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To Trust a Werewolf

Sophie was only supposed to come in breifly to attend Bella's wedding, but after a series of events she finds herself living in La Push with a werewolf who claims to be her true love. Can she find it in herself to fit in to the claustrophobic town and fall in love with the one and only Embry Call?

I'm doing a universal disclaimer for the entire story. It's not mine. None of it. Wish it was, but sadly it's not.

1. Because of Creme Cakes

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This town was strange.

That was my first thought as I raised my sunglasses onto my head, mostly because I didn’t need them, but also because I wanted to get the full onslaught of what Forks really looked like. And it was strange. It was so…. quaint. Yeah, that was a good word for it, it was quaint. It looked like it was pulled straight out of an old movie. This quiet little town on the edge of the country probably would never be any place I could ever want to live. I looked to my aunt, well step-aunt, and her black expression showed me that she and I were of like minds.

“I know, Sophie. It’s exactly how I remember it.” She sighs and her dark hair spills into her face while she speeds up to continue driving down what looks like the only paved road in the community. I couldn’t remember the reason now why I agreed to come on this goddamn trip in the first place. Oh yeah, I was forced. I groan and flip my sunglasses back down. Who cares if they were unnecessary, they were designer and that’s all that really mattered anyway. They were for others to envy, not to literally block the sun as was their purpose.

My aunt’s hand found my knee and she patted it daintily. “Don’t worry. We’ll be in and out of here in no time. Bella will get married and then we’ll go right back to Florida where we belong. Your uncle won’t even have time to miss us!” She had an odd way of putting it. It was like she wasn’t stressed at all that her only daughter was getting married at eighteen. Who in there right mind would get married that young is beyond me. I mean my Uncle Phil said that my step-cousin Bella was a nice girl who I should look up to, but I mean the only reason I could think of for her getting married is if she was in a sort of ‘dilemma’. As in a pregnancy. So why he thought it was a good idea for me to spend time with her was beyond me as well. Maybe I wasn’t as smart as my grades reflected.

Whatever, I just couldn’t wait to go back to my boarding school as soon as my two week suspension was over. Never again would I listen to my friends. Never, I don’t care how much fun sneaking out and joy riding into the nearest town to go clubbing is, it’s not worth the torture. I mean being with my Uncle Phil and Aunt Renee was fun that wasn’t so bad, no the bad part was when they were the ones to come pick me up at school to bring me home for two weeks instead of my actual parents. The guidance counselor gave me this look, this sad I-pity-you-because-your-parents-are-to-busy-for-you-look. It almost made me want to get violent with the woman, but I very well couldn’t do that without earning another two week suspension at least. So I just did what I knew best. I sneered at her and walked away with my head held high. Yet, my parents still hadn’t called me. So in the end I guess the counselor won. At least she doesn’t know that though. Well, this brief vacation inside of a vacation couldn’t be that bad, right? It couldn’t be.

Hm, yes, yes it could.

We pulled off the main highway following down a path that I kept saying to myself couldn’t be a road, but it was and it lead to a big house. The biggest structure I’d seen thus far and I jumped out of the rent-a-car as soon as it was in park. I just had to get out; it felt like the small borders of this town were closing in on me, suffocating me. I couldn’t breathe physically and figuratively. I’d never been claustrophobic, but I think I was developing the disease at a rapid speed. I’d always been in cities. As in extremely populated areas where humans decide to conjugate to interact with each other and have running water and electricity. What was this? I was so busy being befuddled that I hadn’t noticed that we had an audience and the introductions were now upon me because it seemed I had zoned out on all the happy welcomes and hellos while I tried to steady my breathing.

“Bella, everyone, this is Phil’s niece, Sophie. His older sister’s daughter. She wanted to come along and help. Phil’s sorry he couldn’t be here so he’s sent her in his stead.” My aunt laughed nervously as she skipped over the part where I was forced to be here against my will and that the only thing from keeping me running and screaming in the other direction was because I had a certain fondness for my new aunt and because I couldn’t drive yet. Aunt Renee was cool to talk to. She really was, so much better than my mother, who I know for a fact never listened to one conversation I had with her.

