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She was a reflection of pure beauty, in his eyes. A true masterpiece that was far more impressive then even the famous Mona Lisa.

Written for the 30_Nights community on livejournal. Just thought i'd share with others if they aren't livejournal members. =] Disclaimer: Twilight and all of it's characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer. I don't claim to own them nor do I make any money off of this fanfiction. Thank you.

5. Imagination

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Cold fingers ran smoothly over the slightly darker skin of her stomach, coaxing the muscles below to relax under despite his icy touch. The small expanse of skin was revealed by a thin white tank-top that had ridden up just a little during their pre-sleep talk. Her squirming and adjustments had caused the material to bunch and rise to the area just a few inches above her navel. Very little skin, but still enough to tempt and give the imagination some room to roam.

As they spoke in quite tones, he ran his hands softly up and down her arm, barely brushing the light-colored hairs and adding a slight tickling sensation to her already tingling skin. Her giggle rang softly through the warm summer air that filled her bedroom; the only witness to their current affections. She'd began shifting, then, trying to hold back laughter that was determined to be released from behind the soft pink gates that held them in.

She was sleeping, now, and couldn't feel the fingers roaming across her skin. He wondered, silently, if she would mind if she were awake. Perhaps, during a moment like this, when his ice cold skin was touching her deliciously warm skin, she would realize just what it is that he was. How un-natural it was that they were together; how dangerous!

Oh, but such thoughts left as quickly as they came when he heard, even in sleep, her heart begin to thump in a quicker rhythm like the determined drummer of the band or the student not understanding a question and tapping his pen subconsciously to rid his mind of the quickly growing nervousness. It was beautiful, all the same, to hear the noise. Though he heard it everyday, it never ceased to amaze him how delicate she truly was. To be touched -in a deep slumber, no less!- and still have her heart pick up speed and thump louder, louder, louder! in her chest.

He pondered if her ribs hated him nearly as much as he hated himself for being this close to her. The bruises on her ribcage matched the bruises he gave himself in punishment for risking her life for his desires. It was harder then he thought it would be, now that he had spent so much time with her, to go a single day without hearing that heart beat speed up at the feel up his un-naturally cold skin, the words of his un-modern way of speaking and the feel of his deathly cold lips against hers.

Leaving her for a little while to hunt left he pining for her scent, the feel of her skin, the sound of her voice the very heart of which she had given solely to him! It was truly irrational! At any given moment, this moment or perhaps the next, he could lose control and suddenly sink his teeth into her, drawing all the blood from her body and leaving her white as the moon and cold as death itself.

Just one wrong move...

One beat of her heart out of tempo...

Just once...

One time was all it was going to take for the end to become imminent.

With this thought on his mind, he continued to stroke her skin. He set every dip and curve to his memory to be stored until the very day he...passed on. It calmed him to know, that no matter what happened, he would at least have bits and pieces of her in his mind for the rest of his time.

As night faded out to give room to day -a magical bond that showed that light and dark could work together in peace and beauty- he watched shadows play across her soft facial structure while still exploring the skin of her flat stomach.

Her heart thrummed on -a soft buzz in the background- until the second when he pulled his fingers from her skin.

It stopped, just for that moment.

He smiled down at her and brushed away all negative thoughts of what could happen. Even when all hope was lost and he could no longer control himself, he would stay with her because she needed him just as much as he needed her.

And he needed her more then any expanse of skin would ever permit the imagination travel.