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I'll Teach You How To Love (Me)

One of the werewolves imprints on a mysterious woman. He travels to the ends of the earth to find her, and then discovers he has an impossible task. He doesn't just have to convince her to love him. He has to convince her love exists at all.

Right- this is a multi-chapter fic. I own nothing. It's in second person, so you can really pick a werewolf besides Jake, Quil, Sam, and Jared. In my mind, it's Embry, and that may be established later. Each chapter has a song which inspired it. I will provide links to the songs. You need to listen to them to get the right mood. I own nothing. REVIEW.

13. Chapter 13

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You are almost nervous as you open Sam’s door for her. What will she think of your family? What will they think of her?

They are your brothers, your only relatives, your closest friends, your other selves. And she is the love of your life.

What will happen when the two things dearest to your heart collide?

You know that those who have imprinted in your pack will support her and you unconditionally. After all, it’s not like even your new (what? Girlfriend? That’s presumptuous. True love? Too haughty. You settle for ‘responsibility’) the prostitute can be a less appropriate mate than your leader’s two year old niece.

Quil really does take the cake for least acceptable imprint. So you really shouldn’t be so terrified. Sam accepted the baby imprint pretty easily, and Claire’s his dependant. And even the unimprinted guys could understand, after seeing Quil’s thoughts.

You have no reason to be nervous. So why are you actually sweating? Your hands are cold, but you can feel hot butterflies churning in your butterflies.

“They can’t be that bad,” she mutters to you.

You are shocked and gloriously thankful that she would think to comfort you, but you shake your head. “They aren’t bad at all.”

She grins. “I’m not that bad either.”

“No.” Your voice is gentle and filled with love. “You’re not.”

She shakes her head, and you release the sudden delicate tension in the air. You love her, yes, but she knows this and it’s not time yet to press your suit. You don’t want her to be uncomfortable.

“Sam!” you call. “Brothers? Anyone here?”

There is a clattering of graceful but nonetheless clumsily oversized bodies, pouring from the walls as though they were hiding there. Sam is, as always, first.

He greets you with the calm, “Here, brother,” greeting, according to his ritual, and then turns the corner and gasps.

“This is…”

She waves cheekily at him. “Hey. I’m with the tall, hunky guy who doesn’t wear a shirt.”

“Which one?” Sam asks, grinning, as the rest of my pack pops into the hallway, their eyes widening one by one as they rake over her.

She laughs, and you almost want to cover your ears. The sound is too perfect. It hurts to hear.

There are sympathetic glances thrown your way. Others have experienced this, and the rest know it from their remembrances. It is an excess of emotion and love and you can’t bear it.

“I like her,” Jake says with a nod. “I like her a lot.”

You glare at him for a brief instant, until you realize he truly isn’t threatening whatever place you may hope to have in her heart. She’s been accepted as a friend by the pack. She’s one of them now, as much as you are.

Sam nods too, and offers a rare smile to both of you.

“Care to introduce the pretty lady?”

She laughs again, and this time it’s just a tiny bit easier to withstand. “He wishes,” she says.

“I do.”


You shake your head at Seth’s cluelessness. “You’ll get the story soon enough. The whole thing. For now, want to offer our newest pack member some food? I’m hungry too, by the way.”

“When aren’t you hungry?”


You all laugh and she trails you into the kitchen.