Suddenly, my eyes popped and the faces staring back at me came into focus finally. All of them, all of them were so pale, so beautiful. Why in the hell were they hiding out in these fucking woods looking like that? Their features were so sharp and calculated, like they were made from a scientist with a math formula. They stood completely still and they smiled tentatively. As if they didn’t want me to be frightened? How could I be, their smiles made them all the more gorgeous, especially the tall blonde girl. My mouth dropped and the least attractive girl, who was still relatively pretty, stepped forward, untangling herself from this gorgeous man, to reach out and greet me. She resembled Aunt Renee so much, like a little replica and I knew instantly that this was Bella, but I could tell she was much more reserved than her mother could ever be. Bella was like this town, quaint. She fit right in here I bet.


I know it’s not polite to stare, but I seriously couldn’t help it! It had been hours and I still couldn’t get over this house and its occupants. I gaped and swallowed at the luxury they lived in, almost like my own house. I really was floored and a bit quieter in this place than anywhere I had been before. I just didn’t want to disturb the peace and sanctity of this huge open house. I figured if they could live like this, then maybe it’s just the outer appearance of the town that makes it seem small. Unfortunately, when I voiced this idea, Bella looked at me and slowly shook her head.

“The Cullens are the only ones who are...er… rich.” Bella finished lamely.

I followed her into a room, our arms littered with wedding decorations, before we set them on the bed. Almost as soon as I had stepped through the front door the small brunette hustled me into chores. I was constantly being asked to ‘hold this’ and ‘put that over there’. Now, I don’t necessarily ‘work’ like this at home or school, in fact I’ve never even fixed my own plate of food in my life. It’s always been served to me from the cook or my nanny. I just never had any chores or duties because no one made me, but I found myself actually listening to this beautiful girl. Her melodic voice made it seem as if I wanted to do it myself, instead of her telling me too. It was all so odd. I felt like I was being put under a spell, a spell that only broke after her golden eyes left mine and by that time I was already half-way through what needed to be done. It was unnerving and psychotic at the same time.

“You know what I miss? Those little crème cakes they served at the bakery on the corner!” My Aunt Renee gushed to the groom’s mom or adopted mom or whatever she was. They had told me the story briefly, but I could hardly pay attention, could you really blame me though? This day was a bit overwhelming, in the physical sense. This is the most work I’ve done my whole life. “I had them for my wedding! Oh, Bella wouldn’t that be wonderful if we had that one thing in common?”

Mom. The wedding is tomorrow.” Bella groaned, but Mrs. Cullen perked up at that idea. She agreed readily, much to Bella’s dismay.

“Would that count as something borrowed then?” I asked in general.

“I don’t think so…” The short brunette, who I found out, was actually named Alice, said to me as her brows furrowed slightly. “The only problem is they closed down the bakery here, but I do believe they sell those cakes just down the road.”

“As in… La Push?” Bella said swallowing hard as her eyes darted into the other room where the men were working.

“But that’s not far, if I remember correctly.” My Aunt Renee insisted as she squinted trying hard to remember her past here once. I understand, I would repress any memories from this town too.

“No, it’s not.” Mrs. Cullen said quietly.

“Great! Let’s order them.” Renee said sporadically clapping her hands together. And that’s the reason why I’m alone, driving, something I’ve never done before in my life, along the main highway out to this town called La Push to pick up our order of crème cakes.

Well it wasn’t exactly the reason, but it factored a great deal into why I was about to die an early death in a horrible collision. Mainly though, no one else wanted to go get the cakes, which was so odd. I mean, I would have volunteered right away when the baker said we could pick them up immediately, just to get out of that house after hours and hours of preparing. Only, I knew I couldn’t because I had no idea how to drive. Well, one by one volunteers dropped like flies. Alice claimed she was the wedding director and couldn’t leave, Mrs. Cullen said that she had to go and make room for the extra addition to the menu, Renee thought it was essential for her to be present as well, all the men were working in the garden where the wedding would be, and Bella sulked out shaking her sadly saying she couldn’t go as well.

