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El tatuaje?!

El tatuaje means The tattoo in Spanish, I chose Spanish bcause I think it sounded pretty. Yes it is about tattoos. It is VERY OOC!!! :) I seem to really like writing OOC stories :) I KNOW vamps can't REALLY get tattoos!

This idea came to me in a dream (I get this type of dream when I don't sleep or have time te eat much, until I just crash)...Hey! Awsome! I'm just like Stephenie Meyer! But I don't own the charcters... :( *cry* Please don't sue me, even for the Gummi beas Emmett like to abuse...(if you are confused check out Star's first story "Emmett and the bears")

1. ¡Sorpresa!

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"Edward! Come here NOW!" I screamed at my thick-headed "brother".

"What do you want Alice?"

"Your girlfriend is getting a tattoo!" I was freaking out.

"Bella’s getting a tattoo?!" Emmett my other "brother", he too was at least partially retarded.

"Yeah, I know." Edward wasn’t freaking out that his darling Bella was getting a tattoo. That was making me freak out even more.

"Alice, really. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t know about something as big as her getting a tattoo?!"

"Well...." I hesitated.

"Besides, I already got one." He was way too calm.

"Edward how the heck did you do that? Wouldn’t your skin break the needle? You are a vampire!" I asked as Emmett was begging Edward to tell him how so he could get one.

"Well... I e-mailed the Volturi, and asked what they knew. The replied that any vampire who did tattoos could do it. I asked them for a list of all those who did tattoos and, luckily there was one right in Port Angles."

"But... why are you and Bella getting tattoos" I questioned.

"Bella mentioned that she wanted one and I wouldn’t let her get one unless it was one we both got and agreed on. I had thought that I couldn’t get one...so I promised her. Then I found out that I could get one."

"Dude! Awesome! Where on your body did you get one? What design? Wonder if Rose would let me get another one..." Emmett trailed off.

"WAIT ONE MINUTE!" I yelled turning to Emmett. "You have a tattoo?"

"Umm, yeah. It stayed from when I was human. It was a bear."

"Haha, Emmett ironic!......Hey! I didn’t realize that Rose knew so many of your curses. She isn’t happy about the idea of you getting a new tattoo." Edward said between laughs.

"Emmett! You’re only chance of getting a new tattoo is in your dreams- which you don’t have! SO NO WAY ARE YOU GETTING A NEW TATTOO!" Rose was not obviously happy about the idea of him getting a new tattoo. "I hate that I have one - I’m NOT letting you do that, again!"

"Rose, you have a tattoo?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I got it right before I was turned and I hate it."

"She has a red rose wrapped around a cross on her back." Emmett interjected.

"Are Jasper and I the only tattoo less ones? Do Carlisle and Esme have tattoos too?"

"Actually, yes we do." Esme’s soft voice came drifting in to the front hallway from the living room that she was redecorating...again. "It’s a gothic cross. Mine says ‘Carlisle’ and his says my name. I got mine shortly after he left and he got his after he saved me."

"Aggghhh!! Where have I been? How did I not know you all had tattoos? Even Jasper has what could be tattoos. From the newborn wars."

"Yes, Alice, but I didn’t choose those. As for your question I can answer that...right here safe in my arms"

"Anyway, Edward, how could you?!" I asked in a desperate attempt to turn the conversation to the original topic. He just laughed.

Rose stomped off tugging poor Emmett along with her, presumably to yell at him some more.

Edward stopped laughing at me and started to laugh at their retreating figures (as well as their thoughts) and went back upstairs to his music. Jasper left to go hunting while I just stood there thinking. After a bit I decided to run over to Bella’s house. I walked in the front door, said "Hi" to Charlie and went up to wait in her room. Normally that is where she was when she wasn’t with Edward, but she had gone down to LaPush for a bit to talk to her dog friend, Jacob. After about five minutes, I could hear her truck rumbling up the street. She to greeted Charlie and then went up to her room. She turned the light on and screamed. Then, when she realized it was just me she yelled back down to Charlie that it was only me.

"Alice! What are you doing here?" She asked.

