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Out cast

Edward didnt want to be a monster but he couldnt help it.....maybe he'll change. But who will change his mind?

My bestest buddy Michelle wrote this, not me, but i posted it for peoples to see her amazingness! And she has read the books she just changed a few things! Like Carlisle and Esme's past and what not!

1. Out cast

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Humph. Stupid human. Walking the streets alone at this time of night. Aren’t you afraid of something happening to you? Huh. Oh well, why should I care at all? I’m going to end your life right here, right now, and no one is going to get in my way.

As I got closer to the human, I could hear her thoughts clearer. Huh? Is someone following me? Ha. You’re exactly right. To bad you can’t do anything about it.

I was only a couple of feet away from the human girl when she stopped all of a sudden.

"Hey. Why are you following me?"

Huh? How could she have known I was following her? I was as quiet as a mouse.

"Hey! Answer me! Why are you following me?"

Well, my cover was ruined, might as well give her what she wants. As I walked closer to her, I could smell her salty blood. The smell of it was so sweet, it was unbearable. I could just imagine how her blood would feel against my tongue. How her thick warm liquid blood would feel so good going down my long throat. It was just a matter of minutes until my dream became reality. "Do you really want to know?" I say as I walk into the dim light of the street lamp.

Oh! He’s ... he’s gorgeous! The way his topaz eyes sparkle is unbearable. Especially when it’s under that gorgeous bronze hair of his. He’s also kind of masculine! And what’s this smell? Don’t tell me, it’s him! He smells like berries, or something sweet. Mmm what ever he’s wearing is not cologne, but it smells so good. Man! I can’t believe I’m falling for a stalker! Come on Nicole! Get a grip! She thought as she saw me step into the light. I know I should be use to this, but. I still don’t understand why humans say this every time they see my kind.

" Yes. I want to know why you’re following me."

Huh, brave. "Tell me something first. What is your name?"

What? Why does he want to know my name? " Uh, Ni ...Nicole."

"Hmmm. Getting scared are we?" I love playing with food.

" Wh ...Why are you - Ahhh!"

Before she could finish, I jumped up into the air like a cheetah and attacked the girl, Nicole. Mmm, the taste of her hot thick blood was so good. A little bitter, but still good.

After I had my fun. I headed back home. I didn’t want to go back because I knew Carlisle, my ‘father’ would harass me about my hunting trip as always. I use the term, father loosely because Carlisle isn’t my real father. Everybody in my family is not related to me by blood. All of my brothers and sisters range from eighteen to nineteen years of age, and they were all in terrible danger of dying a long and painful death. Carlisle started this family. He was bitten by a vampire that was in love with him. The only problem was that Carlisle didn’t love her back, so he left her. Then he changed my ‘mother’, Esme, at a fancy dance. Esme was beaten almost to death, but Carlisle bit her to make sure she didn’t die. Esme was great full to Carlisle after the pain was over and immediately fell in love with him, and you know the rest.

Then they met Alice and Jasper. Alice was only eighteen when she was changed. But it wasn’t by Carlisle. She was changed by Jasper who was nineteen , and madly in love with her. The reason why Jasper changed her was and still is unknown. When ever I asked the two of them why Jasper changed Alice, they just giggle and stare into each others eyes. It gets very annoying. When Carlisle and Esme met the two of them, they saw that they were like them. They only hunted animals. So Jasper and Alice joined them.

Then one day, they met me. I was eighteen when they changed me, over a thousand years ago, and I’m still eighteen. Anyway, I guess I was really sick and was about to die when they met me, so they changed me. Then there’s Rosalie and Emmet. They are both nineteen and they only hunt animals too. There story is similar to Jasper and Alice’s. So there’s no need to think of them.

I walked up the long dirt path and up the white marble stair case. I knew Clarlisle would be in front of the doors as I opened them. So I tried to walk as slow as I could. As soon as I opened the door, I was not treated to a nice, welcome back Edward! How was your little hunting trip? But a loud yelling from Carlisle.

" Where have you been! No, don’t answer that! I know where you’ve been! You’ve been hunting innocent humans again! Edward, I don’t understand! Why can’t you just be like the rest of us?"

"Carlisle, lower your voice, and calm down." Esme put her hand on Carlisle as she did this to try to calm him down. I guessed it worked a little since he relaxed his face.

"Carlisle, you give me this speech every time I go out to hunt, and every time I tell you the same thing. I wont ever change my mind. The devil’s world will freeze over before I ever sink my teeth into an animals body. I’m sorry Carlisle. Maybe it’d be best if I wasn’t in this family anymore."

"What! No Edward don’t!" Alice and Esme both said this at the same time as they each took hold of one of my arms. I felt guilty after that. Esme and I were very close, and I didn’t want to see her cry or at least look like she was. Alice on the other hand was just like Esme. Sure she didn’t like what I was doing, but she still supported me one hundred percent. How could I ever say something like that, and not think about those two before I said anything?

"Eh ... Hm. Esme, Alice, ... I’m sorry. I wont go. I promise." Alice lifted her head from my chest to make sure I wasn’t lying.

"Good. I’m glad." Alice said with tears welling up in her eyes. They didn’t drop out of her eyes though. I could tell she was really happy. As I looked away from Alice, I saw everybody else have the very same look on there face. I guess they really did care about me enough to want me to stay.

"Edward, don’t ever say that again. If you do, ... you’d better watch out." Jasper hated to see Alice look like this, so I understood why he said this. He was very protective when it came to Alice.

