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What they thought

OneShot Cullen Challenge. This is basically what happens in Edward's mind when he's gone on the plan and before the plan when he makes phone calls to allof his famly members and they all give him a little imput on what they think about Bella. Twilight (c) Stephenie Meyer

This is what I think they would say so don't crtizes on things like that, tell me what I can do better.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward's POV

‘You may freely eat any fruit in the garden

Except fruit from the tree of knowledge,

Of good and evil. If you eat of this fruit,

You will surely die.'

~Genesis 2:16-17

"Charlie do you mind if I have Bella for the night, Carlisle wants to play baseball." I said.

I already knew his answer, it was yes.

"The rain isn't going to be a problem for you is it, but getting Bella out there is up to her, I don't mind there's a game on tonight and all I would do is bore her." Charlie said.

"You could never bore me Dad" said.

I turned to her and she shrugged, "Let's go. Bye Dad." she said.

She grabbed her parka and we we're on our way out to her truck.

"So why do you have to play in the rain?" Bella said.

"You'll see." I said smugly.

When we got to the house we went into the house Esma, Carlisle, Emmet, Alice, and Jasper were all standing in the doorway waiting for us, "Where's Rose?" I asked shocked that she wasn't there documenting every move Bella made.

"Rain check" Emmet said.

Rose, Rose, Rose, why do you not want to meet Bella, I heard in Alice's head.

"Well, in any case let's go." Carlisle said.

"I'm going to stand out so it's even" Esma said.

We got to the field and Emmet started warming up with a nice ‘jog' around the field.

I stayed by Bella until the game started, then I went to go and bat, when walking to go bat I caught a whiff of something strange. I could hear Bella and Esma talking about how vampires are very fast and that's why she might not be able to see all of us moving only finding us at the next base when we had stopped running.

Jasper was pitching. Let's see fast ball o r curve ball, hard choice, he thought. He decided on a fast ball and I hit making it to second base before the strange sent got stronger. I looked at Alice her eyes in a faraway place. Carlisle called time and we walked over to Alice.

"What do you see Alice." Jasper asked.

Alice came back to the present, "Others heard the game going on they wanted to check it out, but they keep changing there mind. No threat I don't think." Alice said.

"Well then let's continue" Carlisle said.

There were there were three more hits when suddenly I could here the strangers thought's and they weren't pleasant.

Alice came over to me, "You can here them can't you?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"This doesn't look like the best game ever" she said frowning.

Carlisle had called time again then walked over to me and Alice, "Your call." He said.

All of the sudden we could here them coming, "Stop the game." I hissed.

I ran over to Bella's side, "Put your hair down and cover your face with it" I said.

"Why" she asked.

"There are some vampires coming to join us, they find it strange that there are so many of us living together." I said trying to hide the panic in my voice

When the new vampires came told them not to hunt in the area of Forks. They agreed and were about to leave when the wind blew and caught Bella's scent and it floated to the other vampires and they wanted her, but who couldn't she smelled so delicious.

I got into defensive position with Bella behind me to where they couldn't reach her without a fight and I could tell there fighting skills weren't superior.

Low warning growls came from my chest, telling them to stay clear from her.

When the events in the field ended we changed Bella's clothes with Esma's, then we got the Jeep and strapped Bella in.

"We have to leave Bella." I said.

I could see the panic and fear in her eyes, "What about Charlie!" she screamed, and "I can't leave him without an explanation or something!"

I could here the panic and the sadness and every emotion in her voice, she wasn't scared for her she was scared for everyone else.

Poor Bella, the first day she meets us and has some tracking vampires coming after her. I feel really bad, and Edward what he must be feeling! I like her I wish she didn't have to go through this. Alice thought.

After we had devised a plan that both Bella and I could live with we put it to action. We took Bella to her house as she yelled at Charlie, tears streaming down her face, then running back to the Jeep. She could see Charlie as we drove away, heart broken, standing in the doorway with tears. This only made Bella cry harder.

Alice must be thinking this is horrible! Having Bella do this when she doesn't need to! It was her plan though, but at least it was better then just mysteriously leaving Charlie. I wish she didn't smell so good I think I would like her even more it's just so hard to resist her sent. Jasper thought.

I felt bad for everyone in the car I was listening to their thoughts and they had to calm Bella down because I was driving.

"Thank you." I said to low for Bella to hear, but knew that Alice and Jasper could hear it and knew what I meant by it too.

