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To Trust a Werewolf

Sophie was only supposed to come in breifly to attend Bella's wedding, but after a series of events she finds herself living in La Push with a werewolf who claims to be her true love. Can she find it in herself to fit in to the claustrophobic town and fall in love with the one and only Embry Call?

I'm doing a universal disclaimer for the entire story. It's not mine. None of it. Wish it was, but sadly it's not.

2. Meeting You

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I let out a deep sigh as the wedding was finally over. It was done with and now I only had the reception before I could leave tomorrow. It wasn’t that bad all in all. The day had passed by smoothly with relatively no little hiccups. I’m serious; if anything had happened today I would have jetted at that moment without thinking about any form of consequence. I came home yesterday visibly shaken, and even though I think Alice gave me a weird look, nothing else seemed to pass out of the ordinary. Maybe it was just La Push that was out of the ordinary.

It didn’t matter now though because I could practically smell the humid air of Florida just in my grasp. I glanced around as the people of Forks swarmed about to congratulate the newly married couple who were beaming. I sighed, it really was a sweet ceremony and it looked like Bella and her new husband were devoted to each other. Maybe Uncle Phil was right, maybe Bella was this nice girl who had a good head on her shoulders, but that’s not what I wanted. My new step-cousin’s priorities were so far from my own that it was ridiculous. I wanted nothing more than to lounge around all my life and have everything handed to me, which has basically happened. Bella was fine living in this small town and being married for the rest of her life. That’s what I call ‘baggage’. She was chained to her husband for all eternity, even if he was gorgeous; what if they wake up and realize they didn’t like each other in the first place? That they would rather travel and become worldly? Yeah, can’t do it, buddy. I suppose there’s always divorce though. That’s a cheerful thought at a wedding.

I stepped around people, so many faces I hadn’t seen before, and headed straight for the waiter holding the champagne glasses on a tray. I picked one up deftly, walking off before he could say anything to me. I sat down at the table that my Aunt Renee had claimed and sipped cautiously on the drink, surveying everyone here. I knew quite literally no one and they didn’t seem too open and welcoming if you asked me, but that was a small town for you. Everyone knew everyone all ready, who needed strangers? I tapped my foot to the beat of the music as it started to play and suddenly a dark figure caught my eye. I turned my head towards the shadow that was impeding my light to see yet another tall man with an olive complexion. He was staring down at me as if he’d just won the lottery.

“Let me guess, you’re from La Push, right?” I half yelled to him over the music and he nodded in agreement before taking an uninvited seat next to me.

“Seth Clearwater,” he told me brightly, holding his hand out in greeting.

“Nice to meet you Seth Clearwater,” I stated back politely before turning away from him pointedly. I was not in the mood for overly thrilled people.

“So what’s your name?” he asked, trying to seem… uninterested maybe? He stretched his long, gangly frame out against the back of the chair before moving his entire body closer to me.

“Sophie,” I admitted grudgingly, sweeping the few strands of loose hair behind my ear.

“So… why are you here?”

“Why are you here?” I bit back in an offended tone and he flinched before leaning his head to one side to crack his neck, as if trying not to get to angry. Then he tried a different approach.

“I’m sorry, that was rude. I just wanted to know if you knew the bride or groom.”

“The bride,” I told him before taking a sip of champagne again. My mother always said a lady does not chug alcohol at social events, but the way this conversation was going that rule was about to be thrown out the window. Seth let out a deep breath of air and shook his head with relief. I eyed him down warily. Something wasn’t right with these La Push kids.

“So how old are you?” Seth began again with a start and I set my flute down, completely annoyed now.

“What government agency are you from? The FBI?” I smarted, wrinkling up my nose in aggravation.

“No, it’s just that you’re drinking champagne so I was thinking that maybe you’re around nineteen or twenty,” he laughed happily before giving my body a serious appraisal with his eyes. He smirked.

“I’m fifteen,” I replied and his dark eyes bugged out of his head.

“No way!”

“Does age matter that much to you?” I asked him uncertainly as he nearly convulsed with amusement and surprise.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter at all,” he murmured and then slapped his knee laughing at what he thought, I’m sure, was a great joke. Yeah, not. I looked at him with confusion and he just waved his hand at me as if waving the matter far away from here. “You’re drinking champagne though?”


