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She was a reflection of pure beauty, in his eyes. A true masterpiece that was far more impressive then even the famous Mona Lisa.

Written for the 30_Nights community on livejournal. Just thought i'd share with others if they aren't livejournal members. =] Disclaimer: Twilight and all of it's characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer. I don't claim to own them nor do I make any money off of this fanfiction. Thank you.

4. Unaware

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In the beginning she couldn’t understand why he became so upset when she said that she didn’t deserve him; that he’d affected her so much more then she could ever even dream of affecting him. How plain and boring she was came up more then he would like in their evening conversations and every time it did she could feel the ice-like muscles under his pale skin tighten against her warm cheek. The first time it had happened, she’d been afraid that she’d perhaps gone a step too far and brought out a bit of his vicious other-half. The idea, though, had gone out the window when just moments later his strong arms encased her in a chilling embrace, pulling her lithe body to press dangerously close to his own.

There, she relaxed her worried mind and let the cool and comforting feeling flood her body like a cold breeze on a February day. Chilly but longed for was the feel and like when too much snow covered the frozen streets and school was forced to close, her body closed down and gave in to his presence. The pure devotion flowing from his body to hers was such a wonder feeling.

And the love.

Euporia was tiring, she realized, as her eyelids got increasingly heavy with each blink. Sleep took over before she could whisper a goodnight to the very lover she would be dreaming of but he didn’t mind.

A slow, sweet smile came to his flawless face as he felt the steady rise and fall over her chest against his side. It was calming to watch her in sleep, knowing that she was dreaming of something beautiful and longed for… Like them being able to be together far easier then they could right now…

Yes, what a truly amazing thing that would be…

He sighed softly, the action making her head rise, when he thought about it. He loved her more then anything or anyone else and sometimes he wondered if even Carlisle and Esme had a semblance of a idea of what it felt like to love someone as much as he loved her. His un-beating heart felt when he was with her and looking at her delicate features -feeling them when he cupped her face in his freezing hands- reminded him of what he was like to be normal; to be human. To have a heart that sped up and thumped in a beautifully erratic rhythm that resembled the sound of a small child playing music for the first time as proud parents watch with equally proud and delighted eyes.

The only upsetting thing about her, was that she was so unaware…

She was so disgustingly unaware of how she’d changed him. How she’d made him both stronger and weaker, happier, willing and simply okay. Since their meeting, admittance of love and sharing of some of the most unforgettable moments of his long-lived life, he’d begun to accept what he was better then he had before. He was seeing, now, that just because he wasn’t what some would call normal, it didn’t mean that he was the monster that others of his kind were.

Thousands of couples he'd seen and the look of peace on their plain human faces had made him somewhat longing for something of the like. Living with 3 happy couples, he'd come to the conclusion that though they were happy, he didn't need a lover to be the same. Desperately, he willed his longing to the very depths of his expansive mind and went on day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year...

Now, he was in love and as he laid there holding her amazingly warm body against his he questioned how he'd ever lived without her and how he could ever survive without her now that he'd finally experienced the only emotion he'd never be able to truly feel until he'd met her.

“...Edward...Love you...”

Her melodic voice filled the silence of the dark room as she spoke in a clouded whisper from her deep slumber. A moment after, he swore he could feel his heart beat once in response. Leaning down, he pressed his lips sweetly to her forehead, silently telling her sleeping form how much he loved her, needed her and thanked her.

Even if she was unaware of what she'd done to him...