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Edwards Control

Ok throughout the twilight books Edward says that he can’t control himself when he and Bella are more intimate. So this is a short EPOV for when he gets “tempted by Bella” fluff alert

Critiques Please! This is a guilty-pleasure write for me! Disclaimer: I don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as Stephenie Meyer, the most amazing writer of the twilight series which, sadly I don’t own. Edwards Control

1. Edwards control

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I absentmindedly let my feet dangle off the foot of the bed, waiting for Bella to come out of the washroom. This was definitely an eventful day… first with telling Charlie about the engagement. And then him practically flying off the handle, it took every effort not to cover my ears from all the screaming profanity pointed at me while he stared into space trying to pretend that Bella didn’t utter that last statement.

Bella was quite adorable saying that she thinks he took it well. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that Iwas actually frightened of Charlie.

My feet were jumping anxiously up and down as I waited for her to finish. I kept twisting my fingers, I wasn’t able to keep still. I was practically vibrating with enthusiasm, which would not be good, considering it was way past Bella’s bed-time and I really don’t think I could control myself and allow her to have her much needed sleep. I didn’t want her to be all grouchy tomorrow because I was selfish enough to keep her up with my persistent twitching enthusiasm.

I sighed heavily, jeeze could she take any longer?

I tried taking deep calming breaths which only irritated me, because Bella’s warm scent swirled in my direction, enticingly teasing my nose.

I crossed my arms crushing my restless fists and crushing them to my rib-cage.

That’s when she came in. I sat up in anticipation as the door knob turned and she slipped into the room. She was wearing a huge grin as she ran into the room, jumping into my outstretched arms.

I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing tiny cotton shorts and a deep blue tank top. My mouth went dry.

Her scent swirled around me welcomingly as it penetrated and hung in the air. Her hair was still damp and I pressed my face into it, kissing her.

“Hi” she whispered pressing her face into my chest, and snuggling in my arms.

“Welcome back.” I tightened my arms pressing her closer. It felt like she was gone for an eternity, but in actuality for only about a half-hour.

I pressed my face one more time into her hair taking a breath and kissing her again, before I laid her on the bed and gently tucked her in the covers.

She pouted crossing her arms. I stifled my smile.

“Bella it’s really late, you have to get some sleep.” I said, always the voice of reason. I sighed internally as I discreetly inched from her, putting space between her warm skin and mine, not wanting her to freeze.

She wriggled out of the covers and closer to me; I gulped as her shorts slid down revealing the soft skin of her lower back. She twisted her small delicate hands up to my mouth holding them there to silence me if I were to object, which I was.

“Shh…” she breathed, her hot breathe was infuriatingly desirable as it brushed against my skin. “I’m not tired.”

This time I had to intercede because there was no way she was not tired. I could plainly see the darkness circling under her eyes from her sleep deprivation.

She guessed my intention again, and pressed her hand tighter against my mouth.

As if that were to stop me!

I raised my eyebrows as she wormed her way to be more conventionally lying on top of me. Her legs rub against mine. And she smiled slowly removing her hand (as if ready to place it back if I dared to speak,) and grabbed the back of my head bringing her lips against mine.

She tried immediately to get my lips to part and I could feel the waves of frustration scorning me from her warm body.

She was such a cheater!

I sighed, slowly parting my lips, and gave her access to my mouth. Her hands tightened in my hair and she pressed her warm body tighter against mine. My hands which were resting on the small of her back, now gripped her hips as her tongue slowly warmed the outside of my cold mouth, tracing my lips and inviting me inside her hot mouth.

I longingly slipped my arms around her and rolled her on her back gently,I leaned over her and broke our lips apart. She threw her head back against the pillow and gasped, fighting for air. I bit my lip as my instincts to kiss her again rose and overthrew me. I kissed down her neck relishing in the softness and warmth.

It still surprised me that she even let me touch her, but her being so willing was hardly any better. I seriously could hardly control myself, she had no idea how incredibly desirable and sexy she is, which made her even more completely adorable then she already was (if that’s possible.) That just added to her desirableness, it was like a never ending cycle. Which usually ended with me pushing her away for her own safety, which she obviously didn’t care about, from the way her arms roamed my back and hair, sending sensations up my spine.

Her heart was beating so fast it added to my enthusiasm. I pulled her lips back to mine. And twisted my body and hers spinning her on top of me again. This time l let my hands roam her face, her hair, and slide down her back, clutching her hips and sliding them down her bare legs

How did she get my shirt undone?

She triumphantly spread her hot hands down my chest lingering at stomach, and rising to clutch my neck.

I slowly slid my tongue between her teeth and tasted her heady scent. She gasped and greeted me halfway. Fighting to push her warm soft tongue into my mouth. I reluctantly, pulled away.

She glared at me, her lips set into a hard line and her nostrils flaring struggling for air. It didn’t help that she was so completely cute when she’s mad. Or the fact that her Blood red face was sending heat waves to me.

“Bella,” I panted, placing my forehead on hers keeping a safe distance between our lips. Closing my eyes to avoid her deep, dark, brown ones. “Seriously, you’re really underestimating my self control!!” I groaned cracking my eyelids to see if the anger left her eyes.

The anger left but she still pouted, sticking her lips out temptingly. I bit my bottom lip restraining. Her eyes flash down to my mouth noticing the movement.

I smiled as her eyes returned to mine and she began to glare determinedly.

“Bella…” I said using my most attractive tone, letting my breath blow into her face, widening my eyes, seeking forgiveness.

She was ready for this; she cut off her breathing, as soon as I opened my mouth, and shifted her gaze from my eyes back to my mouth, and stared angrily at them.

I tried unsuccessfully to pull the corners of my lips down.

She shoved off me, stealing the warmth her body created, inching to the very edge of the bed and curled into a ball, giving me the silent treatment, as Alice once put it. I hated the silent treatment; I could usually break it because she would get distracted by something else. Saying that I was dazzling her, but I’d never be able to “dazzle” her if she wouldn’t look at me…or could I…

“Ok” I said letting pain saturate my voice. “I can see that your mad at me…I guess I’ll just give you some space.”

I noticed immediately that her entire body stiffened. But she didn’t turn. I slowly got off the bed allowing my weight to shift so she could feel me leave.

“No! I’m sorry” she pleaded, quickly turning and grabbing my retreating shoulder. “I’ll be good.” Her eyes penetrated mine, the brown depths swimming in panic.

God, could I do anything right!!

Regret flooded through me as I quickly enfolded her in my arms. Pressing her to my chest. “I’m so sorry; you know I was just kidding, right? You know I’d never leave you?”

She looked up at me, with her beautiful chocolate eyes that seemed to see my entire soul. She sniffed, and gently kissed the corner of my lips. She then slowly moved her hands up, grabbing the lapels of my shirt. She covered my mouth with hers, I responded eagerly kissing her back. I felt her smile against my lips. I pulled away confusion running through me, I looked into her bright eyes they were animated and full of amusement.

Her smile widen as she pushed me back onto the bed dragging her lips up to my ear. “I win!”

Then she was kissing me again.