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Bella and Edward exploring some boundaries. Just some fluff, lemony goodness. Read, review, enjoy!

Let’s test poor Edwards control again, shall we. This is for all my lovely fans who want me to write a Lemon… First of all (since I have no personal first-hand experience in that area,) I think I may end-up disappointing you. So needless to stay this is steamy (warning in advance) but no lemon. I’m sorry; you’re going to have to wait for the wedding night just like Bella. Disclaimer: Goddess divine, Stephenie Meyer owns the books, which I shamelessly butcher. Blood Bath (tee-hee it seamed appropriate)

6. Hardly Finished

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My heart pounded, stealing my rationality and giving away my illusion of calm. The rhythm thumped, echoing throughout my veins, filling my ears and inevitably Edwards. It was like a base, pounding harder and harder, faster and faster, in harmony with Edward as he slid the thin fabric of my panties down my legs.

His scent was like an aphrodisiac, I could taste him on the back of my tongue. My breath caught as his cold fingers slithered over the underside of my thigh. My heart picked up faster and my muscles ached. My arms were rigid, gripped hard on the bars of my bedpost. The muscles of my biceps screamed in protest, but I couldn’t seam to loosen my iron hold. Anticipation slowly built, boiling my blood and causing my breath to catch in small shallows gasps.

I could feel the icy wind of his breath, brushing over my naval until bathing my heat in cold. My lower limbs jerked, instinct claiming reflex.

My entire body vibrated in eager anticipation, my thoughts didn’t exist, and I couldn’t even think to be embarrassed as I allowed myself a slight whimper, mangled in a twisted syllable of Edward’s name.

I could feel him smile, his mouth pressed solidly against my lower abdomen. The curve of his full lips faltered, until finally sliding lower.

Shivers cracked through my core, my stomach constricted and my body tightened. Every muscle gripped waiting in silent apprehension.

“Bella?” His sweet breath whooshed into my parted lips. His velvety voice was so hushed; his word could hardly be distinguished. His voice melded in perfect tune with the air.

If I hadn’t felt his breath on my tongue, I wouldn’t have realized he spoke at all.

I slowly cracked open my rigid eyelids, not realizing that they were shut in the first place.

My eyes adjusted slowly to the dim room. Darkness swirled above me, and my pupils slowly dilated, gingerly, trying to take in the dim glow the moon cast.

Edward’s eyes sparkled above me, the only thing in the room that managed to light. His eyes melted from hard onyx into golden honey. The swirling depths were warm, contrasting with the black backdrop the night was emitting.

Slowly, shapes formed around his eyes. The distinguished outline of his jaw, the curve of his lips— turned up in a twisted half grin — his straight nose, up to his sharp cheekbones, to the fringe of his disarrayed hair that hung messily over his forehead, obscuring half his eyes.

My reflexes caught, — as if I couldn’t resist — I unlocked my death grip from the bedpost and as gently as possible, swept the bronzy strands out of his vision.

He smiled, the half grin distorting until his bright teeth dominated his face. The light of his eyes paled in comparison of the blinding glow, his razor sharp teeth cast.

I pulled up, catching him by surprise as I pressed my lips to his venom coated teeth in the smallest peck. His arms pulled around me, rubbing across my back, gently gripping my arms and dancing over my stomach. As he intended, my body stilled at his touch, my muscles unlocking and melting with the ice he soothed over the fire of my skin.

His tongue played on the tip of my upper lip, and before I could open he broke the kiss. His eyes glinted in wicked amusement as I continued to crush my lips to his, my fingers fluttering over his chest, my eyelids heavy with want.

“Bella,” his voice was soft, contrasting with the humor glowing through his tawny eyes. “Relax,” he purred.

Concurrently as he spoke, he slid his fingers lower, fluttering over every surface of my skin, lower and lower, building every one of my senses to their highest peak of deathly anticipation.

I clenched my fingers tight into the fabric of my sheets. Edward tilted his jaw, leveling his head lower, trying to conceal his smile from my gaze.

I tried to concentrate on the cold rhythmatic stutter of his breath, soothing my burning cheeks, but my senses and salacious desires conquered with chills. An elapsed whimper escaped my lips as he finally granted his touch on my flaming desire.

His cold fingers contrasted blissfully with my heat. I closed my eyes reveling in the rapture of his touch. Barring off, his enamored fascinated gaze. I brought the back of my hand to my mouth trying to stifle my cry of pleasure.

He worked every nerve, finding every crevice, teasing every sense and discovering every point of desire. I writhed in ecstasy, moaning and whimpering when he would purposely falter, then speeding up to numb my senses and peak my want.

His thumb traced small circles around my nub, allowing my craving to build. His fingers trailed over me in delicate deliberate strokes. He neared my entrance, the slickness of my desire guiding him. And ever so teasingly, he slid a finger inside me.

“Uhh Edwwwaaard,” I cried against the heated skin of my palm.

He clasped the hand smothering my cries, breaking it from my mouth. His grip was unrelenting, and hard on my fragile wrist. I knew I’d bruise, but I couldn’t even concentrate on any point of reason while he touched me. “Bella, I want to hear you,” he begged, his velvety voice cracked, his control faltering.

Had he forgotten that Charlie was only a dry wall away?

I had. I had forgotten everything. Nothing in the world mattered, nothing compared, everything seamed beyond trivial.

Clearly we were both past reason for allowing me to scream. My voice echoed around the empty room Edward’s name on my lips.

He smothered my cry with his lips. I couldn’t think to breathe let alone reciprocate. His tongue dived in my mouth, mimicking the rhythm of his finger.

I couldn’t begin to lift the sensation boiling and pulsing through me. His fingers kneaded my peak. My hips involuntarily responded, grinding close to his palm pressed solidly against my pubic bone.

He faltered, allowing my hips to keep the momentum going. I grinded hard, taking his bottom lip in my mouth and biting as hard as I could —but still unable to break the skin. He hissed, the sound was as sinister as it was erotically enticing.

He responded by pressing his palm firmer against me, sliding past each fold, flicking over every sensitive nerve, and breaching my entrance with a second finger.

Our lips were a breath away. Mine opening and closing in harmony with my hips.

Pressure formed, starting slowly at the base of my core, but then building harder and faster, in tune with Edwards fingers. It grew, welling up from the bottom of my stomach, growing in intensity and claiming all rationality. I bit my bottom lip, and clenched my fingers on Edward’s shoulders. My stomach tightened and deep inside me, a spasm of pleasure rocked my insides.

I fell, past all reason and rationality, closing my eyes as the pleasure broke through me, rasping out in a scream.

Edward triumphantly slid his hands up my torso. I couldn’t begin to think. My body was limb and my head dazed. My eyelids fluttered, drooping and sinking my vision in black.

“You are amazing Bella,” Edward whispered silently in the thick air, his whisper thrumming through my consciousness.

My eyelids flickered and the sense of drowse lifted. I looked over at Edward; his shirt was a mess of torn fabric and his hair was sticking up on end. His eyes were warm, but refrained lust smoldered in the depths. We were definitely not finished yet.