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Chasing You

This might be the sequel to Alone Again, depending on how it turns out... Maybe not. It doesn't have much in common with Alone Again, but it sort of just...fits. I don't know--you can tell me--when you REVIEW!!! Which you are going to do, right?? So yes Edward leaves again, and Bella finds herself alone. She tracks down another vampire and demands him to changer her. Now, as a vampire, Bella can chase Edward forever... FINALLY! THE LONG AWAITED LAST CHAPTER!! Sorry that this only took forever and a day, I just was busy, then I was updating my other stories, and then I almost forgot about this one. But never fear, it's up, and I'm also going to post an "outtake". It's just a cute clip of Edward being jealous. :D Enjoy!

Okay, so i'm taking a shower, and the song comes on the radio (yes, i blast the radio in the bathroom so that it covers my terrible one man band in the shower) Thanks for the Memories by Fall out boy, and i was intrigued by the lyrics and it sort of started this thought. What if Edward left, again?? How would Bella react?? So yeah, that's where this story came from...<33 Oh yes, and Btw, REVIEW!!!!!!

3. Ecstasy

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(Edward’s POV)

Making my way through the line in the cafeteria, I picked out a bread roll, an apple, and a water bottle. Not that I would eat any of it, but it would look kinda funny if we never ate anything…

I sat down next to Alice and began to pick at my food. Alice didn’t even bother talking to me anymore--no one did--they all had learned one way or another that it wasn’t worth the breath. I wouldn’t answer, I wouldn’t even acknowledge that they were speaking. I was dead to the world.

Leaving had been terrible. After moving to Astoria, Oregon, I was dead. I curled into a tiny ball and stayed there for a week--not breathing, not crying, not feeding, just…dead.

Finally, Carlisle had talked me into going to school, but I still wouldn’t talk to anyone. My last words to Bella were the last words on my tongue, and aside from answering teacher’s questions, I hadn’t spoken since. I didn’t want to. Now, almost a year later, I still wouldn’t. I would get up, go to school, come home, and then go upstairs and wait for school again.

So now was no different. I sat, picking away at my food, lost in my own misery and depression, dead to the world. Dead to myself. And then Alice gasped.

I looked up at her momentarily, startled by her sudden intake of breath. She was staring at something at the other end of the cafeteria, her face lit up by a dazzling smile. I didn’t bother finding out what it was, probably just the new student that the entire school had been anxiously awaiting. Today was supposedly her first day, and judging by every single male at this school’s thoughts (yes, that did include male teachers), she was “incredibly sexy”. Whatever.

Alice leapt up from her seat and ran towards the newcomer, the smile on her face so big that I had to look. After all, Alice doesn’t normally get excited about new students.

I rose my gaze towards the opposite end of the cafeteria slowly, the depressed look that had seemed permanently painted on my face still in it’s position. As I saw what stood there, I let it slip from my face.

In front of me stood a medium-sized girl, with Alice draped around her like the latest accessory. The expression on her face was unreadable--a cross between happiness and sadness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She was obviously a vampire, probably new judging by the faded burgundy color of her eyes.

And she was gorgeous.

Her shoulder-length rich chocolate colored hair was wavy and weaved with caramel-colored tones. Her heart-shaped face was beautiful--prominent cheekbones, thick dark lashes, full lips, a strong chin and perfectly sculpted brows. She had on tight jeans and a fitted top--accentuating her curvy frame. She smiled timidly, revealing straight, white teeth, and her eyes sparkled with something unknown.

A million different emotions clashed inside me, each fighting for domination. Had I a heart, it would have been pounding straight out of my chest--beating madly. A strange fuzzy feeling crept up my legs, through my torso, and all the way through the top of my head, leaving me with an elated feeling of pure ecstasy and determination. I leapt out of my chair and sprinted over to the girl, lifting her up and spinning her around in one swift motion.

It was Bella.