Alice was gently rocking Bella in the backseat her sobs where now just tears, there was no noise, it was silent. Then Alice suddenly reached for her pocket and opened her phone. It was Carlisle.

"Tell Bella that Charlie is safe I'm keeping watch." I could here him say. Alice relayed the message to Bella.

"Carlisle, what are we spouse to do?" Alice asked him.

"I don't know. They are following both scents, they split up we need to split up even more. Alice, you need to take Bella and Jasper to somewhere and Edward has to go the opposite direction he is the one most connected to her, he has her smell on him. Alice we're dealing with at tracker."

"Carlisle I don't know if we can do that." I said. I had taken the phone from Alice.

"Edward you have to."

I thought about this for a long second.

"If we were to split up where would I go?" I finally said.

"You would go north on a plan."

"What about Bella, Alice, and Jasper?"

"Phoenix? I don't know the opposite direction your going."

I handed the phone back to Alice and started going towards the airport.

"What are we doing?" I Bella asked me.

"We have to split up Bella I have to go north, to Canada I guess and you go south." I said to her.

I could see the tears coming; I could also see her trying to hold them back, "Why." Was the only thing she said.

I wasn't the one to answer it was Alice this time, "Bella we have to split up because they won't know what way to go if the scent is on Edward and your with us they won't able to tell where you really are." she had already hung up on Carlisle.

We got to the airport and I sent Alice and Jasper to go get tickets for me.

"Shhhh its okay I'll be back and we'll see each other as soon as this is over and we'll go back to Forks and everything will be fine" I told her think I was trying to assure myself more than her.

I pulled her face up and made her look into my eyes, "It's going to be okay."

Then I kissed her, she put her hands around my neck and twirled her fingers in my hair.

I pulled her out of the kiss expecting that she would need to breathe.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"What that we will see each other again? Positively." I said.

"I'm glad you don't have any doubts." she said.

Alice and Jasper were back and already in there seats I took the tickets from Alice and told them to be safe. I ran to my flight, which was boarding when I got there. When I was settled in my seat I looked out the window and worried the entire time on the two hour flight if they where okay.

When I got off the plan I got a call from Esma Asking me if I was far north I told her yes.

"Edward you really love her don't you?" Esma asked.

"Yes I have waited an entire lifetime for her."

"I understand she's very sweet. At the baseball game we were talking I really like her."

"I'm glad you do."

"One second Rose wants to talk to you."


There was a short pause before she got on the phone.

"Hey Edward." Rosalie said.


"I would like to tell you that I like her too, It's just she's going to want to be one of us Edward she's going to want to be a vampire." I could hear an odd emotion to her voice, sadness maybe?

"I don't know, I hope not, I want her human I don't want her to be like us. I mean I love her I really do, but...I don't know"

"I'm not saying you don't love her." she said kindly.

"I know. Anyway I have to go I'm getting a call from Alice."

"Okay, bye."

I hit the flash button.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, Alice obviously heard the distress in my voice.

"Yes everything is fine, Bella is asleep, we were wondering about you."

"I'm fine, but I have to go I need to run a little further north and then I'll check in around four ‘kay."

"Sounds fine, bye."


I hung up the phone and got out of the airport.

I ran for a few hours and it was almost six by the time I was 300 miles south of Yukon Territory. I got a phone call from Carlisle.

"So how are we on everything?" I asked.

"They left Forks and are headed in all directions." he said.

"Guess that means all of us need to relocate."

"Yes. I have already called Alice and Jasper; they said you have checked in very many times in the last few hours."

"I have, being away from Bella isn't working out to well, every other thought I have is another way they could think of killing her."

"I know it can't be easy."

"Believe me it's not."

"She's very pleasant; she gets along very well with everyone."

"In any case this will all be over soon."

"Yes it will. Edward I need you to wait one moment Alice is on the other line."


There was a short pause then Carlisle was back.

"There is a new plan you need to head towards the next airport and get to Phoenix."

"Why Phoenix?"

"That's where Alice, Bella, and Jasper are going. The false trails have worked! There not following Bella's real trail anymore."

"They have that's great news I'll be in Phoenix soon tell Alice that."

We said a few more things and then we hung up the phone.

Within another few hours I was at the airport and on my way to Phoenix, to Bella.

Hours passed before I got to Phoenix. When I got there, there was more danger. Bella ran.

The panic was too much to handle. I ran faster than the others and got to where she was before anyone else, it was a ballet studio.