“Well, you’re a bit young,” he confessed with raised eyebrows, his smile still planted on his face.

“No one’s ever stopped me before,” I said honestly and gulped down the rest of the drink in one mouthful. Seth looked at the empty glass, then at me with appreciation.

“Your parents don’t care?” he asked me, truly curious. His face was scrunched up like he was doing a math puzzle and I just had to laugh out loud. For all his questions, he was endearing.

“Not in the slightest,” I shrugged as his eyes widened again.

“They sound awesome!”

“That’s debatable,” I told him gravely before sweeping another glass off an unsuspecting waiter behind me. If that was the new direction the conversation was going in, I was going to need a lot more of those. I offered him the drink, but he put his hand up and shook his head with a grimace.

“Can’t,” he replied gruffly.

“Parents?” I tried to sympathize with this strange boy, I really did. He was starting to grow on me, at least in the entertainment department.

“You could say that,” he told me, laughing at another one of his own private jokes. Really though, if he was going to go and be his own comedian in his own little world then that was fine, but don’t bring out your material when there are others in the conversation. I just didn’t get the jokes, but I didn’t think he’d let me in even if I asked him. I wasn't a very nosy person anyway; information just came to me without having to do anything.

“So, Seth, did you come over here to ask me to dance or find out my social security number to steal my identity?” He truly laughed at my question forthright. He was cracking up and shook his head before looking at me with his dark eyes.

“I’m going to be in so much trouble tomorrow,” he told me solemnly, but he stood nonetheless to ask for my hand. He swept me across the floor in a sort of nimble way. Seth wasn't exactly clumsy, but his arms are entirely too big for his body. He held me farther away from him, never pressing my body against his, always keeping his hands above my waist. It was cute though the way he smiled down at me. Even in heels I was quite a bit shorter than him.

“So where exactly are you from?” Here we go with the twenty questions again. I exaggerated rolling my eyes and he simply smiled.

“I live in Florida, but I go to school in Massachusetts,” I respond quietly and I watched our feet move against the tempo of the beat. He stopped. I looked up to see his face frozen in a mask of horror. “What?”

“So when are you leaving?” he whispered and I had to lean in to hear him.

“Tomorrow,” I replied, confused, and moved a bit to get him to continue dancing. He didn’t and pulled his warm arms away from me.

“I’ll be right back,” Seth told me swiftly. “Just stay here.” Like that he walked off, leaving me on the dance floor. Well, I most certainly was not going to ‘just stay here’ as he so eloquently put it. No way, I looked like a fool on the dance floor without a partner. I stormed off to the only place I knew that wouldn’t abandon me. The bathroom. It’s where all girls’ problems are solved. On my way I grabbed another flute of champagne and downed it.

I sat down against the tile counter and stared at myself in the mirror. My golden hair looked a mess from the few minor drizzles coming down every now and again. The artificial waves that I put in it were coming undone and the true nature of my hair emerged, ready to make me look ridiculous. I pressed a finger under my eyes, swiping the eyeliner that ran down in the weather as well. My blue eyes stared back at me in a haunting way as they swept over my disheveled appearance. My pink dress was not my style at all, it had been sent to me from my dorm without delay when I found I needed formal wear. It would not have been my first choice… or second or third for that matter. I tapped my foot impatiently before deciding to leave my haven. That bathroom was just not working out for me. It felt so stiff and out of place in the Cullen’s home because it was so immaculate and brand new. Maybe they just redecorated for the wedding or something?

I emerged from the house and suddenly I was being carted through the bushes as someone grabbed my arm and decided that they needed to hold on to it while going at a breakneck speed.

“What the fu—,” I yelled before the person swung me into their grasp to clamp a hand over my mouth.

“Shh… it’s just me.”

“Seth? Am I being kidnapped?”

“No silly,” Seth laughed and I looked up trying to discern his features from the dark. “I’m just here for an… intervention.”

“Look, Seth, I understand you don’t drink, but trying to break me of that habit won’t work,” I told him honestly but he waved me off with impatience.

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Sophie,” he told me annoyed, as if I was supposed to know already? “Look, it shouldn’t be this way, but you’re leaving so soon,” he moaned in exasperation and continued moving into the forest that surrounded the Cullen’s house. Well, I for one did not want to get lost in that forest with a deranged lunatic who was from a place that I knew was a certified crazy town. So I pressed my heels into the earth, trying to wrench my arms from his grasp.