"Same thing goes for me Edward. If you do anything like that again, you be sure to watch your back." I look away from Jasper to see that Rosalie had her face hidden in Emmet’s chest. I never knew Rosalie felt like that about me. It made me feel much closer to her when our eyes met when she look up from Emmet’s chest. I saw that she was really hurt, but glad at the same time when I looked into her eyes.

"Humph. Sure. I promise I’ll try not to make any of you feel this way ever again."

Esme looked at Jasper, then Emmet before she got upset again. "You guys better be kidding about hurting him."

"Uh..." Of course, Jasper could never lie to Esme.

"Uh, what he means is that we’ll do what ever makes you happy." Emmet didn’t make things any better. As soon as he said that Alice went to go hit Jasper, Rosalie hit Emmet, and Emse hit Jasper and Emmet on the head. After everybody had there laughs. Emse turned to me to tell me to take a bath.

"Ugh. Edward, you smell like human blood again. Go take a shower!"

As I took my shower, I had a lot of time to think. Maybe I should hunt animals from now on. This will just happen every time I go hunting and I can’t take it any more. I was still deciding wether or not I would hunt animals when Rosalie knocked on the door.

"Um, Edward? It’s me Rosalie. Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Uh sure. The doors unlocked."

"You really should lock the door before you get in the shower we rarely use."

"Sure. I try to remember that next time. Now, what did you want to talk about? Couldn’t you have waited until I was done?"

"Well, I couldn’t wait."

"Humph. Figures."

"Edward? Were you serious about leaving earlier?" As soon as she said that, I stopped what I was doing. Why was she bringing this up again? I told everybody I wouldn’t leave even if I really wanted to, so why is she so worried?

"Well, yeah. I was serious, but, I told you guys down stairs that I wouldn’t leave. Why are you so worried?"

"I was worried you were lying. Edward, I know I don’t show it, but the truth is, the way Alice and Esme feel about you, is the same way I feel about you. In fact, I didn’t want you to know about this, but, when ever you went hunting, I tried to convince everybody to let you keep doing what you were doing, and not harass you about it. I guess it worked a little.

You should have seen the way everybody acted the first time they figured out what you did when you said you had to do something. And don’t tell Alice I told you this, but she wasn’t one hundred percent behind you until I convinced her you wouldn’t be like other vampires who kill people. Before that, everybody was against you except for me, and they planned on killing you, but Esme wouldn’t allow it. So, instead, they just begged you every time you came back."


"Yeah?" After she answered me, I moved the shower curtain just enough so she could only see the top half of my dripping wet body. Rosalie of course screamed in shock, but I ignored her and went on. "Rosalie. Why did you do that? Why weren’t you against me like everybody else?"

"Isn’t it obvious? I did that because you’re like a brother to me and I didn’t want to see you be killed. I’ve seen my brother get killed before I joined you guys and I didn’t want to see it again. You look a lot like my little brother, so if I saw you die, it would have been a while for me to go back to the way I am now."

"Oh." I felt worse now. I new about Rosalie’s little brother before this and I couldn’t believe I didn’t remember that before I ran my mouth. "Rosalie, I’m sorry. I forgot."

"It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to." A few seconds passed before I let the shower curtain go back to the way it was and turned off the water.

"Hey. Don’t feel so bad, okay? Here. I brought you your clothes. I knew you would forget to bring them with you, so I brought some for you. I’ll leave so you can get dressed."


"Sure, no problem." As Rosalie walked to the door, she stopped and turned around. "Oh, and Edward?"


"You should work on your abs. You look so pitiful with only a one and a half pack."

"Huh? Uh, hey!" After that she ran out of the room. I knew she was trying to get me distracted, but it didn’t work. How could I not worry? I mean, what if she was wrong? What if I did turn out like the other vampires and have to be killed? At that moment I decided that I had to become what my family refers themselves as. ‘Vegetarians’.

When I went downs stairs, everybody was still there just talking amongst themselves. I guess it was a family meeting about me.

"Uh Edward? We’ve decided with a lot of thought that if you wont change your hunting subjects then we can learn to live with that." Carlisle of course struggled to say this, and as much as it did mean a lot to me, I had to tell them.

"Thanks a lot you guys. But, to tell you the truth, I’ ve decided that I’d become a vegetarian too."

"Are you sure? Why the sudden change in mind?" Rosalie asked the stupidest question ever. How could I not become a vegetarian after the talk we had about me dying.

"Well I thought about a lot of different reasons and I realized I couldn’t do this anymore. If I had to be killed none of you would be able to recover right away and I can’t deal with that. So from now on, I’m hunting animals." As soon as I said that everybody ran to give me a hug.

Emmet angled his head so that I could see his face from under neath everybody and asked, "So, does this mean the devil’s world’s frozen over?"

"Yes and no. But mostly no." I’d forgotten about my threat, and I guessed I lied. Here I am declaring that I’ll be drinking animal blood, and I wasn’t doing it because the devil’s world froze over. It was because I cared about everybody and because of Rosalie’s little talk. Wait. Does this mean Rosalie is the devil? Oh well.

I felt kind of bad. I would miss the taste and smell of freshly spilled human blood. But I would do anything to save my family from grieving over my death. It hurt a lot to imagine my cold torn body get thrown into a large fire and having my family look as though they were crying. I would never forgive myself if that happened.