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She was a reflection of pure beauty, in his eyes. A true masterpiece that was far more impressive then even the famous Mona Lisa.

Written for the 30_Nights community on livejournal. Just thought i'd share with others if they aren't livejournal members. =] Disclaimer: Twilight and all of it's characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer. I don't claim to own them nor do I make any money off of this fanfiction. Thank you.

2. Choice

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Her brown eyes were aglow with intense curiosity. Even under the dark cloak of the room, he could see the way they questioned him. Longingly silent for an answer.

"Please, Edward," she whined in a whisper, "I told you about my past. It's only fair that you tell me about yours."

He had to admit, he was mesmerized by the way her chocolate pools swam while she continued to please with him. It tempted him to continue to not answer, just to continue to see the way they shined in the soft light coming in from the moon outside. "My past stretches farther back then yours, Bella. Our human memories fade, remember?"

She sighed, then, and closed her eyes before snuggling closer to his hard, cold chest, “Okay, then...”

Damning himself for his uncontrollable desire to keep those warm human eyes open, he slowly wrapped his harms around her small form and brought his cold lips close to her ear. He took a couple of deep breaths, letting the cool air wash over her skin and listening to the sudden increase in her heartbeat. Smirking, he brought his lips even closer to her ear before whispering, “It was in April of 1918. The exact date slips my mind, much like many of the finer details of that evening. Her name was Elizabeth, like my mother's, and I can't recall where or how I met her. She was short and dainty, but still had something to her with curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, the physical features that many men liked in woman, in my time. To most, she was gorgeous. To me, she was troublesome and not nearly as beautiful are you are.”

Bella shifted, moving her face so she could watch his expressions as he told the story of times long ago. Brown eyes were once again reveled to him; illuminated in the soft light of the moon and swimming with intense hunger for more of the tale he was telling.

“I remember very little about her, other then the basics. Only that he voice annoyed me and that she enjoyed talking about herself and her many suitors. Dinner had been a slight disaster, but it was more frustrating then anything else.

“Please Bella, understand that very rarely did I ever mistreat a lady. My mother raised me to behave the way she believed all men should act. And I did behave as such, in the beginning. I opened the door for her, pulled out her chair when we arrived at the table, took her hand to help her rise, but when it was through, I couldn't do it anymore.

“She was just too..Pig-like. I remember that well, into the hospital. Carlise changed me, then...”

She looked confused and slightly sad, now as she stared at him.

Edward shook his head morosely, “I told you, you shouldn't hear about such things.”

“You never had a date that you had fun on, did you, Edward?” She questioned, quietly as she stared up into his beautiful topaz eyes.

He smiled slightly, “Not until I had one with you, Bella. If I ever had to choose who I would spend one last date with, it would be you. Beautiful. Brave. Intelligent. You.”