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She was a reflection of pure beauty, in his eyes. A true masterpiece that was far more impressive then even the famous Mona Lisa.

Written for the 30_Nights community on livejournal. Just thought i'd share with others if they aren't livejournal members. =] Disclaimer: Twilight and all of it's characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer. I don't claim to own them nor do I make any money off of this fanfiction. Thank you.

3. Inner Demons

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Inner Demons

In sleep, she's beautiful. While she dreams, she speaks with the voice of an angel. Such a delicate angel who could broken so very easily. So easily that it wouldn't even take words to kill the little piece of heaven that rested in bed next to him.

A demon laying next to an angel. Such a sight would appall them all. From the deepest pits of hell to the highest clouds of heaven, the news of the angel and he being together would be shouted. How, the angels would wonder, could such a dazzling creature settle for such a grotesque beast? How, the demons would wonder, had such a strong animal settle for such a unremarkable being? How, they would wonder, could their species not understand what they saw in each other?

As he watched her lips move slowly, peacefully, to mumble short phrases and unabashed decelerations of her love for him. Soft, sweet lips that he's tasted before and has found comfort in feeling against his own. The same sweet lips that have been able to heal his every wound, ease his every hurt, and showed him that even the most fragile of beings could be brave when it was in love.

The heart of a living creature was never to be doubted. It could make even the weakest person strong.

He loved her for everything. Everything she was, everything she did, everything she hoped to be, and everything about her that shined. And it was his love for her and her everything that kept him strong, though in her presence he was weaker then even she.

Though he masked his reason for being addicted to her presence well, it didn't make him forget what rested deep within him: The inner demons that would never go away.

With every little cut-

Bella winced slightly as she tugged the ribbon a little more, making it tighten around her thin, pale finger. “I think i'll cut it about right here,” she motioned to the area of the string closest to her finger.

Edward sighed quietly, “Pull the string out a little more before you do that. You'll cut your finger, if you don't.”

“Oh, quit worrying about me. It'll be fine,” she chided jokingly while pulling out the scissors and aligning them with the spot in which she planned to cut.

His hand itched to reach out and pause her in her actions, but he resisted and believed in her intelligence enough to know to move her finger a little when she clipped the ribbon. He trust was unreasonable, though, and went the tips of the scissors connected, her pale skin broke and with a hiss of pain she mumbled a curse.

All of this was unheard by the strikingly handsome male, though. He was too concentrated on holding his breath. Keeping his demons in their chains. Their ever-weakening chains. They pulled and yanked and tugged violently against the metal, and the sound of all of their shouting and the clash of metal against stone echoed in his ears.

Bella continued on her mumbled tirade, not paying attention to the war her lover was currently having within himself. The thought of what he was slipped her mind, now, as it did very often. It was hard to believe that she was dating...creature, that most considered to be a myth.

The thought did come to her, though, when she heard him growl quietly, “Oh! I'm so sorry, Edward!”

Torn became her sheets as she yanked at the corner to wrap a section around her small cut, tying it tightly to assure that no more blood could leak out and make it harder for the man she loved.

It was too late, when she did it. The demons had already made a dent in their chains, and slowly they were gaining chances to be freed...

-and with every slip of tongue-

She was enthusiastic with her kisses. Always pulling her body closer to his and clamping her mouth impossibly closer to his. She enjoyed breathing in from his mouth and breathing his air. And just like his control slipped on occasion, so did hers.

She'd become well-trained, and had learned to keep herself under control, but everyonce in awhile...

Like tonight as they laid together on her bed. He leaned over, slightly, placing a small kiss to her pliant lips before pulling away just enough to rest his lips upon hers. They moved against each her's as he mumbled, “I love you, Bella. Sweet dreams...”

She lost control.

Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she tugged her body down to hers and pressed her lips ever-closer to his. Warmth flooded his body when she did this, but with the warmth came the demons howling and urging him to just lean over and bite her. Sink his teeth deep into her jugular and feed on her blood. Such a sweet, warm taste that he'd had before. Finer then the oldest wine, sweeter then the juiciest passion fruit, and more addicting the the strongest of drugs.

He resisted, pushing their words to the back of his mind and reminding himself to be gentle when pushing her body away from his.

It would take only a single slip for him to kill her.

A single demon to be released for her to end up dead...

-the chains of the monsters inside him weakened and the danger of him losing control increased. He'd told her this, tonight, before she fell asleep. A warning that she should make him leave. Make him leave her and never return. Order him to go, for her safety.

For her future.

She smiled at him, though, after he told her. A warm smile; trusting.

“It would hurt me much more to lose you, now, then it would to die. Even if you lost control, I would just be happy that your face was the last thing I saw.”

He smiled at the memory and leaned over to look into her sleeping face. His sleeping angel's face.

Everything. Even in her sleep.

He pressed his lips lightly to her neck, feeling the blood flow softly through her veins, “No demon of mine will ever hurt you, Bella, because no demon of mine can break through my love for you.”