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I'll Teach You How To Love (Me)

One of the werewolves imprints on a mysterious woman. He travels to the ends of the earth to find her, and then discovers he has an impossible task. He doesn't just have to convince her to love him. He has to convince her love exists at all.

Right- this is a multi-chapter fic. I own nothing. It's in second person, so you can really pick a werewolf besides Jake, Quil, Sam, and Jared. In my mind, it's Embry, and that may be established later. Each chapter has a song which inspired it. I will provide links to the songs. You need to listen to them to get the right mood. I own nothing. REVIEW.

11. I Walk Beside You

Rating 5/5   Word Count 527   Review this Chapter

“Well, you can stay right here. Say you never want to see me again, and you’ll never see me again. It’s as simple as that,” you say, and hear something else shatter.

You think it’s your heart, though there’s no way to be certain.

“Is there another choice?” she says, so casually that it almost affects the euphoria that sends you practically leaping through the ceiling.

“Yes. There is. You can tell me what you want, and I’ll get it for you. You can give me a chance to change your mind about love. You can come with me, right now. Leave this place, this nowhere, and never look back. Come to La Push with me. Live with my mum, or Emily and Sam, or I’ll rent a room for you, or you can stay with me. Anything. Get a job if you want. Don’t if you don’t want. I’ve got one, working down at Jake’s shop. Good business. Great pay. I can take care of you. If you’ll let me.”

You are breathless after making this offer. Your eyes close, and with that motion so slight it’s barely a movement at all, you drift still farther from her, until you’re in a little world of waiting, all alone, where no one, especially not her, can console you, as you wonder.

Again, she is calm and cool. “In exchange for what?”

A tiny sad smile curves across your face. “Nothing.”

“Yeah. Right,” she rebuffs, and for the first time you detect anger in her voice. The hand that’s still touching her face falls to your lap.

You clench your fists and again restrain your fury. That she could doubt your love!

This time, only one obstacle can keep you human. You throw yourself into the abyss of her eyes, and fall there, watching timelessness spin past, seeing the sorrow that lurks inside her.

When you have connected yourself enough to speak, you say only, “I love you.”

She rolls those overwhelming eyes, and so you repeat it.

“I love you. You have no obligation towards me. You don’t have to return or even acknowledge my feelings. But I will always be ready to give you anything you want, whether it’s a material thing or support or even just leaving you alone. I’m yours,” you pronounce, and it’s a fact.

You say it like one, not like some foolish lover’s promise, broken in a moment as easily as water.

As an aside, that saying makes no sense. It is well near impossible to break water, after all. But it’s something your mother always used to say.

And it sticks with you now, for whatever reason. This tie is not fluid as water, but solid as stone.

It will last forever, even if you have to bear it alone.

“So you’re offering… what, exactly? Unconditional anything?”

“Pretty much. Tell me what you want. I’ll get it for you. What do you want, though? You do have to let me know- I can’t read minds.”