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Return Again

Written from Edward's point of view, we explore the depth of the rabbit hole. They are back in Forks, and a thought crosses Edward's mind. Can he really promise to never leave again? Will he make the right decision to condemn Bella to an eternity of night? Then tragedy strikes. Bella is gone. Edward begins the cross country trek that will bring his angel back to him... We leave off when Edward and Bella return from England... This installement IS over... Keep up for the next saga in this Bella and Edward lovefest... Named: Renaissance DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, content taken from the Twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my STILL untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

I wrote a lot of this based on what I think Edward thinks like, so if the information is incorrect or I missed one major Edward detail, I apologize...

3. Chapter 3

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As soon as I caught the faintest scent of Bella, I took off in that direction. I felt dismal when I showed up at the place, and there was no trace of Bella. It was our meadow. I had run through the forests, tearing through trees, eager to find my angel, but all I found was another note.

Edward, To you I am eternally grateful. Bella

I crushed that note in my hand and collapsed onto the ground. I wished very much to be able to cry real tears; I had not done that in many years. This day reminded me of the first time I brought Bella here; it was still the same, peaceful, moss-covered place. Only now, the snow melted into the grass, leaving it eternally damp. No sun poked out from between the white clouds. And it was raining, drenching me to the bone. Somehow, the presence of precipitation reminded me of the absence of my angel ever the more.

My phone rang shrilly in my pants pocket. It was in my hand and against my ear before it could ring again. “Hello?” I said sharply.

“We’ve got her. She’s heading to the airport, Edward!” Alice said urgently.

And then I was running.