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Return Again

Written from Edward's point of view, we explore the depth of the rabbit hole. They are back in Forks, and a thought crosses Edward's mind. Can he really promise to never leave again? Will he make the right decision to condemn Bella to an eternity of night? Then tragedy strikes. Bella is gone. Edward begins the cross country trek that will bring his angel back to him... We leave off when Edward and Bella return from England... This installement IS over... Keep up for the next saga in this Bella and Edward lovefest... Named: Renaissance DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, content taken from the Twilight series belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my STILL untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

I wrote a lot of this based on what I think Edward thinks like, so if the information is incorrect or I missed one major Edward detail, I apologize...

8. Chapter 8

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Everyday after seeing Bella, I would pass by her house. While driving in my rental car, I began to fathom creating a permanent residence for myself. The opportunity came up one day when a ‘For Sale’ sign appeared on her next door neighbor’s front lawn. I grabbed the chance as soon as it came, offering the owners a price they couldn’t resist. And I became the owner of the house next to Bella’s.

She finally noticed the moving trucks at about twelve in the afternoon. She came out, dressed in a plain flannel bathrobe to get the ‘morning’ paper. Bella nearly dropped her mug of hot-chocolate on her slippers when she saw me walk out of the house. I anticipated the short seconds before she came charging to my front door to demand an explanation. “You bought Mr. Song’s house?” She said, as if it was so hard to believe. I was finally putting my plan to force my way back into Bella’s life into action.

I nodded, leaning against the doorframe. “Yes, I purchased this estate.” I answered, suppressing a smile.

Bella looked less than amused. “I don’t know what you’re trying to do, Edward… But sometimes it’s like you can read my mind and only do the things that tick me off!” She said, exasperated. “I don’t mind if you want to be around, but don’t get in the way of my plans!” I raised one eyebrow at her, a look that was more persuasive than humanly imaginable.

“Plans? What plans?” I asked, smiling slyly.

Bella did not answer. I could tell I was genuinely getting on her nerves; she was fighting back tears. Finally, she walked off, obviously tired of me pushing her limits. I couldn’t help but feel guilty. I wanted so much for Bella to be happy; and she’d never be happy unless I was out of her life permanently. But on the other hand, the selfish side of me craved her company; I wanted to remind her every day that I loved her and point to the white gold band she still wore around her finger and tell her that that, was evidence of our love. Under the law, we were still married. So why was Bella dating Alan?

I went back inside. The movers had finally finished bringing in my new furniture, and everything was already in place. I had nothing to do for the next few hours. I knew I had to give time for Bella to cool down; I did not want to make her any more angrier than she already was. Then I had an idea. I drove down to the local mall.

The shops were sparse and not very well stocked. Alice would not approve. She usually avoided the smaller malls and went straight for the big ones with the better stock. I walked into the jewelry store and to my surprise, nothing reeked of conformity. Almost every piece was unique, except for the occasional simpler piece. A woman with leathery skin and blood red lips came forth to help me chose a piece.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?” She asked. I did not have to look at her to see that she was gawking at me.

“I’m looking for a piece to remind someone of something…” I said, eyeing a fascinating platinum brooch.

“Ah, I think I have just the thing.” The woman disappeared into the backroom for several moments before coming out again with a dark blue velvet box in her hands. She laid the box out in front of me. “This piece is appropriately named ‘Forget Me Knot’.” The woman said, and then proceeded to open the box. A gleaming gold knot embedded with topaz shone back at me. Surely this piece would spark a reminder of our love in Bella. Out of impulse, I glanced at my ring. It was identical to Bella’s, except hers was in white gold and mine in yellow.

“I think she’ll love it,” I said out of impulse. The corners of the woman’s eyes crinkled as she smiled at me.

“Shall I wrap this up?” I nodded, handing her my credit card before she scurried off.

I stared at that box for hours when I got home, admiring the fine detail, and procrastinating. Again, I was struck with two issues. Should I ruin Bella’s new found happiness? I did not want to return to Forks and live the rest of my unending life alone and without light in my life. But Bella was my heart, whether she wanted to or not. She was what made it feel like my heart was still beating; the water to my drought-plagued soul, perfume to my putrid nose. The gold stayed cold as I ran my fingers over the engraving over and over again. I had had the jewelry store clerk engrave Bella’s full name on the surface of the knot. On the other side was engraved my name.

Finally, the sun set over the horizon. I crept out of my dark, dismal little hellhole, and strode to Bella’s front door. The blue velvet box trembled in my hands as I placed it strategically on the front porch with a note. Then I rang the door bell and disappeared into thin air. Bella finally opened the front door. I watched her from my stealth state, watching her unfold that sheet of paper and read the words inside. I had managed, somehow, to put everything I wanted to say into words. I swear I could see a tear materializing at the corner of Bella’s eye as she pressed the paper to her chest. Her emotion for my words was reincarnating my true self in me once again.

The tears spilled over when she opened the box. “Edward…” She whispered, running her finger over the engraving. I wanted to materialize in that instance and pull Bella into my arms, tell her that everything was okay. But something in me stopped me from acting according to my impulse. The knot was in her hand now, and she stared at it as intensely as I was staring at her. “The fool…” Bella said, fighting back a smile. “It’s too late now.” I thought I heard her say, and my invisible smile disappeared altogether. Then Bella went back into her house and slammed the door on my hopes.