I got inside easily the door was unlocked. I found the studio they where in Bella was nearly unconscious James went to her side and picked up her hand and bit her. That was too much to bare I went at him with all my force and hit him into the next wall cracking the few mirrors that weren't already cracked. Alice and Jasper were close I could her there thoughts; Jasper was calling Carlisle to get down to Phoenix and Alice was worrying to much to pay attention to anything that was being said over the phone.

This time he came at me and I grabbed his arm and twisted around to where it was off and he was screeching in pain. Luckily Bella was unconscious so she didn't have to see this Alice and Jasper where her now; I told them to take over and they did. I called Carlisle in panic and he picked up the phone.

"He bit her!" I said not even able to hold back the panic in my voice.

"Edward it's okay calm down I'm about three miles away don't do anything yet, and don't move her at all." He said in a reassuring tone.

Two minutes later James was in shreds and Carlisle was there.

"You need to suck the poison out of her" Carlisle said.

"Why can't you do it?!" I said with even more panic.

"E-E-Edward?" Bella said.

"Stay calm Bella its okay James bit you and Carlisle is going to suck the poison out."

"You do i-i-it." She managed to get out.

"I don't know if I can I don't know if I could stop!"

"Edward, do it! Sitting here arguing isn't going to help anything!" Alice was yelling at me.

I took one deep breathe and picked up Bella's hand.

I hope he can do this, if he killed her I don't think he would want to live much longer either, he has found his love, his life. Alice thought. Sometimes I think they forget I can read there minds. I thought.

I put her bit to my lips and started drinking. I was very cautious, but it tasted so good, with Carlisle there though it made things a little easier.

I drank in tell the only thing I could taste was the morphine.

"Is it all out?" Carlisle asked.

"Yup all I can taste is the morphine now." I said satisfied.

"We should get here to a hospital."

"Okay. Jasper go get the car."

That was it everyone was safe.....well technically anyway.

A few days later

I was sitting in the chair next to Bella's bed staring at her when Renee walked in. She was a pretty woman she had the same nose, eye, and lips as Bella.

"Hello Edward." she said.

"Hello." I said back.

"You like Bella don't you, Charlie told me that was the reason she left because she was getting to attached to Forks," she paused, "at least that was what Alice said to Charlie."

"It's true and then Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and I came to clam her, it worked and we all got a hotel room together and she fell out of a second story window."

"Only Bella could do that." She said smiling and looking at her daughter.

"Only Bella." I agreed smiling too.

"Well anyway I'm going to go eat lunch with Charlie and Phil, do you want to come?"

"No I'm fine I'm just going to stay here."

"Okay then." She said smiling and saying goodbye.

Ten minutes after Renee left Bella woke up.

"Good afternoon Bella." I said smiling, glad that she was awake.

"Good afternoon." She said

"How do you feel?"

"Well considering I was attacked by a vampire and my head feels like 10,000 pounds of bricks fell on it, pretty good." She said smiling.

"Why did you run?"

"I thought he had my mom captive and he said he would kill her and I both if I brought anyone with me. After I got there I realized he used one of our old family tapes and then I was being killed until you showed up." She said, "Now that I've told the real story what's the one we're using?"

"You feel out of a second story window in a hotel." I said.

"Oh yeah everyone is going to believe that" she said with sarcasm.

"Well Alice and I got a little carried away with the details; if you wanted to you could probable sue the hotel if you wanted." I said shrugging.

Renee was coming back and I had to ‘sleep' so Bella and Renee could talk.

"I think this boy likes you." Renee said, "And I think you like him back."

"It's....Well.....Yeah." Bella said blushing.

Renee started laughing Bella joined in.

"I missed you Mom." Bella said.

"I missed you too honey." Renee said back.

A few minutes later the nurse came in and said it was time for more medicine that was going to make here fall asleep. Bella protested telling her to wait about an hour and the nurse said thirty minutes.

Renee left the room and I ‘woke up' from my ‘nap' and went back to the side of Bella's bed.

"How was your nap" she said teasingly.

"Interesting." I said smiling, and then I leaned down and kissed her. The heart monitor stopped and the nurse came in, "Is everything alright?" she asked with worry plastered on her face.

"Everything's fine" Bella said.

"Alright." The nurse said smiling while she left the room.

Bella just then realized why she was smiling, I was still leaning over her and it looked like I was in the middle of kissing her, "Well guess I can't do that anymore." I said smugly, "I think it's time for your medicine and he reached for the nurse call button and she came in and gave her a new IV.

"Sleep well my love." I said