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Chasing You

This might be the sequel to Alone Again, depending on how it turns out... Maybe not. It doesn't have much in common with Alone Again, but it sort of just...fits. I don't know--you can tell me--when you REVIEW!!! Which you are going to do, right?? So yes Edward leaves again, and Bella finds herself alone. She tracks down another vampire and demands him to changer her. Now, as a vampire, Bella can chase Edward forever... FINALLY! THE LONG AWAITED LAST CHAPTER!! Sorry that this only took forever and a day, I just was busy, then I was updating my other stories, and then I almost forgot about this one. But never fear, it's up, and I'm also going to post an "outtake". It's just a cute clip of Edward being jealous. :D Enjoy!

Okay, so i'm taking a shower, and the song comes on the radio (yes, i blast the radio in the bathroom so that it covers my terrible one man band in the shower) Thanks for the Memories by Fall out boy, and i was intrigued by the lyrics and it sort of started this thought. What if Edward left, again?? How would Bella react?? So yeah, that's where this story came from...<33 Oh yes, and Btw, REVIEW!!!!!!

1. Preface

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 151   Review this Chapter

Preface (flashback)

No. No. NO!! This could not be happening. Not again.

I felt a strange sense of déjà vu as Edward let his voice ring out through the forest, its tone captured by the trees, forever imprinted into the hard bark of the surrounding forest.

“Bella, I…I just…can’t.” His words pierced through my chest, leaving a wide gap in their wake. They mangled my heart, tearing it apart and forever leaving it in a thousand tiny pieces. I allowed hot tears to spill out onto my cheeks, a small reminder of the pain that racked my body. He really meant it this time.

Turning on his heel, Edward disappeared into the forest, taking my heart, my world, my life with him. I fell to my knees, and cried.

I love you, Edward…I always will.

One night yeah and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See he tastes like you only sweeter