"A better question would be ‘Why are you getting a tattoo, Bella?’"

"Oh...you saw it?"

"Yeah... Why the heck are you getting a tattoo?"

"Because Edward already got one..and I can’t back out now."

"Yes you CAN!"

"Alice, I am getting a tattoo, and that’s that."

"But...but...but" I spluttered.

"Alice, since you’re that worried...go cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT!"

"Umm, Bella...vampires don’t really ‘cry’"

"Alice! You know what I mean!"

"Uggghhh! Fine. Whatever. Do what you want. But in a couple of decades, when you don’t want it anymore, remember that I warned you!"

"Alright, Alice, I’ll remember-hey ‘decades’ does that mean you still see me as a vampire?!"

"Yes." I sighed, but was amazed when she began to jump and dance around her tiny room.

"Why are you so excited?" I asked as I caught her when she unavoidably fell down.

"Because, Edward has refused to even talk about the idea, lately."

"Oh..." Then something occurred to me. "Does Charlie know?" Judging from the guilty look on her face I correctly guessed the answer was "no"

"No, he doesn’t know, and I’m not going to tell him either!"

"Good luck with that." I paused for a vision. "It’s not going to work. You are going to get it on your right ankle. You will be wearing shorts. He’ll have come home from the station early to surprise you, and will see it."


Today was the day! I was finally getting my tattoo. I was getting the same design as Edward. Edward’s was a band his arm, mine would be around my right ankle . It was a band of interlocking hearts, and in the center were two hands holding a heart. It did not have color was very simple and absolutely perfect. I loved it. And as far as I knew Edward did too.

There where only two things I was worried about: The possibility of pain, and Charlie finding out. I could make myself forget the first, but the second stayed it my mind constantly. I was so worried that I had worn knee-high socks and long pants...even though it was one of those rare, warm, but very cloudy days, that only happen in Forks. Then suddenly a pair of cold lips met my warm ones and I gasped, surprised.

"Hi, Edward! Are you ready?" I asked when we pulled apart.

"Of course, love." He led me to his shiny Volvo, and held the door for me. I got it barely missing the roof. The ride was quite and consisted mainly of me staring at him.

I had decided to go to the same tattoo parlor as Edward, just because the guy was fast - he was after all, a vampire- and so our tattoos would match exactly. Once we arrived I walked in and only slipped once. The man inside smiled when we walked in.

"Ahhh, the couple that want the matching hearts!" He was covered in tattoos and his name for this lifetime was "Rob".

"So now it is the lady’s turn?" He asked.

"Yes sir, it’s now my turn."

"Then I’m sure you would like to know that my gift is to make any physical pain disappear...or at least seem to. Its kind of the reverse of Jane for the Volturi’s talent."

"Thank you for telling me, I feel so much better now."

"I thought you would. Now down to business, would you like yours on your arm like him or some place more...." when he heard Edward’s growl, he quickly added "open".

"Uhh, I’d like it on my right ankle I think."

"Alright. Just give me a couple seconds to get everything I need." He got everything at vampire speed so it really WAS only a couple seconds. He beckoned me over and I sat as Edward came up from behind me and rolled my pant leg up, and my sock down. Rob worked very neatly and it didn’t take long. When he finished he let me see it and it looked great. I loved it. He warned me it might be sore later and told me how to care for it. His final piece of advice was to change into shorts and no sock shoes as soon as possible. When Edward and I left he dragged me right into a clothing store and made me buy a whole new summer wardrobe. The ride home was even quieter than the ride there. I was flying so high I barely noticed when Edward said that he would need to go hunting that night and the next day. I kissed him good bye. I must have been really out there because I didn’t even notice Charlie’s police cruiser parked in the driveway. Or that I was still wearing shorts and flip-flops. I walked in and heard the TV. I thought that I must have left it on, though I didn’t remember turning it on. I walked in the Living room and saw Charlie. I tried to tiptoe out, but it was too late he saw me and turned around.

"Hey, Bells! Nice shorts... WHAT IS AROUND YOUR ANKLE?!?"