“Pre-wedding jitters.” My Aunt confided in me before tossing the keys in my direction. I caught them and looked up at her in surprise. “Just be careful.” Either one, she’s lost her ever-loving mind or two she’s forgotten I’m fifteen and without even a permit. Shit, I’ve never even been in the driver’s seat of a car. Seriously. It took me twenty minutes just tinkering around with the pedals and different drives to get out of the yard. Luckily, I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to automobiles. I do know the big pedal is the brake and that D means drive. It’s just a lot to handle all at one time, especially steering.

So here I am, going under 20 mph in a 55 mph speed zone trying to follow the swirling road without swerving into the dense undergrowth. The pile-up of people behind me got increasingly worse as the time and miles dripped by. Then the honking started. Well, I suppose going a tiny bit faster wouldn’t be that bad. I crouch protectively over the steering wheel squinting into the clouded sky trying to decipher whether this was where I was supposed to be or not. Maybe La Push is bigger than Forks; maybe they have at least four-story office buildings or something. The first few houses I passed leading into the town were not promising. I sigh.

The bakery was easy to spot, right on the corner of the first main intersection in the small town. Now I just had to turn in and park. I gulp and slowly pull into the yellow lines, two set of yellow lines. I put the car in park and hop out to examine my handy work. I’d manage to park our small Honda accord horizontally into two parking spaces. That was a feat in itself. All in all it could have been worse. I could have actually hit someone while pulling in. Another thing that favored me was that the parking lot was deserted of cars.

I trip along to the sidewalk before stopping abruptly to double back and actually turn the car off. I laugh in disbelief before entering the store. It’s not big at all, almost the size of my room, my dorm room, at school. It was plain with wooden walls and a display case at the front where the register sat. The bell taped to the top of the door jingled in response to my entrance and a worn old man with an olive complexion walked out of the back to the front counter. He wiped his hands on his apron before smiling at me.

“What can I do for you miss?”

“Ah, I’m here to pick up crème cakes?” I asked unsure looking behind me, before I remembered that I was utterly alone. It was truly disconcerting; I realized just then that I’d never done anything alone, ever. Never in my life had I been set free into the wilderness of the world, figuratively speaking, to do something all by myself.

“Certainly, you’d be the one who called earlier right?” The old man grinned through his beard and I nodded blowing my bangs out of my eyes. “Give me one moment.” He told me cheerfully before hopping to the back of the store. I fidgeted nervously with my aunt’s credit card twisting it and turning it back and forth in my hand. I couldn’t explain my twitchy behavior, because I’d always had a credit card with my name on it since the age of eight. It wasn’t like I was scared to use it or anything, I was just… jumpy. Maybe it was the fact that this one wasn’t my own platinum card I was use to, but mostly I’m sure it’s because of the awful place I was in. It was doing something to my nerves, like shooting them to hell. I was wound so tightly I thought I might snap at any moment and drive the car to the airport. It wasn’t such a bad idea. I mean I liked Bella and all I just had a serious problem, a phobia if you will, about everything around me right at this moment. I had no idea why.

“Here we go.” The man piled four boxes in two columns on the counter. He told me the price and swiped the card. “Thank you so much.” He called to me as I took the first column of boxes outside and that’s when I realized my car had a boot on it. An iron clip that was fastened to the back left tire. I placed the boxes carefully on the back seat and then slammed the car door with force groaning loudly. How the hell was I going to explain this one to Aunt Renee?

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I yelled to no one in particular kicking the boot and practically breaking my foot in the process. I howled in pain and clutched at it jumping up and down before leaning against the frame of the car. I sighed again and blew heaven wards as my bangs jumped with the updraft of air.

“Problem?” Came a deep, pleasant voice on the other side of the car and I wheeled around to see one of the tallest people I’ve ever seen in my life. He was olive complexioned as well with dark eyes and nearly black hair.

