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Cruel Computer

THIRD ONE IN SERIES. Only SiLlYnEsS. Emmett is being blackmailed but none other than a computer! One thing leads to another and he finds himself running for his life. Literally! Can he escape being mauled or will even more chaos ensue?

If I get 5 stars for this story, I'll consider myself to be a 5-star author. Haha. This has a little more slapstick comedy than my previous ones. Pardon me if my characters act out of the ordinary at times. On that note, enjoy!

3. Epilogue

Rating 5/5   Word Count 308   Review this Chapter

“Hurry up, Edward. We only have three minutes left before he comes up here.” Alice complained.

“Hold on… And done.” Edward ejected the CD from Emmett’s computer.

They sneaked out and returned to Alice’s room. Rosalie and Jasper were waiting.

“Is it done?” Jasper asked.

Alice’s smirk answered all the questions.

Edward placed the CD into Alice’s computer.

“Activating virtual share… NOW.” He clicked ENTER.

13% completed. Emmett’s infamous stomp could be heard coming up the stairs. 45% completed. Only a few seconds left. 80% completed. Emmett turned his doorknob. 96% completed. Emmett sat down and logged on. 100% completed.

Edward smiled. “Let the fun begin. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you access to Emmett’s computer.”

“What is he doing?” Rosalie asked.

“Is that… Line Rider?”

“Do you think we should’ve told him to jump around in those trees in that squirrel suit?” Alice asked.

“Are rabid squirrels going to attack him?” Jasper asked in return.


“Then, yes.”

The four stood by the window, waiting for the right moment. Then Edward took out his whistle and blew.

“Cha cha cha!” It came clearly from the distance.

Pretty soon, Emmett came running back in. Alice made sure to close the door on his tail.

“Those squirrels are freaky! It’s as though they were bred in some top-secret government lab or something.”

Not really, Alice thought. Just our basement.

Soon enough, he was out again, suited up in random kid/gardener/household nanny products.

“He looks like a Ghostbuster.” Edward commented. “A sad, pathetic Ghostbuster.”

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Then, a cluster of the moving brown Furbies (yes, that’s what crazed squirrels look like) attacked Emmett all at once, overwhelming him.

“Should we help him?”

There was a slight pause.

“Nah.” Everyone replied.

Revenge never tasted more sweet. Blood sweet.