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violet eyes hide more than just a pretty face


Okay, so this was something that sprung into my mind of its own accord. Blame the massive overdose of LiveSavers, not me. :) As always, it's not mine, but the wonderful Stephenie's. Enjoy!

1. violet eyes hide more than just a pretty face

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Max sat on the balcony of his favorite cafe, sipping deep red wine as the sun set and the sky deepened into twilight. Volterra stirred around him, making the same sounds it always had, ever since his birth. Passers-by called out to one another, feet thumped on the ground, stray animals growled and screeched. And although these sounds were all very separate, very different, they were all interwoven. It was like a song, almost, something that resounded so deeply in him that it was engrained into his psyche. The effect was calming, as it always was, giving him the comforting feeling that today was a day just like any other day: a day full of peace and solitude.

So deep was he in his musings that it took him a while for him to notice the woman. She was sitting a few tables away, staring intently at him. As soon as he looked at her, she stood up.

Instantly, Max was amazed. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with pale skin as smooth and flawless as sculpted marble. Thick black lashes framed wide eyes that were so dark, they were nearly black. The curves on her body were made more obvious because of the clothes she was wearing. A blue skin-tight sequinned top stretched over all her curves, leaving nothing to the imagination. The shirt (if it could be called that) left her narrow waist exposed, revealing a tiny diamond navel piercing. Around her wider hips were black leather pants, hugging her form so tightly that they seemed like a second shiny skin. High stiletto heels clacked on the floor as the woman walked slowly toward Max, hips swaying seductively.

Now that is a beautiful woman, Max thought.

Gracefully, the mysterious woman folded herself into the chair on the opposite side of the table, her movements fluid and hypnotic. He could not help but stare at her incredible loveliness, almost not trusting his eyes.

"Who are you?" Max said, his voice cracking. He was embarrassed. Surely this embodiment of angelic beauty would cast him away, for he did not deserve to be in her presence.

But the woman simply ignored the question, giving no answer. She brought her arm up from under the table so that her palm cupped her chin. Slowly, she leaned forward, until her nose was only inches away from Max's, and spoke, her voice no more than a soft whisper.

"Come with me."

The effect on Max was sudden. The air that blew from between perfect lips was just as intoxicating as the rest of her. He found that the woman's scent, concentrated in her breath, was so strong and so beautiful that it went straight to his head. Dazed, Max tried to blink, but he knew it was no use to resist. He nodded helplessly.

The woman's full, red lips spread apart in a wide smile, revealing shockingly white teeth that only served to dazzle him further. Not giving Max time to recover, she rose up out of the chair with lithe, deliberate movements, leading him away from the noise of the city and into a dark, back alley. It seemed there were already many people there, and their voluptuous guide told them to follow her. Most of them were men, having the same look of lust that was in Max's eyes, their gaze tracking the woman's every move.

Max wondered what they were all doing, briefly, but his incoherent mind could hardly hold on to that thought. He was still dazzled by her beauty, her breath, and her smile, and it was impossible to resist her now. The woman lead them as easily as if they were on a chain. They came to some chamber, where they saw more of the glorious creatures, possessing the same quality of features as the woman did. Max's eyes were widened as far as they could go, his wondering gaze traveling from one gorgeous person to the next. He could hardly see where they were going, so distracted that he tripped over his own feet several times.

But he soon found himself, among the others still, in a huge chamber. Lining the walls were many of the not-quite-humans, all staring at the group that huddled in the center of the room. Suddenly, Max knew something was terribly wrong. He glanced over to the woman who had lead them there, and saw that her expression had completely changed. Her lips exposed the same teeth, but her mouth was set in a snarl and her eyes were narrowed, almost like an animal about to prey upon something.

Alarmed, he looked around the room, and saw every single face had the same look on it: predatory.

Max's breathing quickened; he started to sweat. The people looking at him in that way awoke something deep within him: something primal. Basic survival instincts started to kick in, and the first thing he did was to try and run. But before he could move even a few feet, every one of his predators let out a horrifying, earsplitting roar, reminding Max of nothing less than hungry wild cats.

About then was when the bloodbath began.