“Y-yeah.” I stuttered and pointed down at the iron boot. Well, so much for not talking to strangers. The tall man walked around to peer at exactly what I was talking about.

“Hm. Looks like the police are getting a little stricter these days.” He murmurs as he rubs the stubble on his chin.

“Strict? I was here for only five minutes!” I burst out in anger and huff as his eyes swivel over my features.

“New in town?” He asks me lightly and I nod. “Well, I suppose that it won’t hurt if I do this just once.” He mutters as if trying to console some war waging in his conscience. I just stare up at him. Literally, I feel as if I have to tilt my head up at a 90 degree angle just to see his face. At my 5’3 and a half it looked as if he could stomp on me. “Did you leave something in the store?” He asks me widening his eyes as if trying to convey something to me. I didn’t exactly get it, but he was right, mysteriously, I did leave the other boxes on the counter.

“Yeah! Be back in a minute.” I snap my fingers and run into the store gathering up the cakes and then walking back to the car. By the time I get back the boot is gone. The tall man is sitting on his haunches still inspecting my tire. When he sees me, he stands up and smiles easily. “There, fixed it.”

“How did you do that?” I gasp in disbelief and very nearly drop the boxes I’m holding. I was so convinced I was completely screwed. That I’d have to call for a ride home.

“Don’t worry about it. The police have been putting boots on people’s cars because no one’s been paying the tickets they give out and our police department’s so disorganized that they can’t remember who has or hasn’t paid in the first place.” He dips his left eye down slowly at me in a wink before smiling briefly. “By the way, nice parking job.” He gestures with his thumb towards my car.

Yes, yes, very funny. I purse my lips and bite m tongue from spitting back a sarcastic response. He did help me out and all. Instead I hunch over to place the boxes of cakes in the back seat with the others when a new deep voice enters this commodity.

“Everything ok Jared? I heard someone howling and yelling from miles away!” The voice said as a teasing manner slipped into his tone.

“It’s fine Embry, just police business.” My rescuer replied in nonchalance and I slammed the door shut looking at exactly who this new man was. He was even taller than my rescuer. He had the same dark complexion and dark eyes. I was beginning to see a pattern here. But once I was looked closer I could see that his hair was different. The new man’s hair was glossy and a deep brown. His face was more angular and pointed.

“I’m ok.” I assured the new man. “Just my foot isn’t.” I smiled and when I met his eyes they suddenly widened and sidled out of focus. I cocked my head to the side as the new man shivered uncontrollably from head to toe.

“Embry!” Jared, my rescuer, hollered and ran over to place a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“Is he epileptic?” I asked in surprise and took a step back completely weirded out.

Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. The man called Embry looked haggard and out of it as he leaned against Jared for support.

“Oh no, why now, man?” Jared sighed wiping the back of his hand against his forehead before looking towards me with awe. “This is not good.” He stated gravely looking to Embry then back to me again. “This is not good.” He repeated.

My face scrunched up in confusion before I looked towards Embry. His head was tilted and he was leaning towards me as if he just wanted to run, tackle, and ravage me on the spot. I freaked. I’ll admit it. I opened my car door and jumped in with speed I never knew I possessed before fumbling with the keys to start the car. I slammed it into reverse and hit the accelerator with unnecessary force. Embry and Jared had to jump out of my way as I hurtled backwards before remembering to brake. I switched gears and as I did so Embry jumped against the door on the opposite side banging against it as if his life depended on it. I gasped and dashed out of the creepy town like there was no tomorrow and the way I was swerving there might not be, but I didn’t care. I had to get out of there. No wonder I was so fidgety, that town was full of epileptics and magicians. If I never had to see that place again I would not be sorry. I took a deep breathe when I realized I must have reached the town limits. The small houses that had littered the highway signaling the entrance into La Push were far behind me. I should have been ecstatic, but I was only feeling nervous and slightly unhinged. For instance, I could have sworn I heard mournful howls in the distance. Nothing made sense anymore. Nothing at all. The only true reasoning I had was I needed to get out of this place and fast. Tomorrow could not come soon enough.