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I'll Teach You How To Love (Me)

One of the werewolves imprints on a mysterious woman. He travels to the ends of the earth to find her, and then discovers he has an impossible task. He doesn't just have to convince her to love him. He has to convince her love exists at all.

Right- this is a multi-chapter fic. I own nothing. It's in second person, so you can really pick a werewolf besides Jake, Quil, Sam, and Jared. In my mind, it's Embry, and that may be established later. Each chapter has a song which inspired it. I will provide links to the songs. You need to listen to them to get the right mood. I own nothing. REVIEW.

17. Epilogue- Angel

Rating 5/5   Word Count 828   Review this Chapter

She fits perfectly in your arms. One more reason to adore her, the way she snuggles into your embrace like that’s why you were made, to hold her close.

Perhaps it was.

You reach down and touch her face. She looks up at you, her eyes wide. You are lost, as usual, in the perfection of her gaze. But for once, you notice a new fervor there.

Yes. YES! You read sweet triumph there.

Your devotion has won you the greatest prize in the world. You are going to be permitted to spend the rest of your life by her side, making her happy. You can scarcely believe your good fortune.

And then that is redoubled as she whispers the words. “Look. I ain’t gonna say I love you, kid. But I can tell you this. I like you a hell of a lot better than any other human being I know, and I think you’re just about the best lookin’ dude I’ve ever met. So I guess it’s close enough.”

“I love you, too,” you whisper against her hair. The strands blow under the gentle force of your breath.

She sighs. “You’re impossible.”

“I try.”

A quiet laugh, a brief silence. She holds you closer, and you are careful to remain gentle. She is so delicate. You are so strong. You could break her if you moved too fast.

“You never told me…” you muse. “What’s your real name?”
She groans and pulls away from you. “Do I have to tell you?”

You meet her gaze intently. Her lips are shaking a little. “You don’t have to do anything. But I really want to know.”

Silence. She crosses her arms.

“I know it starts with an A.”

More silence.


Finally, she answers. She stares directly at you and hisses the words. “Fine! But if you ever repeat this to anyone, ever, even your little werewolf buddies, I will never speak to you again. Understood?”

It is your turn to be silent as you nod helplessly.

“All right. It’s Agatha.”

You laugh aloud. It’s such not the name for her. When you hear Agatha, you picture a staid old lady, her graying curls in a crisp bun. Not your wild, red-haired, fiery imprint.

“Fits me perfectly, doesn’t it? And to top it all off, you know what the name means?”
“I must admit I don’t.”

“It means ‘virtuous’.” She erupts in laughter. After a second’s pause, you join her. “Suits me, no?”

“Perfectly… but since I am never to call you that again, what would you like to be named?”

“Hmm…” she thinks for a minute. “You aren’t taking to Jenny, are you? And I’d like to fit in with my sisters and Andy again… How ‘bout this? You pick. As long as it starts with an A.”

You gasp for breath a little. How are you supposed to come up with a word to encompass this angel?

That’s what she is. An angel…

You tease her a little. “How about Agnes?”

“You’re joking,” she informs you. You nod.

“Yeah.” You wrap her in your arms again. “How about… Angel?”

You can feel her smile as she leans her head against your chest. “I don’t think that suits me any better than Agatha, frankly.”

“It does,” you whisper.

“I like it,” she says softly. For once, she’s obviously moved. It may be the first visible show of emotion you’ve seen from her.

“I like it too.” And you slip away.

The gentleness in her voice gives you the strength to say it. You slip away from her and to the ground, fumbling in your pocket to pull out the ring you’ve been carrying with you for weeks.

It’s nothing special. You can’t afford it. But it’s pretty, the big diamond flashing like her eyes, the spray of fire within it as bright as her hair.

“Angel. My beautiful Angel. I will love you forever, as you deserve. I will always be yours. Will you be mine? Will you marry me?”

She looks at you, and you can see the love in your eyes. For a moment, there is quiet, a perfect contentment though you are so nervous you can hear your heart beat in your stomach. And then she shrugs. “Sure. Why not?”

You laugh and laugh and laugh, pausing only when she scoops the ring from your hand and pulls you to your feet.

Your angel lands in your embrace again. Both of you know that is where she belongs.

For the first time, she says it.

“I love you.”

And if you were any happier, you would burst, but you cannot. Instead you hold the angel in your arms even closer.