for Bella and my want. The raging hormones in me prevailed, screaming at me in throbbing desire. I could barely contain it.

That’s when she woke up.

Her glistening skin sparkled in the blue light and her dark orbs opened the tinniest crack, immediately capturing my gaze.

I broke out of the allusion of the perfect cultivated human that I was. And greeted the true danger that existed in me, welcoming my natural impulses. I acted on instinct, not thinking twice or letting my lucid intuitions and logical judgment catch my irrational reflex.

I pounced, letting the whole of my human instincts take over my every muscle.

Her form was deliciously soft. Each line of her perfection, pressed solidly against me. Her legs jerked in surprise and her chest was sensitively smothered against mine. I could feel the unbearable heat in-between her legs, feel the reverberating of her heart echo throughout her chest, sending waves of vibration throughout my core.

Her dark eyes were wide in surprise and her lips quivered in silent tremor. I gasped, guilt struck, but then faster, realization hit. The tremble in her lips was not due to fear or hesitation, but want.

My heart exploded in satisfaction. Realizing that even in my darkest moments, she still didn’t fear me. Even as my eyes grew a steady onyx, showing the true demon that existed in me. Even as I overpowered her, she still willingly pressed herself closer, knowing full well of the danger that was barely restrained at the edge of my fingertips.

Her lips flickered, a small coy smile testing the sides. I smothered the smile using my lips, not realizing how close I was to the brink of my control. I deepened the kiss, catching a handful of her hair to secure her lips.

I fell past all reason, losing all sanity, breaking all boundaries and took what I’ve wanted.

Her lips were soft, too soft, and too deplorably delicious. I opened her mouth without permission or indecision, using the very tip of my tongue. I clashed into the flat of her front teeth denying me access to the inside. Impatience grew and before she could decide to let me through, I broke past. Breaking through her barring, easily, to greet the warm flesh just beyond. Her flavor was excruciating. I could feel venom boil at the back of my throat, feel the tenor of her flaunting restraint. The texture of each surface, from the silk of her cheek, to the grain of her tongue. Our clashed temperature burning my senses and my reflexes, acting on their own accord. I couldn’t begin to think or realize that my hands, —which were safely gripping a fistful of her hair— began to fall, lower and lower.

My fingertips trailed over her blazing skin, twining over the fabric of her shirt to experience the soft flesh beyond. Tracing the contours of each mound and teasing the peek of each nipple. Her body jerked, she responded by arching her back to press herself harder in my palm. Her heart thumped hypnotically, faster and faster as if bating me to keep exploring.

My breath caught as her hips clashed into mine. Crushing herself as close as possible to me. Her skin was sticky with perspiration, her fingertips traveling over every surface of my skin, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. Her nails snagging along my back, pulling at my clothes and catching in my hair. I could feel the strength in each shift she made. As if time stood still just long enough to square her next movement, to feel the strain of her muscles as she scratched her fingernails down the planes of my arms, or the tiniest shift in her hips as she worked to press herself closer to the bulge in my pants.

I could feel the warmth penetrating from in-between her legs, the smell considerably heightened. I involuntarily responded, the human in me grinding hard into her, but the vampire in me carefully using only a hundredth of my natural strength.

My control seamed to have disappeared completely, every fraction of mingling restraint vanished, as her hips shuddered and pulled, wrenching up and lifting higher so her legs could wrap around my waist. Her heart rate increased as both our wants grounded harder together, only clothing stopping our resolute instincts from our desire of union.

The pain and want was mind-numbing. I could feel every cell in my body detest as I broke from our kiss, knowing that she’d need to breathe. She gasped, filtrating the air in her sweet scent. I moaned as she arched her back managing to bring our wants closer and harder together.

I couldn’t resist the desire to continue kissing her. She threw her head back, gasping at the air, exposing her long slender throat to my eyelevel. Venom boiled and a spark of fire toiled my insides in a fight of restraint. Blood and lust blistering and writhing at my insides.

I kissed a slick path across the planes of her throat, across the smoldering skin, stopping where her neck met her shoulder, and back up again. I could feel each goose bump strewn across her skin, and licked across the jumping throb in her throat, pounding out the beat of her heart. I stopped, taking the delicate skin in my mouth and pinching the flavor in between my lips, careful to hide the blades of my teeth.

Her breath caught, and a sigh of pleasure slowly escaped past her lips. Unable to resist, I pressed my lips to hers again, this time she opened her lips wide and allowed me to fill her.

Her fingers trailed up my arms and pulled at my clothes, buttons released and fabric torn. I was too preoccupied to attempt to serve scorn for her thoughtlessness in the remedy of my apparel. In fact I didn’t care, even if it was my favorite shirt. She could have every one of my inane earthly possessions.

But I proved quick retribution for her abuse of my shirt. And swiftly ripped of the tank-top that barred her chest from me. I don’t even think she noticed her only reflex was to quietly whimper in my open mouth, as my fingertips tightened on each breast.

She thrashed at my teasing fingertips, her breathing ragged and her struggling limbs, working harder to tear at my clothes. My body tightened, my instincts catching as she ached her back and raised her hips to grind my want deeper and closer to her pelvis.