“No way! Let me go!” I struggled and he barely even looked phased, just a bit agitated.

“Look we can do this my way or we can do this the hard way,” Seth told me seriously and I very nearly punched him in his overly serene face.

“I’ll yell rape,” I growled menacingly.

“The hard way it is.” Seth reached out to grab my neck, hitting a pressure point for a moment and immediately everything went black.

I woke up, or at least I thought I was awake, but I heard whistling in my ears. I groaned and looked around to see Seth running with me in his arms swiftly. He looked at me a moment and smiled before I blacked out again. I think it was voluntarily on my part.

What felt like hours later I finally came around, but at least that time I was smart enough to not open my eyes and move. I took in my surroundings and the first thing I heard was a violent argument.

“…want her to get brain damage?!”

“She wasn’t going to come with me otherwise, it was my only choice, Em!” someone yelled loudly.

You could have hurt her!” someone else roared back and I very nearly covered my ears instinctively.

“At least I found her!”

“I swear, Seth, if you pull a stunt like that one more time—”

“Don’t tell me what to do, EMBRY!” A growl ripped through the night and then— “SETH!”

“Get him out of here, Collin,” a different voice demanded as I heard a flurry of movement and suddenly my head was spinning from just trying to decipher everything that was happening. I groaned softly before trying to sit up only to fall back face down in the dirt.

“You’re fine, you’re fine,” I heard a soft voice murmur in my ear and I was flipped over like a rag doll. Very easily.

A hand brushed against my face, gently removing the dirt, and my eyes fluttered open to focus in on a face. The one who was cradling me against his warm chest. He looked so familiar. Where had I seen him before, he was a La Push boy wasn’t he?

“Remember me?” He asked in the same sweet voice as he gives me a look of adoration. I flipped out. I twisted and turned out of his arms, scrambling towards a tree, the nearest thing to anchor me to this earth, as my reality just flipped upside down.

“What do you want?” I trembled violently and made to stand before realizing that it wasn’t going to work out. I dropped to my knees, putting my arms around the tree trunk in fright. It wasn’t just him who was there though. There were about three others just as massive as him and I was sure that this would be my last night on earth; my body wasn’t going to be found in these never-ending woods.

“It’s okay Sophie. We just want to talk,” the one still on the ground said in an even tone, his eyes shining brighter as my name rolled off his tongue.

“How do you know my name?”

“Seth.” Oh, I’d forgotten about him.

“Where’s Seth?” I looked around and couldn’t spot him anywhere amongst the strangers.

“He’ll be back in a little while,” said a demanding voice somewhere in the background and the man on the forest floor looked annoyed.

“We won’t hurt you, I promise. Please don’t be scared.” I looked at the pleading floor guy and tried to wrack my brains for his name.

“Who are you?” I almost bit my cheek to bleed. I couldn’t believe I was even talking to them.

“I’m Embry.” The floor boy visibly brightened at my curiosity. It meant I’m actually giving him a little of my damn time. Ah, shit.

“Who are they?” I gestured behind him, scuttling closer to the tree.

“They’re my brothers,” he shrugged and with a slow smile he motioned for me to move closer. Not in this lifetime, buddy. But before he had time to be disappointed a bush to the left moved and out came another boy and Seth, but he wasn't in his suit anymore, just more of a loin cloth.

“My mom’s going to kill me,” Seth sighed to everyone before looking down at his state of fashion. “That was my only suit.”

“Don’t pull a Paul.”

“Watch it,” someone muttered viciously from behind in the distance and I whimpered.

“You’re scaring her,” Embry turned to yell at everyone.

“Sophie! You’re awake!” Seth cried, cheerfully lightening up from his little damp rain cloud.

“No thanks to you,” I spat back and he just chuckled.

“I’ve got your best interest at heart,” Seth claimed and I heard a growl emit deep from within Embry’s chest. Seth cowered back and so did I.

“Tell her, Embry. I don’t have all night and neither does she,” the same authoritative voice demanded, and with that Embry’s eyes turned to me, immediately becoming wary and gentle.

“How much do you know,” he began, “about werewolves?”