I involuntarily growled, louder then necessary. Causing a shock to flow uninterrupted from my lips to Bella’s, her breathing hitched and her body stiffened. I immediately responded, noticing the edge and insecure frail in her touch, the calculation in her fingertips as they traced higher up my chest. Her breath caught, as her searching hands skimmed up my neck to latch onto the back of my head. Her fingers tightened into fists in my hair, pulling herself closer, using her grip as leverage.

She was slow, tauntingly slow, as her tongue peeked out of her lips and began to trace just the surface of my lips. It was addicting, and frightening, not knowing where she’d go next, not knowing if the venom brewing at the back of my throat would prevail. I could feel her desperation as she edged closer and closer until she carefully traced the sharp edges of my closed teeth, barring her from my mouth.

My determination battled with rationality, the chasm between right and wrong slowly closing, until the line no longer existed. There was something about Bella’s silent plea, the waves of desperation scorning me from her body, the heat from the tip of her tongue that managed to triumph over the abyss of rationality and all self-control. And before I could think about the consequences of my actions, I relaxed my jaw, opening my teeth and allowed her access to the sanctum of my kind.

She slowly played away from my teeth, greeting my tongue and twisting and playing on every safe surface. Her heart filled my ears, and her warmth seized every surface of my body, lighting my system on fire. I didn’t know where I began and she ended. I felt her heart beat hard against my chest, the rhythm never wavering, but growing louder and harder, filling reverberations into my chest and causing my dead heart to stutter at the unfamiliar beat. As if we were one.

Too soon, she wrenched roughly back. Gasping at the air and pulling far enough away, to allow me to view her perfect chest in the rare moonlight that peeked through the window.

Her skin glittered, sweat causing sparkles to break across her torso and glisten where moisture met skin. My mouth went dry and before she could try to detest, I captured her skin at the base of her jaw in a kiss. I glided down to taste her neck, lower to her collarbone; never breaking away until I found the skin my lips have been denied.

My tongue hit the peak of her nipple. She smothered a gasp and caught my bowed head, knitting her fingertips through my hair. I took her burning flesh in between my lips and sucked as hard as I dared. She writhed and whimpered, moans escaping her shuddering lips, her struggling limbs bucking and pleading.

I took full advantage, licking every surface, finding every crevice, tracing light circles around her peak. Her back arched, pressing herself closer in my open mouth, fervent to increase the sensation I imposed on her. I grazed her nipple, in a careful bout of the blades of my teeth. She moaned loud, her fingertips tightening in my hair.

Her silent request didn’t exist in articulate speech. Her body took charge of her, as mine did to me. Her hands, moving of their own accord, responded to her own dire desire. That was the only explanation for her unspoken plea. The plea throbbing in ecstasy at the base of her core. My forbidden fruit begging for attention. She strained hard, using all the force she could muster to grip my head and guide me lower.

I growled, my lapse in restraint unbearable, my differentiation between the monster and the human in me melding into one. Only my desire for her body existed, the bloodlust lost in swirling human yearning. My strength failed, my thoughts melting and only the craving to touch, to taste, to explore…existed.

Her porcelain skin seamed to glow as I slid over her naval, tasting and investigating every bump, freckle and mole. She shifted, lifting her arms up to wrap around the bars of her bedpost. She looked glorious at this angle, her torso exposed, the hold of her arms stretching and causing her upper body to pucker. Her chest heaved in shallow gasps and whimpers escaped her every time I slid over a sensitive patch of skin.

I breached the tips of her panties, the impeding elastic silk, sealing everything that I craved. And hesitated…

Suddenly rationality resurfaced the artery just under the porcelain of her skin jumped temptingly along her inner thigh. Venom swam in my mouth, but self-control fluttered in my consciousness. I was back in control, instinct reigned in and desire pulled back. Guilt filled me, Bella made it clear that she wanted to wait. No matter how much I begged. I was taking advantage, stealing her innocence in a moment of her weakness.

I stared longingly at her, before pulling the slightest fraction back.

Her stomach tightened, and her head jerked. She caught my eyes, holding them to her will. The darkness boiling in lust, causing my control to waver.

“Please Edward.”

The words were barely carried through the thick air, hardly creating a note. But they held the most powerful demand. I lowered my head in defeat and triumph, smiling against the soft skin of her lower abdomen, my breathing stuttering in pleasure.

Did she just ask? Did she just grant her permission? I stretched my head up resting my chin just above the tempting line of the thin fabric of her underwear.

“Bella,” I whispered desperately, as I gently slid my hands up her legs, capturing her shorts at her knees and pulling them off. “Bella?” I asked, toying with the fabric of her panties that stretched over her delicate hips. I had to ask, I couldn’t allow her to get caught up in the moment, and I couldn’t allow myself to loose control. I knew without a doubt that I never wanted anything more, but I still had to verify, needed to be reassured.

“Edward, I trust you… I want you.” Her eyes pleaded, burning through my heart and finding the soul that was lost inside of me. “Please.” It was just a whisper, the tiniest plea, the only word I needed.

I slowly peeled the fabric of her underwear down, exposing her to the night. Quenching her desire and fulfilling my need.